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First Call


By Judah Ben-Hur and Homer Taylor

ANGELICA MONTAGNE, disgruntled with the cutthroat corporate world starts a new calling and
career as a Mortuary driver to help people. But her co-workers in the death business soon
have her reluctantly drowning even deeper in a cesspool of crime, corruption and deception.

We are two writers seeking representation or a development or production deal for a television project that begins where other shows like CSI, GREY’S ANATOMY and SIX FEET UNDER end. Our proposed hour-long drama series, entitled FIRST CALL is a sometimes shocking and sometimes humorous but always candid look at the “death industry”. This is a distinct world to which everyone has, does or will eventually have contact with, and one of which outsiders know very little about but are intrigued to learn what really goes on behind the scenes after people die.