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Currently seeking original screenplays

I am currently looking for screenplays to finance and produce. I have access to many established actors as well as high level casting directors. I am teaming up with a veteran producer who has over 100 feature films to his name. We have multiple upcoming feature films in pre-production and have recently secured financing to add a few more scripts to our slate.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a full feature length script (Religious) based on the events of 2000 (Uganda Kanungu massacre)

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Seeking interest in my feature film screenplay, a war drama, THREE BRIDGES.

Logline: "A mutilated German soldier and a Jewish G.I. race to save the woman they both love from the Nazi onslaught in the Battle of the Bulge."

A synopsis, a treatment, and the completed script are available for review.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Good morning!

I'm a screenwriter who specializes in comedy. In the past month, two of my scripts garnered Best Romantic Comedy or Best Comedy Feature in three different festivals. One of them was also a Finalist in three other festivals.

"Oh, my Leo!" is a story about a man who has the opportunity to spend twenty-four hours with his wife... three days after his funeral.

"When in Rome" is a zany romantic comedy about a struggling farmer who falls for the emperor's daughter. The emperor has other plans.

May I send you one [or both] of the scripts?

Thank you for your time and kind consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,

Jeff Naparstek

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

A Wonderful "Save Our World"
Love Story

Hi, thank you for your attention.
My name is Richart Sowa and this story is my creation based on a real floating Island that I made and lived on in Mexico and that received a large amount of international media attention.
(List available on request)

(The Light Hearts arrive)

Genre: Romantic Sci-fi (with songs and occasional humor)


An ecologist creating a floating eco-Island and an idealistic med student fall in love and make an amazing discovery testing (without cruelty) a curious cake on legless frogs, but their love is extremely tested when their findings are bizarrely abused.


*real life parts*

Set in the future when mans ecological ignorance is causing massive planetary disasters.

*Jay has found a way to make self-sustainable agricultural 'floating' land from recycled materials and believes he can stop earth's demise by spreading his trash-treasure floating-Island concept*

*He lives self-sufficiently on his own self made lush tropical Island that floats on a base of millions of re-used plastic bottles that are perfectly preserved in darkness, bound within root systems and abundant marine life beneath*

*The trees and crops on his floating Island give food and filter carbon from the atmosphere and their roots hydroponically clean the water they float on. So Jay knows that if they were globally reproduced, the problems of trash, polution, food shortage, climate change and overpopulation would be things of the past and we'd all have an ecologically balanced paradise earth to enjoy*

(Search web for: coolest thing plastic bottle floating Island)

*He's also invented zero carbon home appliances made mainly from re-used materials such as: a wind-powered, solar-heated washing machine, a wave-powered AC that also produces electricity and he bakes an amazing 300 multi-fruit cake in the sun which has rejuvenating properties*

*He's written songs on the "Save our Planet" theme* and Jay with his band are prepping to move his 70 mtr plastic Bottle Island with sails and wave powered flippers on her maiden voyage down the coast to perform concerts from his island to beach audiences along the way.

World News breaks of a 'rogue' sun with one planet heading directly towards our solar system!

Ice caps melt rapidly inundating all beaches on earth, except of course, those on Jay's 'floating' Island!

World panic sets in and Global media hails Jay an "Eco-Superstar" with his "only beach on earth floating Island."

Careening now through our solar system, the rogue sun's mini planet skims extremely close to ours and two strangely delicate adolescent aliens in a test craft are sucked to earth by our denser atmosphere.

They land in a tree by a river and cry for the first time in the existence of their species, as they witness monkeys being cruelly captured for a test lab! A baby escapes leaping onto their bubble like capsule causing it to fall and float down the river, eventually to find a welcome haven on Jay's floating Island.

(Graphics available on request)

The aliens can hover using an inner cool burning flame that glows through their translucent bodies and they share their thankfulness and knowledge with Jay by eye to eye contact. They sustain themselves by inhaling unusual mushroom spores that they grow in their capsule. He is awestruck by their peacful sensitivity, finds a safe place for them on his Island and they become his hidden-cosmic-muses.

Jay needs better sound equipment for the concerts and accepts a building contract to extend a Med-lab on the mainland. He meets lovely Hazel a med-student there, they have lots in common with music, nature and love for animals.

He invites her to his Island, she is amazed and enamoured by everything, especially the Aliens that they begin to call "light hearts" and his super delicious solar cake.

They feel joyfully inspired by each other and begin to fall in love as they discover how to regenerate limbs in a secret no-cruelty experiment.

First on legless frogs saved from a French food factory by boosting their stem cells with Jay's 300 ingredient solar fruit cake, then on their pet dog "Sue" who lost a leg after she was 'accidentally on purpose' taken into the test lab!

Then... After successfully regrowing a finger on a lab technician, envy and greed spawns a plan to gain the glory by eliminating them!

At Hazels and Jay's engagement party, their meal is 'spiked' with Cow DNA, Super-charged with Jay's solar-cake stolen from his Island!

For certain reasons only Hazel ingests the super Cow DNA and she's plunged into a torrent of mindbending changes as Jay frantically tries to reverse her transmutation.

After months of hopeful failures and Hazel, now looking just like a cow.... Jay's Alien friends find an original strand of Hazel's hair with an intact follicle!

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

If you’re interested in series, I’ve got two that might interest you ^^

Here’s the loglines:


“Foreigner” is a drama where a young screenwriter, Julia, who’s finally gotten a screenplay to be produced by a huge Korean TV company, finds out her ex-favorite Korean actor - who she started to hate the second she randomly bumped into him - is gonna be playing the main character of her to-be-produced TV show.


“The Seven” is a sitcom that ironizes the daily life of seven friends in their 20's and their quirky personalities, bringing everyday situations in a humorous way- with a hint of drama and romance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re interested in knowing more about the plot/characters (I have the bibles which I can also send to you guys).


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I am repped by Joe Riley at Zero Gravity Management and have several original market ready scripts. I'm currently working on a writing assignment with producer David Whitney Jr. Let me know if you'd like to talk 208.919.2954



There's a REASON for the SHIFT in our world...

For centuries, the fictional LEGEND about the broken law between the Native Americans and the aliens was passed down.

LOGLINE: A young woman (African and Native American descent) who after suffering from increasingly disturbing nightmares and losing her mother in a violent gun protest, learns from a dream interpreter that she has supernatural powers and must save the world from evil spirits.


Please send comments directly to my email: tchen841@gmail.com

Thank you.

Re: Hello from Pink Shark Studios! 👋

Guest Producer
I am currently looking for screenplays to finance and produce. I have access to many established actors as well as high level casting directors. I am teaming up with a veteran producer who has over 100 feature films to his name. We have multiple upcoming feature films in pre-production and have recently secured financing to add a few more scripts to our slate.
Hi there!

Our company Pink Shark Studios has a team of writers and several original pitches and screenplays especially in the rom-com, comedy and horror genres.

We’d love to connect with you and possibly collaborate! It’s always good to have friends in this industry!

Let me know if you’d like to chat more about the possibilities or simply just connect.


Co-Founder/President Pink Shark Studios

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I wrote a comedy screenplay called Experiment. It is an original concept, which achieved a Gold Award at Houston International Film Festival.

A couple participates in an unprecedented experiment, and medical history is made when they hatch a baby without birth.

Thank you for your time

Kind Regards

Dr. H. Abuthina

Prof. Surgeon

Who's Courageous Enough?

Your options for a screenplay are as plentiful as the dishes on Thanksgiving day. Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to decide.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I have two original screenplays available:


LOG LINE: A strong-willed woman struggles through broken relationships and various jobs until she finds a stable career and the chance for true love.


LOG LINE: A female musical prodigy from a low-income home struggles through poverty, the acts and ultimate death of an alcoholic mother, until finally realizing her dreams of becoming a concert pianist.

Let me know if you are interested in either. A brief or full synopsis, as well as full script can be sent for either.

Melissa Chalmers



I have written the published book Saved at Sea and now adapted the book to a screenplay SAVED.

I have written the screenplay and can send it to you.

A little about the story...

This is the true story of Michelle Hamilton who for 3 terrifying days, clung helplessly to her small capsized canoe in the Sulu Sea, the Philippines. Menaced by hungry sharks, enduring tropical storms and with no food or water, Michelle hovered near death. Hanging onto the capsized canoe, wearing only a bikini and flippers, Michelle is miraculously rescued by a passing boat of Filipino fisherman; who are convinced she is a mermaid.

It is clear, that true stories are very popular, especially in the world of Christian movies. I have no doubt, that with the right cast, budget and producer that this movie SAVED, will be every bit as well received, not only in the Christian arena, but also in the secular world as the top grossing Christian movies based on true stories.

Naturally I am open to further re-writes of this script and with some scenes added or deleted, depending on the demographic you are wanting to reach.

In all honesty, I have been very transparent about who I was as a person before I got lost at sea - a sinner - very much in need of saving. I have bared all in the hope that this movie will reach other people in a similar situation. I am committed to reaching people just like I was. A 22-year-old, full of pride and self-reliance, very worldly and not in need of a Savior… at least that’s what I thought. Until I found myself lost at sea, in the dark alone, close to death and with nowhere else to turn.

My mother, who had just become a Christian 3 months earlier, had accompanied me on this holiday. Just prior to getting lost at sea, she professed her new faith and told me ‘That if I was ever really down on my knees, to cry out to God and He would save me.’ Her words came back to me, when I was without hope, clinging to an upturned canoe in the middle of the Sulu Sea. I called out to God and He audibly spoke to me.

I had many supernatural experiences out there in which I saw angels and was protected by them from sharks attacking me. I was eventually found by Philippine Fisherman who believed I was a mermaid.

This story has all the elements that will make it a great film. Survival, drama, romance, the love between parent and child, supernatural encounters from angels, sharks trying to attack, rescue, finding God, redemption, and best of all its a true story with a happy ending.

So, here is the script and I look forward to you reading it and hearing from you.






Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Guest Producer
I am currently looking for screenplays to finance and produce. I have access to many established actors as well as high level casting directors. I am teaming up with a veteran producer who has over 100 feature films to his name. We have multiple upcoming feature films in pre-production and have recently secured financing to add a few more scripts to our slate.
Screenplay Title: Charlie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Author: Stephen Paul Campos
Genre: War drama
Page count: 116
Minimum Budget Range: Med, >$25 mil
Setting/Period: Vietnam 1968 / 2005 D.C. and Baltimore / 1958 Modesto
Category : Feature film

A Vietnam War veteran recounts his experiences in country and his difficulties
during and after the war.
Stone Pony recounts the story of the writer, Stephen Campos, and his year in
country in Vietnam. Stephen and two of his friends make a pact to reunite back in
the United States, and after nearly 40 years that reunion is about to take place. The
story is told through the use of flashbacks and voice-over narration from a phone
interview with a reporter from Washington, D.C.

Stephen Paul Campos is the published author. Available on amazon.com / stephen paul campos

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I present this for your consideration

Three daughters who never knew their father are sent by their mother to establish a family relationship with him. Their mother is taken by space aliens. Their father recruits the daughters to help him rescue their mother.


Three daughters who never knew their father are sent by their mother to establish a family relationship with him. Their mother is taken by space aliens. Their father recruits the daughters to help him to rescue their mother.

Three sisters, the eldest 19, the other two, fraternal twins, 16, are sent to visit their father, who left the family when their mother was pregnant with the twins.

Back story: The sisters' father is a high tech scientist / explorer. Because of an accident: a space alien time ship crashing into his car, his physical mobility is limited, but his mental capabilities have been enhanced. In the crash the human and the alien had what could have been fatal injuries. But using the alien medical technology were joined. The father became host to the alien, which allowed the father to live, but caused his face to look horrid and restricted his physical mobility, but gave him the ability to astral project himself. He wears a mask. His astral projected form visited his family often. And though his daughters were unaware of these visits, their mother were.

The daughters resent their father. But by story end build a bond with him.

Side story: Rogue government agents and rogue aliens, acting separately, are antagonists against the father and the alien inside him.

I am a produced screenwriter listed on the IMDb.

My pen name is F.D. Lewis

produced screenwriter responds

Dear Producer,
I am a multi-produced, award-winning screenwriter, with 4 feature film writing credits, the latest of which stars Ben Kingsley.
My latest effort is THE CELLIST, a Hitchcockian psychological thriller, which I co-wrote with newcomer Jon Charles. The logline, synopsis and my bio and credits follow.
I look forward to your requesting the script.
Richard A. Lasser
310 990 5941

A desperate street musician becomes an unsuspecting mule, or so her handlers think.

Striking FELICITY, 30s, plays her beat-up cello for donations at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Her playing attracts a Canadian, OLIVER, 30s and his business partner, CONRAD, 60s. In time, Felicity and Oliver fall in love so deeply, that she even forgives him when he accidentally breaks her cello. He gets it repaired and to make it up to her, invites Felicity and her daughter, OUIJA, 8, to come north to Canada with him.
When Oliver is murdered there, she becomes a suspect. But Conrad comes to her rescue, spirits Felicity and Ouija away to a private island in British Columbia. One night, while Felicity and Ouija sleep, TWO ARABS visit Conrad. Conrad peels away the repair on Felicity’s cello exposing a priceless manuscript stolen from the Iraqi Museum after the fall of Saddam. Conrad sells it for millions. After the Arabs leave, Conrad tries to murder Felicity and her daughter, but after a fierce struggle, Felicity chokes Conrad to death with her cello bow. Or so she thinks. After one last fight to the death, Felicity and Ouija escape in Conrad’s cabin cruiser – with the cash.
On the water, Felicity’s smile fades into a flashback to the opening scene. While playing in Seattle, she overhears the conversation between Oliver and Conrad. They need to find a mule to smuggle a priceless manuscript to Canada to exchange it with the Arabs. She turns toward the men, opens her legs invitingly around the cello, and beckons them to her with her eyes. Now it’s clear that she chose them, was setting them up -- not the other way round.

Bio and Credits of Richard A. Lasser

Film Credits:
1. 'The Chosen Few', feature-length psychological thriller, produced by I VU Pictures. Writer and Co-Producer
2. “The Counting House”, feature-length psychological horror, produced by RAI Cinema, Italy. Writer. A writer-for-hire project.
3. “Tricks of Love” a feature-length romantic comedy, produced by Mutressa Movies www.mutressamovies.com A writer-for-hire project.
4. “The Obedient Son”, short, war drama, Liberty Studios.
5. “I Scream”, short, dark comedy. Late Bloomer Films. Writer and Director
In Production:
1. “The Glass House”, Liberty Studios, Writer
2. “Shift of the Ages”, Pqubd Films, Writer
In Pre-Production:
1. Mondo Productions shooting “The Happy Frenchman” a bittersweet love story. Shooting in Paris. 2012. Writer
In Development:
1. “Ivan and Maria”, based on the novel, the story of Ivan the Terrible of Russia. Sindika Productions. http://sindikaproductions.com/. A writer-for-hire project.
2. “Bedroom City”, a writer-for-hire project for DiscoFilm of Germany. www.discofilm.de
Scripts Currently Optioned:
1. “Jacking Katherine”, optioned by Q-Station Films
2. “Peacocks”, optioned by Beautiful Calf Productions
1. “The Chosen Few” Award of Excellence-Feature Category, Berkeley Film Festival, 2002; Official Selection Vancouver Island Film Festival, 2002
2. Chesterfield Writers Awards – Semi-Finalist
3. New Century Writers Awards – Finalist for “Young Love”
4. “Bedroom City” Official Selection for IFP Market 2006, No Borders
5. “CGY” Honorable Mention, Canada International Film Festival 2010
6. “Tricks of Love”, Best Picture and 3 top acting awards, Monaco International Film Festival, 2008
Education, Training and Background:
B.A. University of Virginia, Double Major in English Honors and Russian Language and Literature
Postgraduate work, UCLA, Russian Studies
Robert McKee’s Story Structure graduate
John Truby’s Screenwriting graduate

Jon Charles
This is Jon Charles’ first screenplay

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I have a grounded sci-fi/drama screenplay that was a recent PAGE awards finalist and Bluecat semifinalist, and wondered if you'd like to take a look.


A terminally-ill writer opts for cryogenic preservation in the hope of finishing his novel and earning his legacy. He instead wakes in a restless future and becomes inadvertently entangled in a high-stakes stand-off.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

HOUSE RULES(Suspense/Thriller) 101 Pages
2019 Oaxaca Film Festival International Script Competition Finalist

A woman's one night stand comes back to haunt her and her friends without warning during a weekend at a family cabin.

Single location
7 actors total
No CGI needed

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Ready and waiting for a response. Have as many ideas and or a script to honor the need for financing. contact me @ jayboiproductions@gmail.com or 8172049978. Jamaca.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have written a book and a screenplay from it. This book review from a customer says it all:
By Brenda: "I bought "The Cheetah and the Lion" for my 12-year-old grandson recently and he liked it so much I read it for myself. I loved it. It is one of those stories that you think about again and again for days and you really can't say why.
I think primarily it is because being alone is about the worst thing that can happen to a person, especially a kid, and this story makes kids realize that nobody is ever really alone if you really believe in God.
It is a positive story that helps kids think about how the decisions they make will affect their lives and the other people around them. The author tackles some of the toughest topics parents will ever have to deal with, subjects like fear, prejudice and hate. The explanations are so simple they leave you thinking, "Wow, I wish I had thought of that."
This book is definitely on my Christmas list for kids and adults."
City street gangs hunt 11-year-old Pino daily to and from school and as he runs errands for his loving frail Gramma and sole care-taker. One day, a mysterious figure named Zee saves him from a gang attack and begins teaching Pino life lessons such as conquering his fear, standing up to school bullies, making friends by being one and maintaining self-control by shunning anger. At Gramma’s funeral, Pino’s mind drifts to a heavenly garden where Pino meets his mother who died giving him birth and his no-longer frail Gramma. Pino’s long-lost father Charlie attends the burial and soon becomes “dad” as Zee fades as mysteriously as he appeared.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Logline – P*ssy Tales
Edith Nesbit was the author of delightful children’s stories who scandalised adult Victorian society with her promiscuity and hedonism.

After an opening sequence set a few years before in Northern England, all the action (except for some flashbacks) takes place on a single day in January 1882 in London and its south east suburbs along the river Thames. The screenplay is based on historical fact and charts the events leading up to a meeting that did actually occur between Edith Nesbit, a struggling author and Alice Hoatson, a journalist. It was an event that would change both their lives.

Edith Nesbit will become the first modern writer of children’s stories but this film is concerned with her – “before she was famous”. Driving the narrative is the uninhibited sexuality and amorality of her and, particularly, her husband set against the suffocating confines of Victorian society.

In 1880 Edith married Hubert Bland against her mother’s wishes when she was seven months pregnant. Hubert then abandoned her to continue an affair with his mistress who had his illegitimate son. In the short space of six years Hubert was to father four children by three different women.

However, Edith’s meeting with the journalist Alice Hoatson was her seminal life event. Edith met Alice in 1882 and by 1885 Edith, Hubert and Alice began a ménage à trois which lasted the remaining 28 years of Edith’s marriage.

The working title ‘P*ssy Tales’ is an obvious double entendre. However, Edith did publish an anthology of short stories for children about cats called ‘P*ssy Tales’ in 1895. By all accounts it had no literary merit as was just cynically written for the money. At the time, Edith was working on a novel about a family of children – the Bastable children. This novel (‘The Treasure Seekers’) would be acclaimed. Writing about a group of children was an idea subsequently borrowed by many writers of children adventure books.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Good Morning .
Hope the week is going well. I’ve got a surreal contained horror called INTERTWINED that I think would be great for _production company__

(A man runs away from his wife and has to face his past wrongs when he moves into a strange old apartment building).

INTERTWINED is a feature horror script that contains a lesson about life which everyone should wake up to ..We are all tested in life by a higher power and through these tests we get what we deserve or NOT and there you discover the lesson ... did we think thoroughly or just act .. Ultimately the lesson is sometimes created in the working harder part before we can achieve the future we are seeking . INTERTWINED will have you reflect on your punishments if your plans or choices end up destroying others even if you don’t succeed and it was only a thought . the constant reminder and reality that this higher power is watching our steps ,hearing our thoughts and knowing our minds and hearts in our choices and actions towards goodness and evil ...
Finally , INTERTWINED is about what we create in our choices leading to a life of heaven and or hell , simply a mirror reflection and repeat of our full circle of life and death .
Let me know what do you think please and if you liked I’m more then happy to send the script .
Rawad Saab

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello -- I have two screenplays that I am working on hoping to get published.

"Inside" is a series of fictional interviews with five inmates each serving a life sentence in a federal penitentiary.
"the Book of Bob" is a story of a man in a psych ward who finds himself through spirituality.

Both screenplays are original works by me, and I am hoping to sell or produce these scripts.

Completely Off Broadway (Dramedy)

Logline: After her husband dies and leaves her with nothing but a little insurance money, a determined New York woman uses it to buy a run-down theater in a Mexican expat community, and throws herself into her lifelong dream of becoming a star, healing herself and her ne’er-do-well grown children, too.

The script is downloadable from The Black List, or I can send you a PDF.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Elf - TV Pilot - Episode 1 “Ride the Lightning”

In the midst of a lightning storm an elf appears in the modern world. An abstract group of friends must deal with the thrill, magic and danger that follows her.

Pilot script is fully complete. Let me know if you are interested!
It is a high octane blend of action, fantasy and sci-fi!

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

OVERVIEW-Dante Harris was just an ordinary kid until one day his life changed forever. Dante won tickets to a New York Knicks game from the local radio station, including a chance to play NBA Player RJ Barrett, one-on-one. After crossing over and scoring on the young NBA star, Dante instantly became one of the most popular kids in New York City. Before he could fully enjoy his popularity, his Dad would get a promotion that forces Dante's family to transfer to the fictional city of Spencer-Heights, Michigan. Moving from New York, Dante not only loses his new found popularity but also his best friend Miles and his girlfriend Renee. Once moving to Spencer-Heights, Dante soon realizes that this particular town is far from the Big Apple and that their brand new neighbor Chris, is truly a one of a kind friend

Re: Hello from Pink Shark Studios! 👋

OVERVIEW-Dante Harris was just an ordinary kid until one day his life changed forever. Dante won tickets to a New York Knicks game from the local radio station, including a chance to play NBA Player RJ Barrett, one-on-one. After crossing over and scoring on the young NBA star, Dante instantly became one of the most popular kids in New York City. Before he could fully enjoy his popularity, his Dad would get a promotion that forces Dante's family to transfer to the fictional city of Spencer-Heights, Michigan. Moving from New York, Dante not only loses his new found popularity but also his best friend Miles and his girlfriend Renee. Once moving to Spencer-Heights, Dante soon realizes that this particular town is far from the Big Apple and that their brand new neighbor Chris, is truly a one of a kind friend.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I'm a produced, award-winning screenwriter (no longer in the WGA) with 20 years of experience in Hollywood. I've written more than 40 feature screenplays and have more than a dozen solid spec scripts available, including two ULB projects ("Alley Cats" and "The Shenandoah Experiment") for which significant preproduction work has already been done; they are ready to shoot now.

For more on me, please see: IMDB.me/zackvaneyck

The loglines are below. I have 1- and 2-page synopses for each. Would be happy to send you the synopses and/or scripts for any.

Thanks for taking a look.


Zack Van Eyck

Available Screenplays by Zack Van Eyck

ALLEY CATS (low-budget dramedy): Five young city dwellers question reality after a mysterious crystal, discarded in a back-alley Dumpster, sends them on a dream-like exploration of their past lives in Atlantis. (Set entirely in one location, an urban back alley, with no special effects required. Thematic references to reincarnation and the lost continent of Atlantis. Ensemble cast, 85 pages.)

BJORN AGAIN (drama): Bjorn Andersen, a 69-year-old widower, learns to live again when he joins a rock band in an effort to reach his suicidal grandson. He falls in love with his grandson’s girlfriend, an affair cut short by Bjorn’s sudden death. But his spirit returns, inhabiting the young body willingly vacated by his grandson’s tormented soul. A romantic saga that suggests true love endures beyond a single lifetime. (106 pages)

BODYCHECKING (romantic comedy): The world’s best female hockey player tries to compete on a men’s minor league team. But her life is turned upside down when she falls in love with an eccentric goaltender. (100 pages)

THE DEVIL’S RANCH (sci-fi/drama): A cattle rancher moves his family to rural Utah only to discover their new home is a breeding ground for frighteningly bizarre UFO and poltergeist-like activity intent on scaring them away – or worse. Based on a true story, set in 1996. (104 pages)

DREADLOCKS (comedy): A prematurely bald man enjoys popularity when his scientist buddy invents a tonic that gives him a full head of hair. But the hair has a personality of its own and takes over his life. (104 pages)

THE EIGHTH HOUSE: (dark dramedy/suspense): A New Age womanizer, who believes his bad advice ruined the life of his former best friend, escapes a sex-worshiping doomsday cult and decides to make amends. But instead, he steals his old buddy’s girl and pushes him over the edge in this seriously warped comedic romp with a suspenseful twist. (98 pages)

FIVE OF A KIND (drama/suspense): Five buddies on a Nevada gambling junket must re-evaluate their lives when an attractive but mysterious woman separately seduces each of them. Caught between reality and dreamlike confusion, the recently divorced and hopelessly depressed Nick Helton leads the effort to discover what the dangerously enchanting Maria is all about.

GOING IN CIRCLES (comedy): A small-town newspaper editor fakes a series of crop circles to boost circulation but gets more than a front-page headline when he falls in love with the female investigator who exposes him. (102 pages)

HOTEL WYOMING (comedy): An erroneous astrological reading convinces two disillusioned rock musicians to move to an isolated Wyoming town in search of happiness. But their bliss turns to dread as the quirky locals do their best to get rid of the rockers, fearing the town’s well-kept secret will be revealed to the world. (105 pages)

THE PRIDE OF GLORY (sports dramedy): A veteran pro basketball player making a comeback must work with a cocky, disrespectful rookie and a coach who has a grudge against him. (106 pages)

THE SHENANDOAH EXPERIMENT (sci-fi/suspense drama) – A disillusioned widower is plunged into a world of paranormal anomalies when he inherits an isolated Appalachian cabin from his time-traveling uncle.

UNDERSERVED (buddy comedy/action): A young private detective is hired to serve divorce papers in Europe, but his client’s husband turns out to be an undercover CIA agent. To avoid blowing his cover, the detective pretends to be the agent’s nephew. But they get along more like sibling rivals as they try to escape a pair of assassins and rescue a young woman from the Russian mob. (102 pages)

WINNING ISN’T EVERYTHING (sports comedy): Players on a high school football team, about to set a record for consecutive losses, discover losing makes them more popular than winning. But their devil-may-care attitude leads to growing success and they find themselves in position to end the school’s decade-long losing streak. But is that what they want? (96 pages)

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Recently a quarter finalist in Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards 2019

(Female lead) She is deadly with a sword or a gun. She wants revenge for her family, but also wants to protect her daughter. (The female John Wick)

The Yakuza ended her bloodline by killing her parents and sterilized her, but somehow she fell in love and had a child. Now the Yakuza will stop at nothing to kill them both.

Her father, a member of the Yakuza was forced into a loveless marriage to unite the clans. In secret, he married his true love and had a child. The Yakuza found out about the deception and ordered the family execution. Their child Aiko, was spared by the head of the Yakuza and kept as nothing more, than a pet. They had her sterilized to prevent the continuation of her bloodline, so they thought. Known only as the dog, she became what she hated the most, an assassin.

Years later, Aiko secretly fell in love and became pregnant. When the Yakuza discovered the deception they sent everybody to kill them both. Aiko's lover was killed and she was mortally wound, in the fight that followed. She found her way back to the woman, who against the Yakuza's wishes, spared her ability to have children. Believing that Aiko had died, the doctor took the child to the orphanage, where she was adopted by two US service members. Years later the Yakuza discovered the whereabouts of the child.They planned on killing her at a dance club, but didn't know the dog would be there to protect her.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Dana and Matt have been friends for years but after one evening their friendship soon becomes a dangerous car and mouse chase, and their once friendship will never be the same again.

Dana and Matt have been friends for a long time. One night the two have sex and everything changes. Now Dana has to keep this night secret from her husband. Although, Matt might have his own plans up his sleeve for Dana.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


I am wondering what type of screenplays you are currently looking for, and if you are looking to buy the script upfront? I have a few.

Looking forward to your response.



Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have written a horror thriller that I am trying to get published. It is not a screenplay, but I think it would be a great story for a film.

Here is the synopsis:

Melinda is a young woman living with her parents in rural Idaho. Melinda starts to believe that her father is having an affair, and kills him in a fit of rage. After discovering the truth, Melinda becomes remorseful and tries to commit suicide. Only then does she discover that, for killing an innocent man, she is cursed with eternal life.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Better Days
105 pages
Romantic Comedy Drama

After losing his job a man reluctant to grow up tries to fix his broken relationship while balancing out a habit for drinking and bad decisions.

Minimal shooting locations, mainly takes place in a bar. The story revolves around a small groups of characters.

Better Days Romantic Comedy Drama

Guest Producer
I am currently looking for screenplays to finance and produce. I have access to many established actors as well as high level casting directors. I am teaming up with a veteran producer who has over 100 feature films to his name. We have multiple upcoming feature films in pre-production and have recently secured financing to add a few more scripts to our slate.
Better Days
105 pages

After losing his job a man reluctant to grow up tries to fix his broken relationship while balancing out a habit for drinking and bad decisions.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


It's nice to meet you! My name is Ken Sutton.

I am currently seeking representation or development for my TV Pilot and Feature Film screenplay's WENDI WINTER, and CHARLIE.

Both scripts are full of Action and Drama and Feature Highly Strong Women.

Genre: Action/Drama



Set in The Year 2033, WENDI WINTER tells the story of A special ops. Covert Agent.

When the theft of the financial records for world trade are stolen from the Worlds Financial
Trade Office, agent Wendi Winter is sent in to steal it back.
Only to uncover the secret plot to assassinate the President of the United States.

But Wendi's not going down for the fall, she
fights back with all she has and blows the whistle on the secret government plot.


When an Ex-Navy Seal turned car auto mechanic's 1969 Pontiac GTO
gets stolen and her father beaten up by the Detroit Russian Mob.
Charlie Jones flies into a one-woman rage and goes after them
with all she's got. Pulling out all the stops in this high
action drama of lines crossed.

Southwest Detroit is the host of a summer of street racing and
car shows, cruising and showing off. Detroit's people
brought together by their cars, and a night of networking and
summer fun.
Charlie Jones, a highly decorated Ex-Navy Seal turned auto
mechanic street racer, fights with the Detroit Russian Mob. When
her 1969 Pontiac GTO is stolen and her father beat'en up and put
into the hospital. Charlie flies into a rage and seeks revenge
for their actions against her and her father.

Killing all who gets in her way.
She pulls out all the stops and brings down the Russian
Organization. Getting back her beloved car.

If you are interested in reading the full-length screenplay's, WENDI WINTER, and CHARLIE,
please let me know and I will send you a copy of the scripts.

You can contact me by phone at (906) 253-1965 or by email at ksutton@sweetkenny.com

Kind regards,
Kenneth M. Sutton

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

An alien princess promises to make two diamond thieves super rich if they can save her from a dangerous fiance who threaten the whole city.

The project is ready. Let me know submission guidelines.



Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi there, I am a screenwriter looking for producers and directors who can help me make my scripts come to life. I understand you are looking for scripts to produce. I have many scripts and here are the log lines from few of them, I hope you like them.

Seeker of Destiny
A young boy fights the bad guys who abducted his parents. Only to discover that he is "Robot" created by the secret society to eliminate disorder.

A young boy has been chosen to fight the lord of hell Asmodeus who wants to wipe out the vampire race from the face of the earth.

Town of Guilt
A contract killer returns to his old habits when a rescue operation makes him loose his best friends.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Title: Charitable Deception

Logline: A laid-off office worker tries to uncover a Hurricane Katrina charity money laundering plot involving a media mogul, an Emmy-nominated anchorwoman, and his childhood best friend.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Please consider reading my script for possible production:

GRANNY DJ. May Whitt, recently widowed, overcomes her grief with the help of her grandson who encourages her to turn her love of oldies rock-n-roll music into a career as a radio disc jockey in her small southern town, leading to some surprising misadventures.

I believe this family comedy will win over audiences with its humor and wisdom. Please email me if interested in reading it. Thank you.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hi my name is Kamal Huggins and I have a screenplay that is base on a true story. The story is about my relationship with my ex girlfriend.
The story is about a young African American male who falls in love with this Guyanese girl who he believed God told him was to be his wife and everything about their relationship was going great, until she told her parents and they said that they did not want her to be with a black man. The screenplay shows how far the two were willing to go for their relationship. It is a Romantic thriller, similar to that of Get Out by Jordan Peele but different

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello inhave a horror short about an upcoming DJ who makes a music track that has unforeseen consequences.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

'The Officiant'by Carla Miles

Logline: A professional wedding officiant who also provides marriage preparation classes falls in love with a client who is planning to marry the wrong man.

Winner: 2019 Broad Humor Film Festival, Best Ensemble Screenplay.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Please tell me what genre and budget you seek.

Here is what I have currently have to offer:


Genre: Drama/Romance

Tagline: Two imperfect halves make the perfect whole.

Log Line: When streetwise AUTUMN (19), finds herself strapped for cash while maneuvering to adopt her half-sister, she meets paraplegic, REEVES (45), and together they discover how to be emotionally and physically whole.

More about me:

Patricia White is an author and teacher from Westchester County, NY. She holds a BA in English and Education and an MS in Administration from Iona College. She also earned certificates from UCB in Sketch Comedy Writing and Improvisation Performing. Patricia's combines her passion for writing with film, and after graduating from NY Film Academy and The New School, she wrote, directed and produced short films, music videos, commercial videos, and feature films. Her projects volley, alternating between theater and film, and Patricia participates in community theater productions including the Harrison Players, Curtain Call, and the Armonk Players. In addition to her award-winning libretto, Hearts of the Hollow, her films, Blossoms of Faith and Following Phil, have won Best Writer, Best of the Fest, and Finalist. Her drama feature, Victims, is available on Amazon VOD. Patricia’s nickname is Badger because she fiercely persists. In the not too distant future, she would like to open a NFP chocolate shop that employs special needs individuals and parolees. Patricia believes it's important to show you care, and she does - volunteering for The Ronald McDonald House, Paw Safe, the Dept. of Corrections, and at St. Joe's church, she feels that giving is among the greatest gifts of life. Patricia adores her family, friends, animals, and nature. She gets jazzed by writing morning poetry, taking walks, painting, praying, and cooking to the sounds of Dean Martin. For more about Patricia, please explore, https://www.paccap.me

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

I have a FINISHED feature length screenplay with concepts.


"The classic Heaven versus Hell with a new twist"

Rex, a Yjeager (Demon hunter), for the Holy order is sent out with a small team of paranormal superpowered fighters to investigate reports of a mysterious demon lurking about the swamps of South Carolina. However, a more sinister foe is discovered when Rex crosses paths with his nephew Maxwell. Torn between his mortal fear and demonic bloodlust, Rex must struggle to stop the summoning of the most powerful enemy his family has ever faced, before the condition of his existence drives him insane through its contradictions.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

The Guardians of the Cludgie Stane Stone of Destiny. novel self published, and screenplay pro written 3 act Hollywood format Dec 2019.

Private biblical investigator Kemp Hastings whilst investigating a recently exposed grave in a quiet cemetery which alludes to either witch craft or ancient mystery, stumbles across what he believes to be a third copy of the Stone of Destiny, after a visit from the Holy Order of the Knights Templar Scotland, Kemp and his partner Erica Vine find themselves embroiled in a major operation that could result in the Stone of Destiny being destroyed for all time using modern day oil and gas techniques.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


(Supernatural Drama)

LOGLINE: A suicidal woman finds the meaning of life when she falls in love with the Angel of Death.

Feature film, 110 pages, minimal SPFX. Synopsis and Script can be viewed online at InkTip.com
or request a PDF copy.

Best regards,


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

They wanted his head ! Especially Harry Love, the leader of the California Rangers.

Joaquin Murieta was barbaric and a maniacal outlaw He wanted California back as Mexico. He and his gang terrorized California in


But, there's hope. Will beautiful Sarah change his ****able ways and keep him from a horrific death?

This complete screenplay is ready for your consideration.

Thank you,

Bert Moore
Ph, (916) 837-5384

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays


What if a 12 yr old kid is the personal target of The Mandela Effect, an energy wave that attacks him erasing pieces of his past and inserting new details into his life history.

Billie’s biggest fear is that one of these waves will erase his parents. He can’t tell anyone what’s happening to him out of fear he’ll be labeled crazy. This isolates Billie causing him trust issues, getting him into trouble at school. When he’s expelled for fighting, his parents enroll him in a strict charter school. On his first day, he’s forced to join The Ascension Club, where he meets a strange group of kids he can finally trust with his secret.

Together they uncover an experimental weapon Billie’s visionary father invented that will soon threaten them all unless they can stop it.


I’m an award winning author whose last novel, Time Warped, nabbed a semi-finalist spot in the filmmakers international screenplay contest.

Currently, I’m working as a ghost writer on a biography and as a collaborator on a limited series project for a financier and member of John’s Island Club in Vero Beach.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I’ll be happy to send my work to you upon your request.


Re: Currently seeking original screenplays Ride Share

When a corporate executive is downsized he takes a job as a Ride Share driver and becomes an unwitting wheel man for bank robbers. Being hunted by the Po;ice and FBI, he enlists the help of his best friend, a Private Investigator, to clear his name. While his P.I. friend hides him out and works on finding the robbers' identities the Police and FBI are closing in. Will his friend clear his name ? Or will Law Enforcement find him first ?
Ride Share combines "Old School" P.I. shows with modern technology. The Screenplay is complete and is registered with WGA West and is un-optioned. I own it and am ready to sell it.

Re:Crystal And A Harvest Moon, by Jack D. Zeidman

Dear Folks,

I have a fantasy screenplay that I consider a cross between Hallmark, Spielberg, and Alice in Wonderland. It is about an idealistic, animal-loving teacher, who begins experiencing unexplained phenomena, and soon discovers that she has been chosen to save an entire world from certain destruction. During the course of her adventure, she reunites with her mother, who disappeared (under strange circumstances) when she was a teenager. There are Christian elements to this story, though they are not overt and in-your-face.

Re: Currently seeking original screenplays

Hello - I write comedy, usually with some supernatural element. I have a few things on the go.
2x TV Series (pilot episodes) = Ghosts or Witches
1 x Feature = Ghost Pirates.
1 x Feature = Gangster involved in Greyhound Racing (no ghosts but the dog does die!)

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