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The Next Great Hero Of Human Rights

If I told you that I controlled all rights to the life of Mohandas Gandhi you would obviously want to know how the hell I managed that. Obviously I don't control those rights; but I do have the rights to the heroic life and brutal murder of a young man who wrote and spoke like Gandhi and will be the next name added to that short list of great heroes of human rights. A young man who brought about the freedom of his country without a shot being fired or a drop of blood being spilled. And a man who because of his non-violent mantra, set three-quarters of a billion people on the road to freedom. This film has all the financing it needs to be shot in entirely in one city in Europe. I do need a UK team of producers who have some experience with HBO as the plan is to produce this important film as a five night HBO program with an opening for a feature run and awards consideration. It's all true. Contact me to learn more about this Oscar calibre film.