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GYPSY SPIRIT - Magical Realism, Music Dance, Comedy-Drama

I am a professional violinist and composer. In 1998 I released a CD titled “Gypsy Spirit” which features my original compositions. I used my music to produce stage shows with various dance companies across Canada. In 2017 I added a libretto to the Musical dance productions of “Gypsy Spirit” and now, 2018, have completed a film script titled “Gypsy Spirit.”
Please find a short pitch below for your review.

Title: Gypsy Spirit

Genre: Magical realism, Music Dance, Comedy-Drama.

Log Line: Cursed to perpetually wander, a group of present-day Russian Gypsies summon the spirit of an ancient Persian King to remove his curse.

Pitch: Through the magical powers of a Gypsy psychic, King Bahram V of ancient Persia is conjured from 1600 years in the past. He reveals the Indian origin of the Gypsies and why he cursed them to wander around the World. The Gypsies beg King Bahram V for forgiveness, and entreat him to release them from his curse. The Persian King is intrigued by the modern world and decides to remain in the present travelling with the Gypsies. An unexpected love story plays out between a Gypsy girl and an outsider culminating in an impromptu wedding.
Twelve original musical compositions for violin intersperse the action. These are written in a classical Gypsy-style typical of the dances and songs of Gypsies living in Russia during the 20th century.

Please indicate whether “Gypsy Spirit” has piqued your interest. If so, I am willing to send you my screenplay via email, along with audio samples of my music.
However, if this production is not of interest to you, kindly refer me to a producer who might see the potential in such a production.

I can be contacted via email, phone or post at your earliest convenience.

Warm Regards,
Serguei Tchepournov