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Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Thriller features and pilots wanted. Must have female lead with a strong feminine sensibility, (not a woman pretending to be a man). Considering stories and events that are relevant to a female audience with smart writing and exciting action sequences that build suspense. Strong characters with solid story a must. Accepting budgets under $500,000.

Paid: Payment upfront; 3% of Budget

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted


A paranoid girl was kidnapped by a serial killer into a forest to torture for fun, until one day the girl discovered a little girl personality living in the guy that came out only at night...

Please forgive me for emphasizing, the cost of this movie is surprisingly low as it almost only requires a cast of two actors and a cabin in the woods. It’s like Split(2016) being simplified to Sleuth(1972). Although the story has fewer characters than Split, it concentrates more on the relationship between the characters who’s in control and being controlled. The two characters constantly switch between power and weakness, for which the tension is thrilling.

I get a 7 on TheBlackList

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Hi. I have a psychological thriller with a female lead that you may be interested in.

Title - 'Intruder'
Logline - Sally fears that her ex-boyfriend has been entering her apartment at night – and even more fearful that it’s someone else. But the truth is so much worse!

I can provide a more detailed synopsis if you're interested.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Greetings and salutations --

Regarding your search for a thriller with a female lead, I’d like to pitch you my action comedy NOWHERE GIRL. Here’s the logline:

When a stripper is mistakenly given a suitcase nuke at an airport bar, she’s suddenly pursued by a Homeland Security agent, an arms dealer, a terrorist sleeper cell, her CIA agent ex-lover and a trio of assassins – as she races against the clock to deliver the package before sunrise in order to save her family. AUSTIN POWERS meets SPY.

A bit about me and my background: I've worked in various capacities in the industry at New Line, Disney, Warner Bros and MTV over the years, and have developed projects with the producers of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE MISSING, GAME OF THRONES and GRAN TORINO.

My first film, A NEW TOMORROW, a political mockumentary, won the audience award at the Seattle Independent Film Festival, my drama pilot RIDGEWAY is out to premium cable networks and streaming platforms with a director and talent attached, and my horror/comedy FRANKENSTEIN IN LOVE has a director attached with a view to going into production early nex year. Additionally, my contained thriller AFTERHOURS was just optioned and is now in active development, and I’m also developing a WWII docuseries that just sold to Netflix. For more information about my career so far, please check out this article I wrote for LA Screenwriter: http://la-screenwriter.com/2015/07/07/never-give-up-advice-from-a-writer-whos-been-there/.

Let me know if you’d like to read a one-page synopsis and/or the script. It’s high-concept fun that will market itself.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I'm humbled and honored.

Carole A. Parker

The Motion Picture Authority
Tel: 310/560-5861
Email: parker.carole@gmail.com
Website: caroleaparker.com
Skype: carole_parker
Blog: http://caroleparker.blogspot.com/

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

I have a action thriller movie with a female lead but it's budget is more like $1,000000
The Female lead is a Super Hero. New..!

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted



As a result of an automobile accident, Jane, the only survivor in her family, becomes obsessed with taking revenge on Michael, the survivor in the vehicle that killed her family.


Jane, the only survivor in an automobile accident that kills her family, constructs a plan of revenge directed toward Michael, the survivor in his family that caused the mishap. Informed that the automobile manufacturer is liable has no bearing on her desire for payback. Having serious behavioral problems at age sixteen, a judge orders Jane to a disciplinary school for rehabilitation until she reaches eighteen. There, Jane bonds with Gloria, a drug addict. Michael unexpectedly visits the school hoping to share how each are coping with the loss of their parents. Avoiding being recognized, Jane persuades Gloria to assume her identity for the visit. Gloria, posing as Jane, lies to Michael and his friend Ruth that one of the assistants at the school tried to rape her. Convincing them to help her escape, Gloria threatens Michael with a knife demanding he give her his car. In a struggle outside the vehicle, Gloria falls into a ravine and disappears. Liable for the accident, the auto manufacture pays sizeable death benefits to both Jane (now eighteen) and Michael. Before Jane is released from school, Gloria contacts her. Jane offers to share her inheritance if Gloria would accompany her to New York. In New York, Jane hires Peterson, a P.I. to prepare a dossier on Michael. When Peterson attempts to blackmail Jane, Gloria kills him. With all the background information from the dossier and a complete make over, Jane is now ready to do business with Michael. Concerned that Jane may fall for Michael, Gloria ignores Jane’s request to stay in New York and secretly follows her Bay Village Massachusetts. There, Gloria attempts to kill Michael twice, but accidently kills Ruth instead.

Changing her name to Ann and sporting a fashionable and friendly demeanor, Jane quickly wins Michael’s affection. Suspecting Ann is involved in the attempts on Michael’s life, Detective Blake orders Michael to stay in a motel and not to contact Ann. Coincidentally, Gloria is staying at the same motel. Ignoring Blake’s advice, Michael contacts Ann informing her of his whereabouts. Gloria gains entry to Michael’s room and tries to kill him with a knife. Realizing the charade is over, Ann enters the room as Jane. Anticipating the authorities are on their way and as a pretense to save Michael’s life, Jane struggles with Gloria and stabs her. In the presence of Detective Blake and before dying, Gloria confesses to killing Ruth and the attempts on Michael’s life. After a year, Michael appears to accept Jane’s reasons why she wanted to remain anonymous when they first met. Spending a day at the beach, Jane offers Michael a drink spiked with poison. Blake appears informing Jane that her association with Peterson has surfaced and that her attempt to avenge her family’s death was expected by both himself and Michael. Now under arrest and while escorted to the station by two Officers, the trio encounters a robbery. The Officers are shot. Jane joins the perpetrators in the back seat of their vehicle. As they flee the scene, Jane peers out the rear window with a smile on her face.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

My name is Judy Bednarek and my film project Star Child: A Fourth Generation is a grounded sci-fi thriller with action that exposes the genetic-engineering of humans and the evil forces behind it. A former gang member finds help from a troubled ex-Marine when her genetically-altered daughter is kidnapped revealing a government-alien conspiracy to replace humans.

Josie Sanchez is a tough-as-nails, single mom who drinks to numb the pain of a hard life on the streets with the San Chucos gang and failed relationships. She doesn't have the financial means or patience to raise a child but despite her alcoholism is still a loving, protective mother.

Jackson Torres is a former cop and Marine who suffers from PTSD. He is an ex-soldier who can't fire a gun without getting a tremor in his hand when Agents in Black relentlessly pursue Josie and Riley. He struggles to keep them safe using his martial arts skills and becomes an unlikely Hero.

Riley Sanchez is a gifted child with a superior intellect and unearthly, black eyes. She doesn't have an emotional bond with her mother. Riley is compelled to go with the Agents in Black because she is mind-controlled as a result of her genetic programming.

I packaged this film in collaboration with award-winning director Pasha Patriki (Black Water, Gridlocked). Actors have requested exclusive contracts for the lead roles. I have a deal on the table from Matthew Helderman at Buffalo 8 to package the film to submit to their financiers for funding and we can bring up to 4 producers onto the project but they are requesting a retainer fee.

Can I send you the film package and script?

I moved to LA for three months to network with film colleagues and take meetings that resulted in offers to direct and produce my project. One of my scripts was just selected at the at the Sundance-affiliated 2019 Oaxaca FilmFest in Mexico, It was entered in the Global Script Challenge and chosen for IMMEDIATE COMMERCIAL DEVELOPMENT from more than 10,000 scripts. I have also placed as a finalist and pitch winner in other contests.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Logline: GOFORTH - A little girl, TJ, aspires to someday be a police officer. While still a child, she loses her parents and so struggles with insecurity. Entering a relationship at age 18 with the violently abusive Curt keeps her in fear for her life. Incredibly, her best girlfriend's near-death experience opens the door to TJ's freedom and she finally realizes her dream of becoming a cop. Seven years later, when Curtis brutally murders a young woman, It's Lt. TJ Goforth who brings him to justice. (Based on a true story)

Note: We produced a short version of GOFORTH (35 minute) in order to pitch it and see it become a feature film. The short was nominated for Best Short Movie at festivals in New York City, Los Angeles, San Antonio, and several other international festivals. The trailer and the short are available for viewing. The completed script is 95 pages in length.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

The comedic banter and horrific images in A Vulture’s Eye are comparable to the wit and terror in Scream. Creating this script allows me to remove ghastly nightmares from my manic mind and place them in yours, but only if you allow me to dip your soul into the horrors found inside the taxidermist’s mansion. As you sink into my abyss, the beating of a heart will not set you free until the mystery surrounding an urban legend is solved by a crafty teenage girl.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

TITLE: Burning Betrayal
GENRE: Thriller

LOGLINE: The most beautiful girl in high school will do anything to make history: even if it means murdering a rival who hinders her success.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Title: Mary, Full Of Grace

Genre: Historical Drama

Teleplay with completed 4 season script

Overshadowed by her father and sister, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, Mary I is often reduced to a footnote in their stories. When in fact, she was the first female monarch to rule in her own right in England. Follow this story as we watch Mary go from princess, ******* to queen. Fighting the whole time for her beliefs and attempting to undo the damage done to England by her father, for love.


Episode 1 Scene 1:

Horses running furiously toward a castle in the distance changes to men feverishly walking toward a room and demanding an audience with her highness, Mary Tudor. Her maid goes to her chair, where she is reading, whispers in her ear and helps ready her to receive them. Men bow when she enters the room.

Mary: As much as I appreciate your company gentlemen, there are
better hours.

Spy 1: Princess Mary, his majesty is ill.

Mary: He has always been sickly, my lord. We pray daily for his

Spy 2: Pray no my lady, God forgive me for saying so, but his
majesty will not survive. It is said he is dead already.

Mary: I am called upon to attend him in two days' time. It is the
reason I moved my household here to Hunsdon.

Spy 1: Your grace, we fear that meeting is a ploy to get you into
Dudley's control and ultimately, the tower.

Spy 2: His majesty, on the advice of his counsel no doubt, has
named you and Princess Elizabeth, illegitimate.

Mary: (scoffs) we've been named so before, one of us with reason
some would say

Spy 2: ..and he has named your cousin, Lady Jane Grey, as his
heir. Dudley has married her to his youngest son as he seeks to
rule through them.

Spy l: If you meet with them in two days' time you may well be too late to visit with the king, but arrive just in time to be imprisoned as they put Lady Jane on the throne

Mary: (quiet for a moment then turns to her counselor, Sir Francis Englefield) What say you?

Sir Francis: Your grace, his council will see you imprisoned and lost like the two princes to keep heresy alive in this country and beyond.

Mary: It is not beyond Northumberland to hide my brother's death and place lady Jane on the throne as his puppet.

Sir Francis: I bid your grace to run, ride north and build up support, then we shall return and name you queen Mary, as is your right.
Mary turns to Sir Francis

Mary: Send to Northumberland in the morning. Tell him my physician, Dr. Feckham, is ill and bid me leave for my own health. Tell him further that I will leave at mid-day tomorrow but will attend my loving brother, the king, as soon as I am able.

Mary then turns to her maids

Mary: My page, secretary and two guards, send word they are to quietly ready themselves to ride within the hour, you two will attend me.

Maids in unison: Yes, mi lady.
Mary turns back to her spies

Mary: Speak of this to no one and your loyalty to the King's true heir will not be forgotten.

Spies bow, then leave the room
Mary turns to Sir Francis

Mary: God forgive me, could it be true?

Sir Francis: You've long waited for it your highness. It is your right.

Mary: Where shall we go?

Sir Francis: We shall ride to Cambridgeshire

Mary: To Sir Huddleston?

Sir Francis: He is friend to your highness and a true Catholic. He will house us this night, then on to Euston hall.

Mary: Lady Burgh is a friend. This is true. From there we will go to my home in Norfolk.

Sir Francis: Where support for your grace will be great.

Mary: So, it will. I bid you, ready yourself, for this will not be easy, it never is....

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Title: The Unexpected(Published Book available on Amazon looking to be made into Movie or TV Series)

Genre: Paranormal/Superhero

Appropriate for all ages.


Sydney, and Ajanae are cousins. Their best friends are Trinity and Aniya. The girls are
away at boarding school when an accident leaves them with unexplainable gifts. These gifts
come with a downside, they are now in the crosshairs of someone or something else powerful.
Will they survive, again?


This book is dedicated to all of the young adults out there who don’t see themselves when they read about or watch shows about Superheros. You are beautiful in your skin.


As soon as Nae-Nae turned the key in the ignition, the radio began blaring music. They all sang along to Queen Naija. They left the school parking lot and turned onto the main road that led them away from Bayside Preparatory for girls.

Twenty-seven minutes later they were pulling into Woodside Prep for boys. As they headed toward Ricky's dorm building, a huge crack of lightning struck. The loud "Boom" it gave off made them all jump and scream.

"Geez, Thor. What has his boxers in a bunch?" Syd joked.

They all laughed as they loved super hero movies. Just that past weekend they had holed up in Niya and Trinity's room with popcorn, flavored sparkling water, and chocolate. They watched all the marvel movies together and just hung out. They did things like that on rainy or boring weekends.

"There she is.." Niya said, pointing to a figure standing outside his dorm building.

She was holding herself and trying to find shelter under the small awning over the entrance. It was hardly big enough to keep her dry. Nae-Nae had barely parked before they all jumped out and ran over to her. Syd had the umbrella and held it over her head. Niya handed her the jacket Nae-Nae always kept in the car in case the weather turned crisp without warning.
Nae-Nae was the first to speak.

"Why are you out here, Trin?" She asked.

"They can't have girls in the building after nine. So, he told me I had to wait outside so he didn't get a write-up." She answered quietly. Wiping rain water and tears from her face and eyes. Her long, brown hair soaked and dripping.

"He didn't even give you an umbrella or stand out here with you?" Syd asked.

She shook her head no.

"Throw the whole guy away." Syd told her.

"Done. Anyway, he couldn't really walk." She informed them with a shrug of her shoulders.
"Why not?" Niya asked.

"I might have used the knee to the groin move Syd's stepfather taught us."

"Yasssss!!!" Nae-Nae yelled.

The other girls laughed. Happy he got what he deserved. Niya put her arms around Trin's shoulders and they all ran back to the car.

"Operation put Ricki in his place starts tomorrow." Niya announced.

They all agreed.

"This right here is why we don't go all the way. These guys are clowns and a distraction." Nae-Nae said as she pulled off.
Again, they all agreed.

"I'm starving..." Trin said from the back seat.

"Wait, I thought he took you out to dinner." Niya said.

"Pfft...he took me to the vending machine. I had a bag of chips and a pack of starburst."

"I just know you lying. Cheap punk." Syd added.

"Ok, money count." Niya said.

All the girls pulled out any money they had and put it all together.

"Syd, check my card." Nae-Nae told Syd. Since she was driving and couldn't do it herself.

Syd grabbed her cousin's phone and checked her card account. It was almost the first of the month. So, their parents would be sending them more spending money in a couple of days.

"Twenty-three dollars and sixty- two cents on your card. I have Eighteen dollars and forty- seven cents on mine." She shared with the group.

"I have twenty-seven even in cash." Niya said.

"I have twelve bucks and three starbursts." Trinity added.

They all began laughing at that.

"So, taco big box or Wendy's four for four menu?" Nae-Nae asked.

There was about a three second pause before they all answered.

"Tacos!!" They yelled in unison.

Moments later they were leaving the taco bell drive thru five minutes down the road from Bayside prep. As they approached the last
stop light before turning back onto the road leading to school, Nae-Nae slowed down.

"It's beginning to flood." She observed.

"Yeah, it isn't too bad yet. Twenty more minutes and we would have been swimming through....."Syd was saying.

She never got to finish her sentence. Another loud "BOOM" was heard. This time, two bolts of lightning accompanied the thunder. Both hitting the stoplight. Knocking it into the street where the flooding was just beginning to rise. This just as the tires of the jeep touched the water. Electricity shot through the jeep. It encircled the jeep in a conductive field for just a moment, catching the girls b

produced screenwriter responds

Dear Producer,
I am a multi-produced, award-winning screenwriter, with 4 feature film writing credits, the latest of which stars Ben Kingsley.
My latest effort is THE CELLIST, a female-driven thriller, which I co-wrote with Jon Charles. The logline, synopsis and my bio and credits follow.
I look forward to your requesting the script. If so, please provide your name, bio and credits.
Richard A. Lasser
310 990 5941

When two high stakes smugglers lure a desperate street musician into becoming their unsuspecting mule, they get more than they bargained for.

BRYCE, 30s and his business partner, CLAUDIUS, 40s are career white collar Canadian criminals looking for a mule to smuggle something very valuable across the border into Canada. They spot striking NATALIA, 30s, playing her beat-up cello for donations at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Bryce woos her and in time, Natalia and Bryce seem to fall in love so deeply, that she even forgives him when he accidentally breaks her cello. He gets it repaired and to make it up to her, invites Natalia and her daughter, PENELOPE, 8, to come north to Canada with him.
When Bryce is murdered there, she becomes a suspect. but Claudius comes to her rescue, spirits Natalia and Penelope away to a private island in British Columbia. One night, while Natalia and Penelope sleep, TWO ARABS visit Claudius, who peels away the repaired back on Natalia’s cello exposing a priceless manuscript stolen from a Syrian antiquity site by ISIS. Claudius sells it for millions. After the Arabs leave, Claudius tries to murder Natalia and her daughter, but after a fierce struggle, Natalia chokes Claudius to death with her cello bow. Or so she thinks. After one last fight to the death, Natalia and Penelope escape in Claudius’s cabin cruiser – with the cash.
On the water, Natalia’s smile fades into a flashback to the opening scene. While playing in Seattle, she overhears the conversation between Bryce and Claudius. They need to find a mule to smuggle a priceless manuscript to Canada to exchange it with the Arabs. She turns toward the men, opens her legs invitingly around the cello, and beckons them to her with her eyes.

Now, it’s clear: She entrapped them, to get the big score – not the other way round.

Bio and Credits of Richard A. Lasser

Film Credits:
1. 'The Chosen Few', feature-length psychological thriller, produced by I VU Pictures. Writer and Co-Producer
2. “The Counting House”, feature-length psychological horror, produced by RAI Cinema, Italy. Writer. A writer-for-hire project.
3. “Tricks of Love” a feature-length romantic comedy, produced by Mutressa Movies www.mutressamovies.com A writer-for-hire project.
4. “The Obedient Son”, short, war drama, Liberty Studios.
5. “I Scream”, short, dark comedy. Late Bloomer Films. Writer and Director
6. “Walking With the Enemy”, Liberty Studios, Writer
7. “Shift of the Ages”, Pqubd Films, Writer
In Pre-Production:
1. Mondo Productions shooting “Made in France” a bittersweet love story. Shooting in Paris. 2019. Writer
1. “The Chosen Few” Award of Excellence-Feature Category, Berkeley Film Festival, 2002; Official Selection Vancouver Island Film Festival, 2002
2. Chesterfield Writers Awards – Semi-Finalist
3. New Century Writers Awards – Finalist for “Young Love”
4. “Bedroom City” Official Selection for IFP Market 2006, No Borders
5. “CGY” Honorable Mention, Canada International Film Festival 2010
6. “Tricks of Love”, Best Picture and 3 top acting awards, Monaco International Film Festival, 2008
Education, Training and Background:
B.A. University of Virginia, Double Major in English Honors and Russian Language and Literature
Postgraduate work, UCLA, Russian Studies
Robert McKee’s Story Structure graduate
John Truby’s Screenwriting graduate

Jon Charles
This is Jon Charles’ first screenplay

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

HOUSE RULES(Thriller/Suspense)101 Pages
2019 Finalist: Oaxaca International Film Festival Script Competition

A woman's one night stand comes back to haunt her and her friends without warning during a weekend at a family cabin.

KAREN and 6 college friends go for a weekend away at her family's upscale cabin. Over the course of the first night of trying to party and enjoy their weekend the group is confronted by what some believe to be paranormal activity while others believe there are simply teenagers in the woods messing with them. KAREN takes the lead in finding out what is really going on even while confronting her own anxieties and problems within her friend group.

Single location.
8 Actors total
Female Lead and Antagonist

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

The title of my script is "The pretty god". It has more than 60 scenes and around 30 characters, but more than half of them have only one or a few lines to say. The main character is a Romanian woman, Delia, caught in a confrontation with the CIA. She got unexpectedly a heavy secret, and the evidence she has are devastating. The story has a lot of surprises and goes to many places in the world, Romania, China, Thailand, US. It has romance, some fights of martial arts, espionage, American presidents involved, even a G7 meeting. No shootings. In the end Delia wins, but with a price. The dark secret is revealed in the final scene, the name of "The pretty god" being Apollo...
Contact me if you wish to enjoy it!