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Production company seek/ Sci-fi/ Fantasy/ Superhero screenplays

Logline: They say gods and goddesses do not exist anymore... They're wrong.

Synopsis: ZONUS is a planet in some other GALAXY. Cities described into eight Qlols. Each metropolis comprises special environments and extraordinary cultures. Prince Konan, a half-blood god AKA the Guardsman has disappeared for eight years. He's progressing from the Law Enforcement, concealing in Starcity. Meanwhile, Skylar an obscure teenager was made from the Atlas ring. A ring that controls the power of time. It lies in a Zontium steel wand. She appears at Konan's home reported. Nolan, an old friend of Konan, sent her to discover the Guardsman to protect her from the Dark Raptor. Xander, The Dark Lord of the Clouded side sent Raptor to recover the Atlas ring. However, Xander is dying. He needs the Atlas ring to live for eternity. He will show his father that the universe can be extraordinary again. Along, Xander ought to destroy the galaxy and gain control before the all-powerful Father comes and restarts the entire universe. Konan must stop Xander. Unfortunately, he needs the Zonak. A Hat only a true god can possess. Lamentably, Konan's Hat is protected by the Storm Queen that is secured in the Holy Pantheon of Roseland. Thus, Konan and his friend Molo alongside Skylar will have to go on one of the darkest, inexplicable experiences of their lives to spare Zonus.