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"Vox Populi" - a dystopian action thriller set in a lawless post-Brexit Britain

Log Line: In the early 21st Century, following the collapse of Great Britain, a fearless vigilante and a naïve diplomat are the British people's last hope in ending the Neo-Conservative Government's iron rule.

Synopsis: Lamar Alberici, a hotheaded modern-day Robin Hood, is determined to bring the corrupt British Government to justice following the UK's division into North and South as a consequence of leaving the EU. With the help of journalist Emilia Ekberg, he enlists the help of college teaching assistant and natural diplomat Mikhail Rozhenko, who soon becomes Lamar's protégé. Following a failed hit on his girlfriend Taki Onodera, Lamar realises that he cannot perform his mission alone, even with Mikhail's help. The two allies are soon faced with possible betrayal and distrust in the form of Lamar's former tutor and Mikhail's colleague Satoshi Yanazaki, who fears for his family's safety thanks to Lamar's attention-grabbing heroics. It will take all of Lamar's honour and Mikhail's diplomacy to unite the people of the Divided Kingdom, culminating in a bloody showdown with the Prime Minister herself, which will determine the ultimate fate of both Britains...

Screenplay Status: Completed and available.