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Suicide attempt results in man waking up in alternate universe that seems like paradise

A 38-year old man named Tom is deeply unhappy in his life. He hates his job despite its ability to support his luxurious lifestyle. He has weekday friends but no weekend ones. He grew up without a mother. His father, despite being present in his life, is an alcoholic who treated him very poorly during his adolescent years. Naturally, this causes a giant hole to form in his self-esteem. And while each problem is not extraordinary on its own, the sum of them is absurd for poor Tom to battle through alone. Thus, after he learns about his wife's infidelity, Tom's spirit quickly deteriorates until it is no more and as a result, he attempts suicide.

The following day, Tom awakes in his same old his bed, at his same old house but nothing else is the same. At first, Tom thinks the universe is playing some sick game with him but after the confusion subsides, he believes he's been given another chance. Unfortunately, this doesn't turn out to be the case and Tom soon returns to his self-loathing ways. 

If anyone is interested in finding out the ending or learning more, let me know.