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Scriptwriter seeking prodcution company to develop short film "Death of a funeral"

To whom it may concern.

I loved The Castle .. and The Dish ... and I love Australian comedy.

I am seeking a production company to film my short film - 'Death of a funeral', based on an Aussie surfer-cum-bouncer called Maynard O'Shea.

Length 14 pages / 14 minutes


Maynard lives for surfing and drinking and bashing people. He receives phone calls from local bars in Perth to sort out the more serious situations that arise which cannot be handled by management. 30 dollars a pop or whatever. Maynard has long blonde hair and walks around wearing only a string vest, a little pair of speedos and flip-flops, but he's built like a brick **** house. On this occasion he is called in to eject 6 young SAS squaddies who have rocked up to a local bar and are kicking off. Phone call is made to Maynard. He strolls in, smiles and nods at the boys, orders a beer and sits down. Waits for things to go red and then walks over ... bang bang bang bang bang bang. SAS squad out for the count.

Maynard lives with his dad, just the two of them. You don't know anything about the rest of the family or if there was one. But his dad has just passed away and he won't let anyone near the body in the house. He's in total denial that his old dad is gone and the SAS squad gets the brunt of it. Finally the police come to the house. One of the cops went to school with Maynard so he allows him to come around to the back garden and they have a beer together. No one had managed to get through to Maynard, He doesn't say much by habit. But his old school chum tells him a story about the passing of his own dad. Maynard finally talks about his mum's passing .... and then the officer asks him about his old dad and Maynard admits he's passed.

if you decide to pass on this script please send it straight to the pool room.

Yours sincerely,

Dara Quinn.