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"The Cheetah and the Lion" - A movie for pre-teen/teens and their parents

City street gangs hunt 11-year-old Pino daily to and from school and as he runs errands for his loving frail Gramma and sole care-taker. One day, a mysterious figure named Zee saves him from a gang attack and begins teaching Pino life lessons such as conquering his fear, standing up to school bullies, making friends by being one and maintaining self-control by shunning anger. At Gramma’s funeral, Pino’s mind drifts to a heavenly garden where Pino meets his mother who died giving him birth and his no-longer frail Gramma. Pino’s long-lost father Charlie attends the burial and soon becomes “dad” as Zee fades as mysteriously as he appeared.
I have already published the book and this book review from a customer says it all:I bought "The Cheetah and the Lion" for my 12-year-old grandson recently and he liked it so much I read it for myself. I loved it. It is one of those stories that you think about again and again for days and you really can't say why.
I think primarily it is because being alone is about the worst thing that can happen to a person, especially a kid, and this story makes kids realize that nobody is ever really alone if you really believe in God.
It is a positive story that helps kids think about how the decisions they make will affect their lives and the other people around them. The author tackles some of the toughest topics parents will ever have to deal with, subjects like fear, prejudice and hate. The explanations are so simple they leave you thinking, "Wow, I wish I had thought of that."
This book is definitely on my Christmas list for kids and adults.