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"Alternate Time Flow"

Personal Message:
What if someone from the future took an interest in your life and went back in time to alter certain events that negatively influenced you? "Alternate Time Flow" is about this intriguing time-travel possibility.

A freedom fighter travels back in time to alter certain events that negatively shaped a little known author whose works become a rallying point in a corrupted future.

A freedom fighter goes back in time to assist a little known writer who becomes a cult figure in the future. This writer's dreams of a better way become a rallying point for those who are oppressed by a corrupt government. From stopping his father's physical abuse to keeping the writer from becoming an alcoholic, the traveler changes this spiritual leader's life to a point where even the traveler cannot locate him due to the changes that have been made. The spiritual leader becomes an influential figure in his own time. His speeches and writings cause an uproar to those who do not like to hear such messages of government corruption. The traveler jumps forward to a time and place where a sniper is about to assassinate the spiritual leader, but the traveler is able to save him. Unfortunately, he his hit by a bullet and is sent to the hospital where he meets the spiritual leader. The Traveler becomes one of the spiritual leader's body guards, jumping forward to important speeches and rallies to assist with his protection. The spiritual leader gains support to establish a self-sustaining city that will not be corrupted by the government. Whether the government will allow this to happen or not leads to the tension filled climax and the resulting change in the unfolding of future events.