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Family "IN CRISIS"...comedy

Adult animated sitcom that makes 'SOMETHING' out of 'NOTHING'. I envision something like south park style. About a family that lives in the town, "CRISIS".. It's called , Family "IN CRISIS". There's something wrong with the people there. They have a disease. They are crisis junkies. All you have to do is be around them for awhile, and you catch it. but all you have to do is stay away from them for awhile and it goes away. It's based on real life actually. And it takes comedy to a whole new level.
The disease is progressive. The first sign is their face gets stuck like they just seen something shockingly horrific with their mouths wide open, and they scream like everything is a crisis. Then as the disease progresses, limbs start sticking in interesting possitions.
The ones, mostly adults, that have the crisis disease, don't know they have a problem, and ignore every clue that is obvious the problems come from them.
Like the policeman character that has awards for always being first to the scene of the crime. His hand is stuck right above his gun, and face looks like something from a horror film. Someone called 911. But they all help each other because they can't see the problem. And go to extreme lengths to ignore the obvious .
Then theres the character that goes to jail at the end of every episode, like kenny from south park dies every episode? This character gets out of jail at the beginning, always chunky, and goes to jail at the end(always skinny). he is the only adult that doesn't have the disease, so his face is normal. He's never around anyone long enough to get the disease. plus, he always goes back to jail because of some stupid crisis that's not even real. But the crisis junkies steam roll him with their crisis suspicions. ....Example:
Freshly out of jail, he is sitting in line at the gas station waiting to pull forward and get gas. He's bored so he lights a smoke. Looks ahead at the pump where a crowd is forming. Then the gas station attendant kind of slides out at an angle(reminder that this is animated) and is looking his direction. Nervous for good reason, he takes a puff of his smoke. His door flings open and theres the attendant spraying him with a fire extinguisher, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? ARE YOU TRYING TO BURN THE PLACE DOWN!?" Then runs off back into the crowd. He thinks to himself, "Wow, that guy is off his rocker, but I don't want to offend anyone." He crumples up his pack of smokes, and continues waiting. Then he notices people dressed the same peeking around buildings at him. His door flings open again. It's the SWAT team, "WE GOT A TIP YOU ARE TRYING TO BURN THE PLACE DOWN!"... That's the last scene of the first episode. First scene being him getting out of jail.
The main family has a neighbor that has an extreme fence around is yard(he's actually normal too because he never goes anywhere. He has a news crew always waiting across the street for a sighting of him, so he's very careful. His yard is trashed because he is always nervous someone will see him and say things that aren't true, and make a crisis. It's unimportant why they are there anymore, but the news crew won't give up and are certain something will happen.
More to that story later.
The main character is a preteen boy who also has the disease. He is the only one with the disease that sees a problem , but has given up trying to talk to an adult, because they go to extremes to deny seeing it(its called denial in real life). He has formed a militia, because he is certain that it all stems from his mother( flash to his mother waking him and his little sister at 4:00 in the morning, "YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO MISS YOUR BUS!" Flash again to them out on the porch with the door slamming behind them. Girl still with blanket, and sucking on a binky with frogs croaking. They silently look at each other, then walk around to the window and climb in and go back to bed.
That's why he formed a militia. It has the neighborhood kids as members. He wears a paper bag over his head so they don't catch the disease. every episode they are trying to take the Mom out because he's convinced that all evil stems from her and it will end if they take her out.
In first episode the catch her, and put cement boots on her, and take her down to the waterfront dock. They toss her over. As she is descending she is screaming, "YOU DIDN"T MIX THIS RIGHT!", and beating the cement with a wooden spoon as it falls apart.
Flash to rear shot of them all watching , leaning over the railing. Then one by one they stand upright. Then someones arm pops up with a watch, " Anybody hungry?" Like nothing happens, they all murmerring as they are walking away as a crowd, going to get something to eat. Like nothing happened.
And isn't that what we do today? Isn't that what we do to ignore the important things in our lives that are so wrong? Thats exactly what that represents.
Everything in this sitcom represents what happens in real life. it's taking it to a