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Horror Comedy: Frankenstein In Love

I’d like to pitch you my horror comedy FRANKENSTEIN IN LOVE. Here’s the logline:

A high school science genius nerd is in love with the head cheerleader, but she won’t give him the time of day -- so when she gets killed in a hit-and-run accident, he brings her back to life and starts ‘dating’ her. Meanwhile, his childhood sweetheart still pines for him, but when she finds out that the cheerleader’s been resurrected, she decides to try and win him back, with deadly results. THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN meets HEATHERS in a fast-paced, lean 90-page script that’s ‘me-too’ relevant.

A bit about me and my background: I've worked in various capacities in the industry at New Line, Disney, Warner Bros and MTV over the years, and have developed projects with the producers of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE MISSING, GAME OF THRONES and GRAN TORINO.

My first film, A NEW TOMORROW, a microbudget political mockumentary, won the audience award at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and is now available on Netflix and Amazon, my drama pilot RIDGEWAY is currently being pitched to cable and streaming platforms, and I’m currently developing a WWII docuseries that just sold to Netflix. For more information about my career so far, please check out this article I wrote for LA Screenwriter: http://la-screenwriter.com/2015/07/07/never-give-up-advice-from-a-writer-whos-been-there/.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I'm humbled and honored.