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In a Texas city, former street hustler, Jamaca Reed, is now a car dealer in an urban community. Shannon Carmichael is the inherited leader of a racist organization built by her father, and Cody Wells is a greedy police detective that’s good at influencing others to do his dirty work. None are as they seem, since Jamaca is a reformer who is all about his family and the community he loves; Shannon appears ruthless and heartless, but secretly loathes the legacy she’s forced to rule; and while corrupt to his core and is extremely hard to catch, Cody occasionally shows signs of mercy. It is the mixture of these three characters that brings the entire city to a halt, as their sanctioned killings, beatings and hatred cause a lot of pain. Still, it all remains just under the surface – until the day one of Jamaca’s sons is murdered and Jamaca’s rage bubbles over. Now out for revenge and back to his old ways, stopping him won’t be easy.

JAMACA REED – (48, black). Jamaca is a former street hustler who now owns a car dealership. A devoted family man, he has many children with different women but is considered a father figure to all the kids in his community. In fact, everyone holds Jamaca in high esteem - (think Tony Soprano) - and each day Jamaca strives to calmly settle the tensions between his people, the police and politicians. But when dirty cop Cody Wells murders Jamaca’s biological son, “Bo”, all hell breaks loose and there is no stopping Jamaca’s thirst for revenge. (Jamaca is the main protagonist of the series and appears in every episode.)

CODY WELLS – (48, white). Cody is a very manipulative, very corrupt police detective. Although he’s tied to Shannon’s racist organization, he couldn’t care less about “the cause” and he hates Shannon’s guts. Cody doesn’t listen to anyone; he is all about getting paid and doing dirty jobs for those in power. Occasionally he displays a heart, but his true power is in knowing where all the skeletons are buried. (Think Colin Sullivan in The Departed.) That makes him dangerous and he lives with the constant reminder that his days are numbered. (As a main antagonist, Cody appears in every episode.)

SHANNON CARMICHAEL – (45, white). The daughter of an infamous white supremacist, Shannon was raised to keep the family legacy going after her father died. There’s just one problem: Shannon secretly loathes being the face of racism and hopes the “war” her militia is constantly preparing for never actually happens. (Think Jaxx from Sons of Anarchy.) Along with these pressures, Shannon must also battle the sexism and constant challenges to her power coming from within her own group. (As a main antagonist, Shannon appears in episodes 3-9 of the first season.)

This intense drama is set in a rural city in Texas. The tales of the city are detrimental in terms of its survival through the threatened “war” amongst the varying groups. Due to the characters’ diverse backgrounds, both country and city living are displayed throughout the series as we watch characters interact through love, hate, loyalty and betrayal. Underlining it all is the constant and desperate call for justice.

Jamaca is called upon because his character represents the community. Shannon represents the local opposition to his community rising up, and Cody’s greed allows him to intervene continuously throughout the season. Cody, especially, is aware of how his betrayal of the minority community will send shock waves for a race war. With the power moves from these three, we witness a chess game played with innocent lives. Many lives are lost in this series before the threatened “war” could actually begin and the audience’s emotions will carry over into every episode.