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Logline/Synopsis to Inner-City Tales Script

Marcus faces struggles with juggling his school life, love life and his street life. He faces violence and gangs in his own neighborhood and faces racial conflicts at his school.

Marcus lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Him and his best friend, Jeremy, are low key drug dealers. Marcus has to come home everyday day to face his drug addict mother and help her in anyway he can. Seeing his mother like this makes him constantly rethink the life he is currently living. He knows deep down he is better than a drug dealer.
One day while walking down the street, Marcus and his best friend Jeremy have a run in with some other gentlemen. Jeremy is gunned down and Marcus is left severely beaten. Detectives continuously question Marcus hoping he can help them solve the murder but to their bad news, someone else takes matter into his own hands.
One day at school Marcus meets a beautiful white girl named Alecia. He plays shy until she decides to come up to him and speak eith him. They meet up a few times after school and hit it off. Alecias ex boyfriend Ricky doesn’t like that at all. Ricky is a tough ****e street kid that always seems to get into trouble. He confronts Marcus a couple of times and they end up in a fight. Now Marcus has an ex boyfriend of his current girlfriend after him, peers are talking behind his and Alecias backs, Marcus is nervous knowing soon he will have to meet Alecias parents, anxiety starts building in Marcus due to these struggles.
One night while sitting at home some people pull up in a car outside of his house and shoots the place up. Marcus survives without a scratch but doesn’t know who it was. He’s not even sure if he’ll ever find out.

If you are interested in reading the script please contact me.

Re: Logline/Synopsis to Inner-City Tales Script

This is a pilot for a television drama series.