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ANY advice for a newbie screenwriter?

Hi guys.

I'm new to this and I don't know anyone in the industry or any other screenwriters. I know nothing about agents or managers. I'm trying to learn but I'm starting to get really frustrated. It seems no one wants to read anyone's work, especially if you don't have a lengthy resume or are new to the field. I am asking because I am all out of ideas. Does anyone have any advice? How can I get someone to read my work so they can tell me whether it's good or bad or just provide me some sort of feedback... Sorry for being hysterical but this is where I'm at right now.

Re: ANY advice for a newbie screenwriter?

If you are truly only looking for feedback about if you are "on the right track" with you screenplay, there are many good script coverage services that will provide you with some insights on what is working in your script and what is not. I personally use https://screenplayreaders.com/, however, there are many other choices. If money is an issue, there are also free forums where you can post your script, but I am a little too untrusting to do that and would rather pay $100 to get professional feedback on a script before I send it to producers.

Good luck!