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Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget


In response to your post, I’d like to pitch you my dramedy pilot Legs. Here’s the logline:

A disgraced former super-cop, now a PI working her first case, starts dating a female porn star, but when her father suddenly dies, things get a bit complicated. A female ROCKFORD FILES on acid frapped in a Tarantino blender for a new generation.

A bit about me and my background: I've worked in various capacities in the industry at New Line, Disney, Warner Bros and MTV over the years, and have developed projects with the producers of THE LORD OF THE RINGS, THE MISSING, GAME OF THRONES and GRAN TORINO.

My first film, A NEW TOMORROW, a microbudget political mockumentary, won the audience award at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival and is now available on Netflix and Amazon, my drama pilot RIDGEWAY is currently being pitched to cable and streaming platforms, and I’m currently developing a WWII docuseries that just sold to Netflix. For more information about my career so far, please check out this article I wrote for LA Screenwriter: http://la-screenwriter.com/2015/07/07/never-give-up-advice-from-a-writer-whos-been-there/.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I'm humbled and honored.


Carole A. Parker


Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget


Comedy, Action-Adventure

“When a City Maintenance worker cleans out a wishing well and chooses to spend the coins he finds, other people's wishes come true for him with hilarious results.”

While most of the storyline and its characters are made up and were created by me personally. The basic plot for this script was created from a comedic story my brother once told me about my Uncle who our main character is loosely based on.



We meet our main character Dale Loward. A dedicated, hardworking City Maintenance Worker in a small town in Ohio. We then find out that he has low self-confidence issues after being cheated on by his ex-wife who forces him to pay her alimony as part of their divorce settlement.

At work, Dale is given the job of draining and cleaning out a newly constructed fountain located in one of the city parks and covering it up with a tarp for the cold Ohio winter. After draining it out he finds that there is a couple of hundred dollars worth of coins at the bottom of the fountain from people who have thrown them in it thinking that it was a wishing well. When he asks his boss over the phone, who is in a meeting at the time what to do with the coins his boss misunderstands the amount of money involved and tells Dale to clean them out and use them in the break room vending machines.


Always one to do as he is told by his boss. Dale uses four quarters of the coins he cleaned from the bottom of the fountain to purchase a can of pop from one of the vending machines in the break room against the advice of his co-worker Jason. Who tries to convince Dale that there are wishes attached to the coins that people have thrown into the fountain while believing it was a wishing well. Jason warns him of the bad Karma that will follow his actions. That by using the coins for his own gain he is taking people's wishes away from them. Thus the movie's title “TAKING WISHES”.

Dale brushes Jason’s warning off calling it superstitious nonsense. Doing so causes a series of comedic events to unfold that includes a group of lovesick teenage girls who fall in love with Dale chasing him down and trapping him in a Port-a-Potty then tipping it over with Dale inside it, a Dog bites him in the ass, Dale gets a face full of nut sack while playing a friendly game of basketball with some old High School buddies and also develops a bad case of the munchies to name a few. Dale then attempts to retrieve the four coins from the pop machine without any luck.

Frustrated with the situation Dale decides to throw the remaining coins in the river in an attempt to break his curse. He then decides to man up and accept the consequences of the remaining wishes.

Throughout our story, everything that happens to Dale helps him build much-needed confidence in himself slowly giving him the courage to stand up to his ex-wife and then forgive her for the way she has treated him thus giving him the ability to move on with his life and leave her behind and create his own happiness.



A City Maintenance Worker with low self-confidence outside of work. Dale is a hard-working, good father and an excellent role model for his grandchildren. Unfortunately, He was never able to move on with his life after his divorce. Always trying to do the right thing to make others happy. Dale secretly wishes he had the ability to stand up to his gold-digging ex-wife who cheated on him yet he continues to let her ruin his lifetime and time again and take his hard-earned money. A series of events push him to build the courage he most desperately needs.



Dale’s ex-wife who is a two-timing, cheating, backstabbing, conniving ****** and a gold-digging ***** that continues to ruin his life in any way she can after their divorce. She finds joy in publicly ridiculing Dale every chance she gets. Smearing his failed marriage in his face, she blames it all on him instead of her own infidelities.



Dale’s co-worker (and sidekick) who warns him of the bad karma that he is creating by using the coins that they find at the bottom of a fountain while cleaning it then putting the coins in a vending machine for his own gain, thus taking away other people’s wishes from them. Jason also plays as the straight man to Dale’s comedic actions.


Dale’s daughter and son-in-law who see that (Janet) Jessica’s mother is taking advantage of him and continues to taunt him in every way she can after their failed marriage, bring it to his attention. The two then try to convince him to stand up to Janet so that he can put her behind him and move on with his life. DALES THREE GRANDCHILDREN Loren, Nate, and Jefferson who look up to Dale as a role model and love h

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

I have an adventurous story about a beautiful Princess who fell prey to a deceptive charming Prince from the underworld. Her experience was far from what she could ever dream of. After the nightmare, there's a miraculous rescue that leads her to meet the man of her dreams..

I could sell this story to you and I believe it will make a great movie.
Thank you.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

I currently have a television drama series pilot script

Marcus faces struggles with juggling his school life, love life and his street life. He faces violence and gangs in his own neighborhood and faces racial conflicts at his school.
Marcus lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Him and his best friend, Jeremy, are low key drug dealers. Marcus has to come home everyday day to face his drug addict mother and help her in anyway he can. Seeing his mother like this makes him constantly rethink the life he is currently living. He knows deep down he is better than a drug dealer.
One day while walking down the street, Marcus and his best friend Jeremy have a run in with some other gentlemen. Jeremy is gunned down and Marcus is left severely beaten. Detectives continuously question Marcus hoping he can help them solve the murder but to their bad news, someone else takes matter into his own hands.
One day at school Marcus meets a beautiful white girl named Alecia. He plays shy until she decides to come up to him and speak eith him. They meet up a few times after school and hit it off. Alecias ex boyfriend Ricky doesn’t like that at all. Ricky is a tough ****e street kid that always seems to get into trouble. He confronts Marcus a couple of times and they end up in a fight. Now Marcus has an ex boyfriend of his current girlfriend after him, peers are talking behind his and Alecias backs, Marcus is nervous knowing soon he will have to meet Alecias parents, anxiety starts building in Marcus due to these struggles.
One night while sitting at home some people pull up in a car outside of his house and shoots the place up. Marcus survives without a scratch but doesn’t know who it was. He’s not even sure if he’ll ever find out.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

TITLE: Voodoo Trap
GENRE: Thriller

LOGLINE: A once faithful husband must save himself after he becomes dangerously involved with a beautiful woman who wants to kill him.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

In a Texas city, former street hustler, Jamaca Reed, is now a car dealer in an urban community. Shannon Carmichael is the inherited leader of a racist organization built by her father, and Cody Wells is a greedy police detective that’s good at influencing others to do his dirty work. None are as they seem, since Jamaca is a reformer who is all about his family and the community he loves; Shannon appears ruthless and heartless, but secretly loathes the legacy she’s forced to rule; and while corrupt to his core and is extremely hard to catch, Cody occasionally shows signs of mercy. It is the mixture of these three characters that brings the entire city to a halt, as their sanctioned killings, beatings and hatred cause a lot of pain. Still, it all remains just under the surface – until the day one of Jamaca’s sons is murdered and Jamaca’s rage bubbles over. Now out for revenge and back to his old ways, stopping him won’t be easy.

JAMACA REED – (48, black). Jamaca is a former street hustler who now owns a car dealership. A devoted family man, he has many children with different women but is considered a father figure to all the kids in his community. In fact, everyone holds Jamaca in high esteem - (think Tony Soprano) - and each day Jamaca strives to calmly settle the tensions between his people, the police and politicians. But when dirty cop Cody Wells murders Jamaca’s biological son, “Bo”, all hell breaks loose and there is no stopping Jamaca’s thirst for revenge. (Jamaca is the main protagonist of the series and appears in every episode.)

CODY WELLS – (48, white). Cody is a very manipulative, very corrupt police detective. Although he’s tied to Shannon’s racist organization, he couldn’t care less about “the cause” and he hates Shannon’s guts. Cody doesn’t listen to anyone; he is all about getting paid and doing dirty jobs for those in power. Occasionally he displays a heart, but his true power is in knowing where all the skeletons are buried. (Think Colin Sullivan in The Departed.) That makes him dangerous and he lives with the constant reminder that his days are numbered. (As a main antagonist, Cody appears in every episode.)

SHANNON CARMICHAEL – (45, white). The daughter of an infamous white supremacist, Shannon was raised to keep the family legacy going after her father died. There’s just one problem: Shannon secretly loathes being the face of racism and hopes the “war” her militia is constantly preparing for never actually happens. (Think Jaxx from Sons of Anarchy.) Along with these pressures, Shannon must also battle the sexism and constant challenges to her power coming from within her own group. (As a main antagonist, Shannon appears in episodes 3-9 of the first season.)

This intense drama is set in a rural city in Texas. The tales of the city are detrimental in terms of its survival through the threatened “war” amongst the varying groups. Due to the characters’ diverse backgrounds, both country and city living are displayed throughout the series as we watch characters interact through love, hate, loyalty and betrayal. Underlining it all is the constant and desperate call for justice.

Jamaca is called upon because his character represents the community. Shannon represents the local opposition to his community rising up, and Cody’s greed allows him to intervene continuously throughout the season. Cody, especially, is aware of how his betrayal of the minority community will send shock waves for a race war. With the power moves from these three, we witness a chess game played with innocent lives. Many lives are lost in this series before the threatened “war” could actually begin and the audience’s emotions will carry over into every episode.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Genre: horror; somewhat contained
Pages: 94

Logline: A humble farmer is invited to spend a weekend with her estranged sister-turned actress and her friends at a beach house where she undergoes a transformation of her own.

Locations: Farmhouse (some EXT./INT)
Beach house (EXT./INT)

Characters: total of 7
Main characters: 4 (2 F, 2 M)

Think "THE VVITCH" meets "GET OUT" A dark "fish out of water" tale told in a modern way. A grueling, slow-burn style complete with gritty imagery, nerve wracking scenes, suspenseful dialogue, and strong female leads with subtle themes of #MeToo.

After thirteen years of coping with a traumatic event as a young girl, a downcasted single mother(Camilla Greene) is invited to leave the farm,and all of it's decaying glory to spend the weekend with her estranged sister(Tisha Greene) at a beach house. Tisha, now an actress, and the hottest thing in Hollywood at the moment--has looks, money, and fame. The gift of beauty combined with power and she can manipulate just about anyone. Once Camilla reaches the mysterious private beach and meets her stereotypical L.A clique, and her pill-popping, vain, shallow and filthy lifestyle she considers if she has even left the animals at the farm, but that is no match for the secret she will learn about her sister, about herself, and about the price of fame.

Thankyou for your time! Email me for the script and ask me about my other scripts/projects.

Contact: asia.ponder@yahoo.com or a.ponder1892@student.sbccd.edu

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Logline: "A mutilated German soldier and a Jewish G.I. race to save the woman they both love from the Nazi onslaught in the Battle of the Bulge."

Brief synopsis--(note, this is a character driven drama in a WWII setting, and the "vision" calls for some large scale battles with numbers of armored fighting vehicles but there's no reason it can't be scaled back to merely some infantrymen extras and a few jeeps, motorcycles, trucks. A little CGI to show "tanks in the distance". Scaling back will not detract from the story.)

"Wehrmacht Sergeant Erich Brandt, a dreamer and artist, is felled by a Russian shell in 1944. His face is mutilated and he is mistakenly listed as KIA. Distraught over his horrifying appearance, he becomes slowly unhinged and obsessed with sketching all the dead he's seen in four years of war.

Katherine, an ethnic German farm girl living just inside Belgium in the village of Trois Ponts, is Brandt's young wife. Trapped on the farm by her sense of duty to her bedridden, manipulative mother, Katherine yearns to be free. She is notified of Brandt’s death just before the U.S. Army occupies the area, and the mistake is never corrected.

Sergeant Ben Glassman is a U.S. Army artillery forward observer, a German Jew who was sent to America as a boy to escape the Nazis. He feels more German than Jew and believes the Nazis to be an aberration, a brief madness that has seized Germany. His driver and radio operator, Joe, a NYC Jewish cabbie, an older man who joined the Army to escape a dull, impoverished family life, vehemently disagrees. Joe asserts the only way to fix Germany is to smash them in battle and utterly defeat them. Ben, conflicted, can barely perform his duty as he is reluctant to kill Germans.

Ben meets Katherine as he wanders the Ardennes alone in a jeep, lost in his inner conflict. Starving, she has been trading sex for food with G.I.s. Ben, taking pity on her, brings her food. She is touched by his kindness and they become lovers.

The Germans launch their Ardennes Offensive and Brandt and Ben (and Joe) converge on Trois Ponts one night, both intent on taking Katherine to safety. They must hide in Katherine's cellar when Brandt's force seizes the village. Brandt, realizing he can only offer Katherine madness, relents and insists she go with Ben. But Ben has been wounded in the leg in a shootout with his commander because he refused to execute an artillery strike on the village. He awakens from a faint to discover Joe preparing to call in the strike himself. Joe confesses he really joined the Army to show his young sons he was something more than "a god**** cabbie." He gives Ben, Katherine, and Brandt five minutes to escape. Their attempt is foiled by a German patrol and Brandt sacrifices himself to enable Katherine and Ben to get away. But Ben is shot and dies just as the barrage falls, obliterating the village. Alone, Katherine flees into the forest, intent on the hiding spot Brandt had meant to share with her."

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Guest Production Company
A brand new production company is seeking low-budget projects (1-2 million). Especially seeking thrillers and dramas.
I would like to pitch my feature length, anti-superhero, comedy script, "Ghosteye"
A child is cloned to become a televised, crime-fighting savior, but after he escapes from his creators, with the help of an entity from his past, they face disturbing trials in an attempt to clean up the city.

While in training, the child named "Ghosteye", and the entity, Michelle, discover a psycho-sexual Battle Royale, leading to an LGBTQ2 crime fighting adventure, an under-lying conspiracy that threatens man kind, and potentially a happy ending (wink, wink!).

It’s  “the Truman Show” meets “Porky's”

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you would like to read the full screenplay(s) and I'll get that for you in haste.

Best wishes,

Adam p Barr
Phone: (902) 476-1801
Email: adambarrcargo@gmail.com
Website: http://adampbarr.superscreenplay.com

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

ambition of a North Korean secret agent who as a child was handicapped to take revenge on the joint soldiers who had slaughtered his entire family.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

i very much could have what you need. My name is Robb Chase. I'm a self-published author and screenwriter/film-maker. My novels are in the fantasy/mythology genre with some mystery and romance as well. robbchase.weebly.com I'll send a script once we've had time to discuss this. I am hoping to make a film series to pitch to streaming services based on my novels. I believe the timing for that is ripe, as new streaming services are forming and are in need of serialized or even episodic material, of which I can provide in ample quantity and quality. I easily have enough written material for at least five seasons of 15 episodes. Of course it doesn't have to end there either, as I am always writing new material/. I also have many stories that precede the start of the series that would make for excellent back story. I hope to hear from you soon; sincerely Robb Chase.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Hope the week is going well. I’ve got a surreal contained horror called INTERTWINED that I think would be great for _production company__

(A man runs away from his wife and has to face his past wrongs when he moves into a strange old apartment building).

INTERTWINED is a feature horror script that contains a lesson about life which everyone should wake up to ..We are all tested in life by a higher power and through these tests we get what we deserve or NOT and there you discover the lesson ... did we think thoroughly or just act .. Ultimately the lesson is sometimes created in the working harder part before we can achieve the future we are seeking . INTERTWINED will have you reflect on your punishments if your plans or choices end up destroying others even if you don’t succeed and it was only a thought . the constant reminder and reality that this higher power is watching our steps ,hearing our thoughts and knowing our minds and hearts in our choices and actions towards goodness and evil ...
Finally , INTERTWINED is about what we create in our choices leading to a life of heaven and or hell , simply a mirror reflection and repeat of our full circle of life and death .
Let me know what do you think please and if you liked I’m more than happy to send the script .
Rawad Saab

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Monsters, coined the Itnescomber, are stealing children. One family in particular has suffered at its wake, and now its happening to them again!

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Title: The Witless and the Hapless
Logline: A kidnapper, a drug dealer and a pretty lady, lives intertwined when they do a big job that will change their lives for good but one of them has a big problem that will ruin everything.

Witless or Hapless" is written along the line of "Pain and Gain" and "pulp fiction". The story is about

Ace, Fred and Lucy kidnapped Carlos' s family then secretly plants Carl on him to monitor him so he will do only as they say. They were short paid because Carlos could not Meetup the Ransom money so they set out to kidnap Lucy's old boss. Carl refused to go with them because he thought it'll be too dangerous at such short time. The trio tailed Mr Peterson to a restaurant but were interrupted when Ace hid from a patrol car, Fred and Lucy were curious but he refused to share his reasons. Later on they were attacked and beaten by the Chinese gang Fred owed money while they tailed Mr. Peterson to his mall, the gang took the little money they've made and promised hell if Fred doesn't pay in a week
Ace asked them to tail his ex associate "Robert" so he could ask him for money, he denied Ace the money. Ace threatened him before leaving that he'll put them all in trouble if he gets caught by the police. Robert tells Peter and paul, who then told Joey. Joey then puts a hit on Ace.
Back in the car, Ace told the gang about his previously failed Job that made him a fugitive and also his ex gang tried to kill him. Mr Peterson's spending some time with his mistress and illegitimate son which didn't go well because he was called back at the office, just then the gang trailed him to the neighbourhood just to see him leave again before they could grab or tail him because Fred didn't get in the car on time after a squabble with Ace.
Ace was mad and fought with Fred on the street, about quitting the gang to go solo. Lucy gave him and Fred a piece of her mind before giving them an ultimatum to behave themselves or else she won't help them accomplish the job, they reluctantly agreed so they set out to ambush Mr Peterson at his home.
Meanwhile Carl goes to "JB" a local drug dealer and club owner to ask for a coke without paying, using the job Ace is pulling as leverage. JB refused and threw him out, just then Joey walked in to collect his coke. Jb tells him Carl knows where Ace is, he goes after Carl and gave him coke for the information. While the gang's waiting at Peterson driveway, Lucy talked her father blaming her for her mother leaving, refused to send her to college, couldn't wait for her to leave the house after high school, her ex who dumped her and not getting a college degree. Fred talked about his prodigy that was robbed and killed while selling drugs for him, now he has to pay back the Chinese gang who owns the drug. Peterson arrived, they grabbed him and fled the scene.
At the cabin, Lucy hid in the shadows while Ace and Fred tried to make Mr. Peterson give them $55 million Which he refused, they threatened him with his son and he told them that it will be their death because he has a personal body guard. He made them realise that he knew that had been following him but he thought his wife sent them, then he called out Lucy from hiding and told her why he didn't fire her when he found out her transcript were fake because of her rough past, he thought she just wanted a better life and he planned on giving it to her. He told her about the account he set up for her with $200k as her bonus for a contract she worked on, Lucy is baffled by this act of kindness. She offered Fred and Ace $50k each, Fred gladly accepted because that'll settle his debt . Ace rejected the money and demanded for two million dollars or else he'll shoot Lucy, he tried using Mr. Peterson's kindness for Lucy and the fact that he's trying to replace his dead daughter with Lucy. This created a disunity among them as Fred takes side with Lucy and Mr. Peterson, Ace stands alone against them. Just then Joey arrived with his gang Peter, paul, stan and Dan to finish off Ace in the cabin. Ace was despair but hope was restored when he Fred joined him in the fight, Stan and Dan sprayed the cabin with bullets from their automatic rifles but the hard wood made it impossible for them to get hurt. They killed Stan and Dan, then the twins. Joey fled knowing he has been defeated, Ace goes after him and finished him off. Then collected the briefcase of cocaine before saying goodbye to Lucy, Fred and Mr. Peterson who went on their way

I believe the gripping storytelling, riveting suspense, dynamic characters and high stakes in “Witless and Hapless ” will appeal to a very wide audience. Please let me know if I can send you the script, and thanks for your time and consideration.
Best regards.
Segun Kayode

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

I am a published author of 2 novels and one screenplay that is titled His Name is Jake. His Name is Jake is a feature length screenplay that I would love to sell the rights to and move on to my next screenplay. If you're interested please contact me via email at lulaj47@yahoo.com.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Dear Producer:
I have an old-fashioned Agatha Christie style mystery script looking for a producer. If this is a subject that may be of interest to you, you may want to consider the following information.

Title: Tides Inn – Shock from the Deep

Genre: British TV Mystery

Venue: The centerpiece is the ‘Tides Inn’, a quirky, personality plus, rustic, one-of-a-kind pub located on the sea on the rugged English Yorkshire coast, that occasionally gets cutoff from the mainland by the high tide, which is sometimes ill-timed.

Logline; This mystery immediately jumps off with a bizarre, unique, well-thought out murder and escape; leading to a tangled and baffling investigation, enlivened with colorful, eccentric suspects; and ending in a solution provided by a completely off-the-wall, accidental incident,

Short Narrative: Murder at the Tides Inn.
Two women, enjoying cocktails on a scenic, tranquil deck. But what happens next is anything but tranquil. A grotesque, green figure shoots up in front of them. A murder – an escape - a mystery, in the blink of an eye.
This script presents an inventive plan for its mystery, challenging the viewer to solve a seemly impossible whodunit, commencing with a creative act for the murder, and culminating in a surprising, shocking out-of-the-box finale. Several oddball characters emerge as prime suspects adding to Police Sergeant Dawn Thompkins’s challenge. The murderer is finally abruptly exposed by a crazy, unusual, unintentional development

This screenplay is submitted as a low budget stand-alone script. However, a second script with the unique pub as an anchor is complete and available.

If you are interested in obtaining any further information, or the completed script, please let me know. Thank you for your consideration.


Bill Wilke
1477 Douglas Ave.
Gardnerville, NV 89410

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Why is Kristyn A. Kutter?

Kristyn Amelia Kutter breathes self-hatred, depression and loneliness like air. She constantly fears her secret cutting behavior will be found out. She feels nothing without a cold blade touching her skin when life sucks. A sudden tragic event with her best friend, Maddison, lands Kristyn at a crossroad. She must decide to stop cutting and allow her scars to heal (physically, mentally and emotionally) or continue self-destructing. But will she be able handle the truth about herself?

Why is Kristyn A. Kutter? is a raw portrayal of a saucy teenage girl stuck in a miserable life that offers nothing. She must walk a bumpy road of self-discovery and learn who she is, why she seeks physical pain to cure her emotional pain, and if she can break destructive patterns or just call it quits like Maddison did. Beautiful, but awkward. Fragile, yet able. Lost, but still existing. Headstrong, yet submissive. Crass, but delicate. A truth seeker, but a liar, too. Kristyn is the kind of girl you love to hate.

"You may know my name, but not my life story. To be honest, it’s rather cliché for a girl of seventeen and three-quarters. But it’s far from boring. Self-loathing. Depression. Loneliness. Liar-liar pants on fire. Secretive. Rebellious. Blah-blah-blah-blah. You get the idea.

I feel absolutely nothing until a razor blade touches my skin. I’m known to do other crazy things to myself out of pure spite. Yeah, I hate myself that much. I’ll take hits of MDMA and dance until dawn trying to forget. Other times, I’ll randomly hookup with total ******* when my self-esteem lands in the loo. Which is pretty much all the time, lately. Bugger!

My best mate, Maddison, killed herself. ****** I guess she couldn’t handle life. Staring down at the random cuts on my body, I can’t say I’m doing that much better. But, end up in a red mahogany casket with white velvet interior, like Maddison? I’m not sure.

Maddison’s death, Jamey (my ex and an absolute tosser) and teen drama from Claire and the Posh Miss Perfects have forced me to make a choice. Deal with my issues or keep repeating the same self-destructive behavior over and again, expecting a different result.
You may have heard what I’ve done, but not what I’ve been through or where I'm going. You’re ‘bout to find out."

*Trigger Warning: Includes strong language, non-graphic depictions of self-harm, drug and alcohol usage and sexual situations. Recommended for ages 16+*.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Working title: Tilt.
David 30, a troublesome gambling addict with debts growing each night.
When David hits rock bottom and nowhere to go he gets the opportunity to fight to pay his debts.
His father gets a phone call one day that David has been found beaten to death in an ally. The father
drops everything and goes out for revenge. To find the guys guilty he must first become one of them.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

I'm a produced screenwriter with a feature film currently on Netflix.

I have written eight stage plays, all with successful productions in New York and Los Angeles.

There are four screenplays I have that might be of interest to your company:

DEADBEAT: A young actor compromises his dignity and loses his moral compass in an effort to "make it" in Hollywood. Fifty Shades of Grey meets Sunset Boulevard. Neo-Noir, dark, gritty thriller.

BOOK SMART: 17-year old stoner becomes a fugitive when he hijacks a bookmobile and drives it up the West Coast to prove his love to his college-bound, book smart girlfriend. (Pineapple Express/Napoleon Dynamite.)

HOT MESS: Young professional woman sues her parents for making her "undateable." (Rom-Com)

CONFESSIONS OF A STALKER: Celebrity rock star wakes one morning in his million dollar mansion only to discover his worst nightmare: his stalker is sitting at the foot of his bed, holding a gun, demanding to know why he too can't be rich and famous.

If any of the above are of interest, I will download your release form and submit the script (s).

I hope this finds you well, and must thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

All Best,
Llywelyn Jones

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

I have 4 drama scripts:
-- a romance set in the British Museum;
-- a political drama that brings crime to an English village;
-- a thriller about how a young British Chinese girl saves the world from a cyber gang;
-- a uni coming of age drama about students and their tutors.
Are you interested?
Hoping so. I have written 5 published books.
Best wishes
+44 (0) 7717 858619

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Hi, I am an writer and screenwriter from Italy.. I was wondering if you are interesting to a feature Drama Cartoon... it could be good with your budget.... I have aready the director, cartoonits and editor animations .. If you are interesting contact me via email marisabrogna@libero.it ... Thank you for your time ... Regards

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

My name is Andrew Mann and I wrote a book called “Such Unfortunates”. It is the true story of my life and the horrors I suffered through
an abusive childhood that led me to become a full-blown heroin addict homeless on the streets. I have heard over 100 times now that
my book would make an amazing movie and my editor even said she would make up a script. I will leave a link to my book and would
appreciate you letting me know if this is something you may be interested in?

Thank you sincerely,

Andrew Mann




My screenplay is an adult-oriented neo-noir set in the suburbs of Boston in June 1986, against the backdrop of the Celtics’ drafting of Len Bias and the subsequent tragedy. In a time when memories of the city’s school desegregation crisis are still raw, a young woman navigates being in an interracial romance while working for the local crime boss, whose blessing she has to run a shooting gallery for the area’s drug addicts and take other measures to combat the HIV epidemic. Her tenacity and her privileged position in the town’s social structure (her godfather, dead of AIDS, was a good friend of the boss) means that she has been able to balance those two divergent sides of her life with a relatively low amount of racist and sexist backlash. But when she learns of an existential threat to her gallery from an unexpected foe, that balance turns suddenly precarious, and in the span of a week, her life and sanity slowly, then rapidly, unravel.

Hope you're interested. Thank you!

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget


I hope you are well.

My name is Tom MacTavish and I’ve written a gritty Christmas tale titled, “Oh Christmas Wreath” that I’d like to send to you.

Title: “Oh Christmas Wreath”

Logline: A Grand, 100 year old, 20 foot Christmas Wreath is torched, a small community is divided by accusations and reunited by the wreath’s resurrection and a man’s life is transformed.

“Oh Christmas Wreath” is written along the lines of a 21st century version of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. The story opens 25 years ago at a high school homecoming dance in a small community, attended by affluent and blue collar students. Jake Thomas, a tall, handsome athlete from a blue collar family attends with Kate Davis, a debutante from an affluent family, with her younger brother Chuck in tow. Kate, fueled by alcohol, goes into a jealous rage because Jake compliments Charlotte, also from a blue collar family, on her dress. Kate steals Jake’s car keys and drives head on into a telephone pole. Charlotte consoles Jake and Chuck witnesses it all and blames Charlotte for Kate’s accident.

Present Day- Charlotte, now married to Jake Thomas, goes to the town hall a week before Thanksgiving to volunteer for the annual hanging of Christmas decorations in the town square. The center piece is the magnificent 20 foot, 100 year old, grand wreath. Councilman Chuck Davis, now portly and balding, is chairman of this committee. He sees a beautiful, statuesque woman inquiring at the front desk to volunteer. He intercedes and invites her to the storage barn to see the magnificent wreath up close. She, Charlotte, wearily accepts. At the storage barn, Chuck makes unwanted sexual advances. They tussle. A gas can is knocked over. Charlotte escapes and soon after they learn of a fire. All is destroyed, including the magnificent wreath. The small community is pulled apart by false accusations of Chuck blaming Charlotte for the fire. Ultimately, the community reunites to rebuild the wreath in time for the Holidays through the generosity of an unlikely donor, Kate Davis. Chuck Davis is transformed throughout the process.

I believe the timeless value of forgiveness, love and redemption are universally relatable and will appeal to a large audience. This Christmas story can bring in annual, residual revenue for many years.

Thank you for your valuable time and consideration. Please let me know if I can send you my script.

With much appreciation,

Tom MacTavish

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

My name is Erwin Fowler and Im an arward winning children's book author also the writer, producer of the feature drama "Pressure Pleasure Pain"

It's about a high school basketball Phenom who comes into contact with forces of antagonism, mainly pre-marital sex and HIV, which can derail his bright future.

I am confident you'll enjoy the read.

Thank for your time and attention.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

When her father has a second stroke, Alex makes a desperate plea for a miracle, not knowing if or who will answer her prayers, until it is too late.
Up and coming marketing/advertising representative Alex Armstrong finds her world turned upside down when her father falls ill due to a devastating stroke that leaves him on the brink of death. As if this was not daunting enough news, Alex finds herself sharing chance encounters with David, the outwardly handsome but intense neighbor living in the apartment directly across from hers. However, David is not all that he appears to be and harbors nefarious intentions.
As time progresses and her father’s condition takes a turn for the worst, Alex finds herself suddenly blessed by Lady Luck when she lands a major international account and, consequently, a prestigious promotion. The floodgates barring the fortuitous events explode with a new, stunning revelation: her father has made a miraculous recovery against all fatal odds. For the first time in a while, Alex feels the hope that her life can finally resume a normal path.
Life, as it would seem, was finally beginning to look up.
Alas, Alex comes to the hastily realization that dark forces beyond her control have been set into motion when two of her friends turn up gruesomely murdered. With growing suspicion of Alex’s innocence in relation to the murders, the police and outsiders start to question her. All too quickly, the seemingly perfect reality of the past few days has started to crumble before her very eyes.
Plagued by horrific nightmares, Alex finds herself spiraling into a veritable hell, questioning the intentions of the people she assumed were on her side. For, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

30 Min Dramedy TV pilot with a female lead.
Logline: A sheltered young woman has a life-changing crisis, so she embarks on a journey of self-discovery as an erotic dancer.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

This is the story about a young brown-skinned Asian American student filmmaker from the Midwest who is trying to make a film about his own Asian American experience and American dream story but is, however, having difficulty casting the main lead in his movie.

Mike Chan Magdangal is a brown-skinned Asian American and this is his story. It follows his journey as an immigrant during Trump's America, his experiences adapting to the American culture, dealing with culture shock, while finding his way to become a recognized and respected filmmaker in Hollywood.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

The Legend of the Star People Exposed! The war between good and evil angels dates back to the Native Ancestors and the Aliens. A broken law disrupts their treaty. Consequently, today's society overflows with evil spirits. They hijack and control the minds of spiritually weak individuals. Later, we see irrational and violent behaviors. Learn the truth about the infiltration of evil in our world--revealed in the supernatural thriller screenplay, LAND INVASION.

Note: This is an unpublished full feature length screenplay.

LOGLINE: After suffering from increasingly disturbing nightmares and
losing her mother in a violent gun protest, the daughter, of African
and Native American descent, learns from a dream interpreter that she
has supernatural powers and must save the world from evil spirits.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Seeking interest in my feature film screenplay, a war drama, THREE BRIDGES. Or as a calling card for rewrite or development work.

Logline: "A mutilated German soldier and a Jewish G.I. race to save the woman they both love from the Nazi onslaught in the Battle of the Bulge."

While the story as is incorporates large battle scenes, with 3 main parts and a few supporting roles, along with some extras, I think this could be done on the cheap with a little CGI. Settings are some European forests, Russian plain, a small German city and a few small German and Belgian villages.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Guest Production Company
A brand new production company is seeking low-budget projects (1-2 million). Especially seeking thrillers and dramas.

Do you think it's easy to be in a relationship nowadays, but Not everyone is ready for a committed relationship.

My name is Dorian d Stevens and my latest screenplay is drama called Relationship Goals.

Relationship Goals is a story about How people be in full relationships but act like they are single, and how cheating in a relationship effect you as a person.

Thank for taking the time to consider my work, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Dorian d Stevens


Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

I have with me a screenplay that is something unique and most importantly thrilling, emotionally intense and dramatic.

"Coin Of Fate" (copyrights) 2019

Logline is :An horrific event causes a young well-respected mixed-race American doctor to question his oath which in turn sends him on a pulsating journey from the tropical paradise of Jamaica to the capital of Western Europe's sovereign state, Belgium to find the men responsible with more risk than luck on his side.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

A small segregated town in Allenville, Mississippi in 1960.
When a tragic event occurs in someone’s life, it can have a major impact on them. It can cause them to have mental and physical issues. Carrying the weight of their past can be devastating. This is the story of an African American, eight year old girl, name Cerena Wailes. Cerena has two brothers and seven sisters.
She is the sixth child of the Wailes family. Cerena is a person that pulls and needs a sense of belonging. She tries to fit in, even when she knows she doesn’t belong. Cerena stutters when she gets excited, so she tries to stay low key and not talk much. She is a tomboy, who loves to walk barefoot and help her daddy and granddaddy mow the yard.
One day her entire world turned upside down. She was sexually violated by her older brother. Cerena (CeeCee is her nickname) was violated in March 1966, at the tender age of eight years old. The molestation continued until she was eighteen years old. Sexual molestation from her brother, uncle and two male cousins caused this bubbly, energetic, vibrant little girl to become stuck in a web of pain.
Her innocence was taken away one Saturday morning, in her bedroom. While playing tag, baseball, and other fun games with her friends and dolls with her female cousins, she was introduced to a life she knew nothing about. This incident left little CeeCee totally confused. She wanted to ask questions and needed answers, but she had no one to confide in.
While CeeCee didn’t understand the world she was in, all she knew was she wanted to be free. According to her, this world was so unpleasant. Her dreams were shattered, she felt like she was a target of not becoming all that she wanted to be, because of the senseless act that was done to her.
Even though CeeCee was fragile, quite, known as a tomboy and had dreams, of becoming whatever she desired, she felt like she couldn’t. Her mind was suppressed by the incidents that occurred in her life.
She felt like a slave to her predators, she believed what they told her. “Don’t tell anybody” or “If you tell, they will not believe you”. Every time the incidents occurred she heard those words. She laid there helpless and didn’t know what was happening and why it was happening.
Even though, CeeCee is a member of a strong Christian family, they also were dysfunctional. Henry Wailes, CeeCee’s father, married Hannah, when she had four children and jealousy arose among the children. CeeCee is a member of the youth choir, sunshine band and active in Sunday school.
From the teachings of her Pastor, school teacher, not to mention the upbringing of her parents, she still didn’t understand why God allowed something like that to happen to her. Here’s a precious innocent little girl depending on God to take care and watch over her, didn’t understand why He was allowing this to happen to her.
The concept (whatever happens in the family, stays in the family) did more harm than good. She was walking around frustrated, upset, resentful, bitter and powerless. She wanted to know what was going on and why was this happening to her. She was the only one getting hurt, while the other person or persons was having their way with her. They were also living their life to the fullest, while she just existed.
CeeCee dealt with this web of pain until the age of thirty two years old. She was tired of sabotaging friendships, driving good people out of her life, due to her pain of her past. The baggage of her past was extremely heavy. She wanted to be totally set free. She was completely healed, delivered and set free when she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.
She also discovered holding it in, allowed the person to have power over her. The very people who violated her controlled her happiness. When the perpetrator walked in the room, she would leave the room.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Please visit the website and it will tell you all about the movie.
It is a Christian Action movie.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

David wrote an autobiography in 2017, with names protected.

Tavvi grew up in abject poverty and physical beating abuse.

He stayed with his father until he was arrested.

Tavvi went to three high schools and attended two universities.

He was a banker for twenty years and became certified to teach after a very severe auto accident (at age 45).

He taught French, Spanish, and English for foreign students.

Taavi retired in 2004.

Tavvi and Susan (Holly) have been married for 44 years.

They have two children and four grandchildren.

There were many counselors and pastors who enabled Tavvi to receive spiritual deliverance.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget


“The Seven” is a sitcom that ironizes the daily life of seven friends in their 20's and their quirky personalities, bringing everyday situations in a humorous way- with a hint of drama and romance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in knowing more about the plot/characters (I have the show's bible which I can also send to you ^^).

Leila Fallace

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget


“Foreigner” is a drama where a young screenwriter, Julia, who’s finally gotten a screenplay to be produced by a huge Korean TV company, finds out her ex-favorite Korean actor - who she started to hate the second she randomly bumped into him - is gonna be playing the main character of her to-be-produced TV show.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in knowing more about the plot/characters (I have the bible which I can also send to you guys).

Leila Fallace

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Any director attached?



I have written the published book Saved at Sea and now adapted the book to a screenplay SAVED.

I have written the screenplay and can send it to you.

A little about the story...

This is the true story of Michelle Hamilton who for 3 terrifying days, clung helplessly to her small capsized canoe in the Sulu Sea, the Philippines. Menaced by hungry sharks, enduring tropical storms and with no food or water, Michelle hovered near death. Hanging onto the capsized canoe, wearing only a bikini and flippers, Michelle is miraculously rescued by a passing boat of Filipino fisherman; who are convinced she is a mermaid.

It is clear, that true stories are very popular, especially in the world of Christian movies. I have no doubt, that with the right cast, budget and producer that this movie SAVED, will be every bit as well received, not only in the Christian arena, but also in the secular world as the top grossing Christian movies based on true stories.

Naturally I am open to further re-writes of this script and with some scenes added or deleted, depending on the demographic you are wanting to reach.

In all honesty, I have been very transparent about who I was as a person before I got lost at sea - a sinner - very much in need of saving. I have bared all in the hope that this movie will reach other people in a similar situation. I am committed to reaching people just like I was. A 22-year-old, full of pride and self-reliance, very worldly and not in need of a Savior… at least that’s what I thought. Until I found myself lost at sea, in the dark alone, close to death and with nowhere else to turn.

My mother, who had just become a Christian 3 months earlier, had accompanied me on this holiday. Just prior to getting lost at sea, she professed her new faith and told me ‘That if I was ever really down on my knees, to cry out to God and He would save me.’ Her words came back to me, when I was without hope, clinging to an upturned canoe in the middle of the Sulu Sea. I called out to God and He audibly spoke to me.

I had many supernatural experiences out there in which I saw angels and was protected by them from sharks attacking me. I was eventually found by Philippine Fisherman who believed I was a mermaid.

This story has all the elements that will make it a great film. Survival, drama, romance, the love between parent and child, supernatural encounters from angels, sharks trying to attack, rescue, finding God, redemption, and best of all its a true story with a happy ending.

So, here is the script and I look forward to you reading it and hearing from you.






Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

I have a script, "Long Deadly Night."
It's a one location action thriller, fits well as film noir.

An assassin between jobs, hold up in a rooming house,
reluctantly protects the roomers from a gang of rogue plain-clothed cops.

In this script, there's humor. There's a little romance. There's a
moral, which is: We must look out for each other. It is a one-location
action, suspense, thriller. The professional assassin has marital arts

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Dear Producer,
I am a multi-produced, award-winning screenwriter, with 4 feature film writing credits, the latest of which stars Ben Kingsley.
My latest effort is THE CELLIST, a drama/thriller, which I co-wrote with newcomer Jon Charles. The logline, synopsis and my bio and credits follow.
I look forward to your requesting the script. If you do wish to see it, please provide your name, bio and credits.
Richard A. Lasser
310 990 5941

A desperate street musician becomes an unsuspecting mule, or so her handlers think.

Striking FELICITY, 30s, plays her beat-up cello for donations at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Her playing attracts a Canadian, OLIVER, 30s and his business partner, CONRAD, 60s. In time, Felicity and Oliver fall in love so deeply, that she even forgives him when he accidentally breaks her cello. He gets it repaired and to make it up to her, invites Felicity and her daughter, OUIJA, 8, to come north to Canada with him.
When Oliver is murdered there, she becomes a suspect. But Conrad comes to her rescue, spirits Felicity and Ouija away to a private island in British Columbia. One night, while Felicity and Ouija sleep, TWO ARABS visit Conrad. Conrad peels away the repair on Felicity’s cello exposing a priceless manuscript stolen from the Iraqi Museum after the fall of Saddam. Conrad sells it for millions. After the Arabs leave, Conrad tries to murder Felicity and her daughter, but after a fierce struggle, Felicity chokes Conrad to death with her cello bow. Or so she thinks. After one last fight to the death, Felicity and Ouija escape in Conrad’s cabin cruiser – with the cash.
On the water, Felicity’s smile fades into a flashback to the opening scene. While playing in Seattle, she overhears the conversation between Oliver and Conrad. They need to find a mule to smuggle a priceless manuscript to Canada to exchange it with the Arabs. She turns toward the men, opens her legs invitingly around the cello, and beckons them to her with her eyes. Now it’s clear that she chose them, was setting them up -- not the other way round.

Bio and Credits of Richard A. Lasser

Film Credits:
1. 'The Chosen Few', feature-length psychological thriller, produced by I VU Pictures. Writer and Co-Producer
2. “The Counting House”, feature-length psychological horror, produced by RAI Cinema, Italy. Writer. A writer-for-hire project.
3. “Tricks of Love” a feature-length romantic comedy, produced by Mutressa Movies www.mutressamovies.com A writer-for-hire project.
4. “The Obedient Son”, short, war drama, Liberty Studios.
5. “I Scream”, short, dark comedy. Late Bloomer Films. Writer and Director
In Production:
1. “The Glass House”, Liberty Studios, Writer
2. “Shift of the Ages”, Pqubd Films, Writer
In Pre-Production:
1. Mondo Productions shooting “The Happy Frenchman” a bittersweet love story. Shooting in Paris. 2012. Writer
In Development:
1. “Ivan and Maria”, based on the novel, the story of Ivan the Terrible of Russia. Sindika Productions. http://sindikaproductions.com/. A writer-for-hire project.
2. “Bedroom City”, a writer-for-hire project for DiscoFilm of Germany. www.discofilm.de
Scripts Currently Optioned:
1. “Jacking Katherine”, optioned by Q-Station Films
2. “Peacocks”, optioned by Beautiful Calf Productions
1. “The Chosen Few” Award of Excellence-Feature Category, Berkeley Film Festival, 2002; Official Selection Vancouver Island Film Festival, 2002
2. Chesterfield Writers Awards – Semi-Finalist
3. New Century Writers Awards – Finalist for “Young Love”
4. “Bedroom City” Official Selection for IFP Market 2006, No Borders
5. “CGY” Honorable Mention, Canada International Film Festival 2010
6. “Tricks of Love”, Best Picture and 3 top acting awards, Monaco International Film Festival, 2008
Education, Training and Background:
B.A. University of Virginia, Double Major in English Honors and Russian Language and Literature
Postgraduate work, UCLA, Russian Studies
Robert McKee’s Story Structure graduate
John Truby’s Screenwriting graduate

Jon Charles
This is Jon Charles’ first screenplay

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Hello, I am contacting you in regards to an inquiry about a screenplay that I wrote. The script is based on a group of inmates who are interviewed inside a federal prison. Below is a brief synopsis.

A series of fictional interviews with inmates who are each serving a life sentence in a federal penitentiary.
All inmates discuss harsh realities of prison life. With compelling, dramatic dialogue -- each inmate discusses themselves, the prison community, and other various aspects of their crime which tie them back to their past. Five inmates who are each serving a life sentence are chosen to be interviewed. The first inmate is a mid 50's black male convicted of manslaughter after hitting a man with his car during a shootout. This character has a few scenes without him talking that really give the film a deep dramatic introspection into inmate #1's character. The second inmate is a mid 30's white male convicted of selling narcotics at a high scale level. His uncle plays a role in a few scenes serving as a side character and teacher to inmate #2. The third inmate is a mid 40's convicted serial killer who preyed upon adult women during a three year rampage. He has one depressing and daunting scene in the film where he digs a grave and later fills it back in. His character is southern with an accent. Inmate #4 is a mid 30's white male convicted of killing his girlfriend and another male after catching them cheating. He serves as one of the lead roles in the film as a tipping point toward the action at the end. The fifth inmate is a 20 year old white male convicted of murdering a gas station attendant after a botched robbery. He is the youngest inmate of the five. The film also features a counselor, a young social worker, and the warden/guards very briefly. This film helps to show the raw aspects of prison life and the community that surrounds them. Toward the end of the film we are introduced with a conflict between the prisoners and the staff as a fight breaks out in the final scene.

Kyle Humphries
Michigan, USA

If you would like to read this screenplay I will gladly send it to you for approval.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

My name is Ellen Zepp and I have had three short scripts produced and one now in pre-production.

This is my IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4508170/?ref_=nv_sr_1

I would like to submit a drama feature.

LOGLINE: An emotionally crippled psychiatrist must face his painful past to save a young patient from self-destruction.

I hope to hear back from you.

All the best,

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Elf - TV Pilot- Episode 1 “Ride the Lightning”

In the midst of a lightning storm an elf appears in the modern world. An abstract group of friends must deal with the thrill, magic and danger that follows her.

Pilot script is fully done. Let me know if you are interested!
It is a high octane blend of action, fantasy and sci-fi!

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Recent quarter finalist with 2 screenplays in the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2019

Death Mart-action/thriller/horror

Long line: The night shift at a local supermarket is overwhelmed by a flash mob, but that is the least of their worries. Lurking in the darkness is an evil that feeds on the flesh and the fear of its victims.

On most given nights an array of strange and unusual people venture into the supermarket. Claire had been doing the assistant manager's job and was on the verge of a promotion to assistant night manager, until a beautiful co-worker got the position from her for sexual favors. Claire confronts the manager and quits, but then decided to go ahead and finish out the night.Two stock boys find a bum name Lyfess, sleeping in the store room and through him out. Lyfess leaves, but not before promising that later everyone in the store will beg for mercy. Lester, a pedophile and serial killer happens to stop in to buy a special dress for a little girl he has kidnapped and hidden away in the trunk of his car.

While shopping for a dress Lester overhears a little girl singing in the toy isle and can't resist the possibly of adding another little girl to his collection. When the little girl yells out he is forced to abandon his abduction attempt and hide within the store. While Claire and several other employees are searching for Lester a flash mob of mostly teens and young adults rush into the store and begin stealing everything of value. The manager decides that the employees should try and stop the mob. When confronted with weapons the employees back away and allow the flash mob to leave.

An ominous storm begins to manifest outside the store. With most of the flash mob through the exit doors they suddenly close, trapping the remaining members inside. A deep pitch black darkness engulfs the parking lot, then screams of agony and terror find their way inside of the store. Despite gunfire, pry bars, and ramming the glass the doors won't open or break. Minutes later, a badly injured teen stumbles in from the parking lot. Surprisingly, the doors slide open and when he crawls in they abruptly close, amputating his head. Slowly people begin turning up murdered in heinous ways. When the time is right Lyfess makes an announcement on the PA system and brings everybody together.
Lyfess reveals that he is a creature from hell set loose upon the earth at the ends times.To make things more interesting Lyfess agrees to allow the last person left alive to leave the store unharmed. After transforming into a hideous creature from hell he turns out the lights and begins a game of hide and seek.You see, Lyfess loves to play with his food. When the blood starts flowing only the monsters rise to the occasion, and it is Claire who rises to the top.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Title: The Death Collector

Supernatural Drama/Thriller, feature, spec script, 112 pages, minimal SPFX

LOGLINE: Offended by the name Grim Reaper, Death sets out to change his reputation when he helps a suicidal woman take revenge on the deranged madman that murdered her family.

Synopsis and Script can be viewed at InkTip.com for your convenience, or you can request a PDF copy.

Best regards,


Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

My name is Gabriel Martinez and I have written a book called (A JOURNEY OF FAITH) not published yet.
It's a remarkable story that takes place in Tibet (drama,love,horror).
Selena Desmaine escaped Chinese Communist to India as a young teen.
Mother killed for Christian belief.
Raised as a boy by grandmother to hide her from the Chinese Communist.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget


After losing his job a man reluctant to grow up tries to fix his broken relationship while balancing out a habit for drinking and bad decisions.

Minimal shooting locations mainly taking place in a bar. The story revolves around only a few characters. Romantic Comedy Drama

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

It's nice to meet you! My name is Kenneth M. Sutton

I am currently seeking representation or development for my TV Pilot and Feature Film screenplay's WENDI WINTER, and CHARLIE.

Both scripts are full of Action and Drama and Feature Strong Women.

Genre: Action/Drama



Set in The Year 2033, WENDI WINTER tells the story of A special ops. Covert Agent.

When the theft of the financial records for world trade are stolen from the Worlds Financial
Trade Office, agent Wendi Winter is sent in to steal it back.
Only to uncover the secret plot to assassinate the President of the United States.

But Wendi's not going down for the fall, she
fights back with all she has and blows the whistle on the secret government plot.


When an Ex-Navy Seal turned car auto mechanic's 1969 Pontiac GTO
gets stolen and her father beaten up by the Detroit Russian Mob.
Charlie Jones flies into a one-woman rage and goes after them
with all she's got. Pulling out all the stops in this high
action drama of lines crossed.

Southwest Detroit is the host of a summer of street racing and
car shows, cruising and showing off. Detroit's people
brought together by their cars, and a night of networking and
summer fun.
Charlie Jones, a highly decorated Ex-Navy Seal turned auto
mechanic street racer, fights with the Detroit Russian Mob. When
her 1969 Pontiac GTO is stolen and her father beat'en up and put
into the hospital. Charlie flies into a rage and seeks revenge
for their actions against her and her father.

Killing all who gets in her way.
She pulls out all the stops and brings down the Russian
Organization. Getting back her beloved car.

If you are interested in reading the full-length screenplay's, WENDI WINTER, and CHARLIE,
please let me know and I will send you a copy of the scripts.

You can contact me by phone at (906) 253-1965 or by email at ksutton@sweetkenny.com

Kind regards,
Kenneth M. Sutton

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Hi my name is Kamal Huggins and I have a screenplay that is base on a true story. The story is about my relationship with my ex girlfriend.
The story is about a young African American male who falls in love with this Guyanese girl who he believed God told him was to be his wife and everything about their relationship was going great, until she told her parents and they said that they did not want her to be with a black man. The screenplay shows how far the two were willing to go for their relationship. It is a Romantic thriller, similar to that of Get Out by Jordan Peele but different.

Re: New Production Company Seeks Scripts w/ 1 to 2 Million Budget

Hi there, f you'd like to consider action scripts, please let me know. I have many scripts that can be made in low budget.

1 2