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I am a seasoned writer with credits in publishing. I have also had two (2) screenplays optioned. I have
worked with “Lee White,” who worked as an "Assistant Director" on the “Cheyenne” TV show. He also
owned a production company. I am also a former actor and radio personality.

For your consideration, I have included a “Synopsis” for my recent screenplay.


By S.E. Bazarsky

Genre: “Action.”

Logline: “Basic Instinct meets Enter the Dragon.”

Synopsis: A Hired Killer is on the loose in Los Angeles. The Killer has targeted the Top Brass of a movie studio. But
this Killer, Carol Chang, who is a beautiful Asian Woman, does not kill with ordinary weapons. Chang is a highly trained
Martial Artist, whose skills go far beyond the ordinary. She is a Ninja Warrior, who can wield a sword, deliver lethal blows,
and use other weapons to kill. She also employs other secret techniques of Karate, Judo, and Kung Fu that have been
lost through the Ages.

With the Film Industry on edge, Captain Justin Sawyer is under a lot of pressure from Mayor Ed Brown when two of the
finest Police Detectives, Louis Rawlings and Vince Monroe, have reached a dead end after three brutal murders. But the
same "MO" indicates that the Criminal at large is skilled in the martial arts.

When Chang learns that the Two Detectives are on her trail, she shows up at a bar and finds Monroe there. She uses her
sexy charms to lure him to a motel room, where she uses a secret Kung Fu technique to murder him. She must now kill the
other Detective, too.

Sawyer assigns Another Detective, Sharon Ming, to the case. Ming is on loan from the San Francisco Police Department
She is also a beautiful Asian Woman, who is a highly trained Martial Artist. She works alongside Rawlings in an effort to
bring this Criminal to justice.

Determined to protect her partner from certain death, Ming meets Chang in a no-holds-barred confrontation at night.But
when Rawlings and a Swarm of other Cops show up during the fight with guns blazing, Chang manages to elude the Gunfire
and disappears into the night.

With the strange disappearance of Chang at another dead end, Rawlings and Ming continue to search for her, for they must
find this deadly assassin before she kills again.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stuart Earle Bazarsky (S.E. Bazarsky)