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Chess and Poker Screenplays

Over 700 million people know how to play chess, and it's the most played game worldwide.
Presenting "Chess Nines," a family-friendly fresh and simple adaptation to the ancient game, with nine rows and columns, colors, and a few new pieces including dragons and a phoenix. 

Pitch: Chess Nines, feature length screenplay-
The Kid just might be the best at chess, who finds a mentor in The Sage. They invent a chess adaptation that launches The Kid into an astral realm, where he must overcome the dark side to save his sister and return safely, without the dream turning into a nightmare. Embrace the colors and welcome the dragons in this magically wild ride of a gaming tale.    

This project offers the potential for a mobile game app, home board game, and a picture or comic book. 

Also, a poker themed adult feature titled "The Last Supper at the Final Table" is a Vegas fairy tale, featuring poker gods, gambling, and a fantastical journey into a parallel realm, that delivers a welcomed shift upon return to balance the lives of the leads. 

These titles and others can be found at RoyalGriffin.wixsite.com/Publishing/free-articles

I'm seeking representation for the sale of these titles and others, as well as interest from producers and directors.