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happy halloween series show bible

Hello! My name is Danny Bryan
and I am a producer, screenwriter, and filmmaker from Atlanta, GA.

I wrote Happy Halloween, which is a ten episode horror anthology series similar to HBO's Tales From the Crypt. It is also similar to AMC's Creepshow (2019), only my series is way better than AMC's Creepshow (2019) and it's even better than Jordan Peele's, The Twilight Zone. Happy Halloween will entertain you and the world. It will provide stories and plots you won't see anywhere else. This series will become a Halloween classic. If You like unique plots, classic horror, and mind twisting stories then this series is for you. Check out the SHOW BIBLE!!!


Series Show Bible

Log Line:

An anthology series mixed with various horror and thriller stories, consisting of ten episodes.


Creepy, suspenseful, scary, thrilling, classic horror blended with modern horror, unique plots, Tales from the Crypt (HBO), Creeped out (Netflix), AMC's Creepshow (2019), The Twilight Zone (past and present), The Outer Limits, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Trick 'r Treat, and cult classic cinema... all blended together for your entertainment.


1. Road Rage: An escaped convict abducts a man in his truck and forces him to drive him to freedom.

2. Savages: A local reservation is unhappy when a pro football team, with a disparaging mascot, relocates to their town.

3. The Midlife Crisis: A middle aged man, that is completely unhappy with his life and drowning in gambling debt, seeks the advice of a gypsy psychic.

4. The Dare: Four bored teens take a dare to sneak into a funeral home on Halloween night. They should've just stayed home and watched movies.

5. The Invitation: Three teens head to a rumored haunted house on Halloween night where they are treated to a scary story from the owner of the house.

6. Dishonorable Discharge: A young soldier dies in training. Will his death be in vain?

7. Mama's Wish: A young couple is haunted and eventually divided by the husband's late mother's cat after receiving his inheritance.

8. The Sarcophagus: A rich man is on trial for his involvement in an Egyptian Antiquities ring. Vigilante justice can be killer.

9. The Temptress: Three peeping-tom teens are in for more than they bargained for... especially when your neighbor is a vampire.

10. Lover’s Lane: Four high school seniors drive out to lover's lane for Halloween night... will the Nelm's curse continue?