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Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted


It's nice to meet you! My name is Kenneth M. Sutton

I am currently seeking representation or development for my TV Pilot and Feature Film screenplay's WENDI WINTER, and CHARLIE.

Both scripts are full of Action and Drama and Feature Strong Women as the lead Characters.

Genre: Action/Drama



Set in The Year 2033, WENDI WINTER tells the story of A special ops. Covert Agent.

When the theft of the financial records for world trade are stolen from the Worlds Financial
Trade Office, agent Wendi Winter is sent in to steal it back.
Only to uncover the secret plot to assassinate the President of the United States.

But Wendi's not going down for the fall, she
fights back with all she has and blows the whistle on the secret government plot.


When an Ex-Navy Seal turned car auto mechanic's 1969 Pontiac GTO
gets stolen and her father beaten up by the Detroit Russian Mob.
Charlie Jones flies into a one-woman rage and goes after them
with all she's got. Pulling out all the stops in this high
action drama of lines crossed.

Southwest Detroit is the host of a summer of street racing and
car shows, cruising and showing off. Detroit's people
brought together by their cars, and a night of networking and
summer fun.
Charlie Jones, a highly decorated Ex-Navy Seal turned auto
mechanic street racer, fights with the Detroit Russian Mob. When
her 1969 Pontiac GTO is stolen and her father beat'en up and put
into the hospital. Charlie flies into a rage and seeks revenge
for their actions against her and her father.

Killing all who gets in her way.
She pulls out all the stops and brings down the Russian
Organization. Getting back her beloved car.

If you are interested in reading the full-length screenplay's, WENDI WINTER, and CHARLIE,
please let me know and I will send you a copy of the scripts.

You can contact me by phone at (906) 253-1965 or by email at ksutton@sweetkenny.com

Kind regards,
Kenneth M. Sutton

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Hi there,

I am a graduate of Florida State University's Film school with a few scripts, all female leads, low budget, that you may be interested in.

SUNTAN MOTEL - crime thriller, 8 score on Blacklist, #45 on Top List - Blacklist. Placed in Women Who Write in Film.

When a young woman becomes involved with a famed bikini model staying at her family’s quiet beach motel, things quickly become complicated and dangerous for both of them.

SEX WITH RICK - dark comedy, high scores on Blacklist

After finding herself on the brink of foreclosure, a middle aged divorcee stumbles upon a potential windfall when an aging rockstar with an infamous sex tape unexpectedly rents her pool house, inspiring her to "rent him out" to lonely local women, before she discovers things aren't exactly as they seem.

PIECES OF SUMMER - psychological thriller, 7 score on Blacklist

A Bipolar woman’s memory of one summer is forgotten after ECT, until a provocative, younger picture of herself surfaces in the local art gallery and she starts to remember. Or so - she thinks.

EXIT 29 - crime thriller

A woman seeks revenge on three men that raped her at 14 when an interstate detour reroutes her to her hometown.

I am happy to send the scripts at your request.

Thank you,

Jennifer Moricz Goodwin

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

An alien princess promises to make two diamond thieves super rich if they can save her from a dangerous fiance that threatens the whole city.

The project is ready. Kindly let me know your submission guidelines.



Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted


I have written the feature DOUBLECROSSED, about a young wife who after she is told by her husband that he was involved in a plot to kill her for insurance money, she battles her fears and fights alongside him to save her life and foil all of them.

Faith DeVeaux

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Obviously, this is a DEAD lead, so it would be wise to not respond to it.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Hi. Available in all formats. e-book/paper/audible across the globe.
Set in Toronto Canada.
The story champions the ability of women to combat the worst that mankind can offer.


Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Not sure if it's exactly what your looking for as this script has more of an ensemble cast. It may work though because the female character is a complex character that becomes immersed in a culture of toxic masculinity which she ends up bending to suit her own needs.

Log Line:
When three down-on-their luck surfers head to LA looking for a quick score to fund their Mexican getaway, they stumble into kidnapping a raucous Disney starlet and smuggle her across the boarder, hoping she will be the financial boon that will afford them the freedom they so desperately want.

Tag Line:
When dropping in is the only way out.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Fraudulent - comedic thriller (The Nice Guys meets Snatch meets Run Lola Run) - This comedic thriller story is run 3 times from 3 very different intertwined perspectives:
1. Martinez, a police detective investigating the disappearances of Emilio Gonzales and Richard Jones.
2. Richard Jones, a shady plastic surgeon, committing a life insurance fraud to financially secure the love of his life.
3. Sophia, the women they all love and believe they are in a relationship with, and how she masterfully plays them all.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

I would like to respectfully submit my Feature Thriller Script "LAURA MUST DIE" for your kind consideration.

It opens with Laura receiving unusual emails, apparently from a sympathetic, admiring man who hides his identity, but she will soon discover she is not as safe as first appears. As the story unfolds, despite a flattering self-portrait, this man emerges as a person emotionally capable of murder with an obsessive need of control.

Thank you for your time and attention.
Best Regards

Florence Nahon florencenahon@gmail.com

Laura Ashley is an erotic novelist working on her newest book about the thin line between sadomasochism and serial killers. She falls for the wrong man, while her ex Policeman boyfriend tries to win her back by helping her find a serial killer.

The story opens with Laura receiving unusual e-mails, apparently from a sympathetic man who hides his identity behind a screen, but she will soon discover she is not safe anymore. As the trail progresses, despite a flattering portrait, he emerges as a person emotionally capable of murder with an obsessive need of control. She informs her boyfriend Derek, a police officer, about a possible connection between her virtual lover and the last women strangled to death. They were all called Laura and she is probably on his list. Laura herself is quite disturbed as she is aware of no real current direction in her life or in her writing. This may explain why she is seemingly relegated to play his game. She decides to cheat fate but soon realizes she is madly in love with this stranger. Another naked corpse is found at a remote location near the airport. Derek goes on with his investigation. He reveals to Laura that her virtual lover, finally free, after two decades of incarceration for killing his former wife has re-entered society, with nothing but scars from prison life he struggles for survival on the outside. Recalled to a recent scene in which another woman called Laura has been brutally murdered, he asks her to cooperate with his plan to stop the murderer. She refuses. The jealous boyfriend Derek gets her drunk over dinner to find out more then, searches her computer to discover the real intensity of their feelings and that they plan to meet. The trial goes around Derek and his personal drama. It revolves into a great deal of depth about the legal technicalities of criminal investigation, such as gathering enough evidence to accuse him of a crime he never committed.

After a chase and fight, Derek shoots the serial killer. He makes his way to plant a long knife next to the body in order to convince the public he had no choice, but to fire. Love is just the eloquent reminder of how much nonsense Laura had survived, but this story made headlines around the world and catapulted her to a new national identity.

The game of love is a dangerous one, but only Laura can join in...

As strange as it may seem, this is the work of a writer with a French mother and a Spanish father.
Proud of my meticulous education received in the French Secondary school of Malaga, I soon discovered my literary versatility. It was an uncanny thirst for knowledge and discovery that encouraged me to explore the many literary styles of fiction, romance, and thriller.

Most of the time I do freelance writing, but I'm also a prolific writer of fiction novels and screenplays with more than 50 Awards in International Film Festivals. (WINNER & FINALIST)

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Featuring Female lead; Hope eternal in this magical love story for the mischievous Cupid.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Here is my pilot called “Emerald Haze” longline

The protagonist is a strong smart and witty woman, and this is definitely a Suspense/Thriller/ Romance

Longline: A vigilante crime buster team boss by night and kind elementary theatre teacher by day is on the line between law and justice. With the cops on her tail, she goes through mayhem to keep her secret from both the cops and the man she falls for who happens to be the leader of the elite team who is hunting her.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

My thriller/suspense revolves around Caitlyn. This is the story from her perspective and follows along the similar suspense as Gone Girl... but with a MUCH different ending. Whether my reader loves the ending or hates it, they are talking about it. Perspective is everything.

In a world of over 7 billion people, it’s still easy to feel alone. But someone is always watching... do you know who’s watching you?

Caitlyn has spent years climbing the corporate ladder, turning her job as a computer system engineer into a career she can be proud of. Now in her 30’s, she decides it's time to shift her focus to building a family of her own.
She joins a dating website, but soon wonders if that may have been the wrong choice. Each date is worse than the one before and she begins to doubt she'll ever find Mr. Right, if such a creature even exists.
One night after being stood up-again, Caitlyn decides to take a walk in her beloved downtown Denver. Fate seems to be on her side when she meets an attractive man at a patio bar and it was like they'd known each other for years.
Despite enjoying Drew's company immensely, Caitlyn's friends think she's settling and pressure her into continuing to date other guys.
But destiny has it own agenda, and Caitlyn's life soon takes a series of twists and turns that not even a fortune teller could have predicted. Can she and Drew survive what fate has thrown at them?

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted


I have just finished a feature script with strong female leads and many elements of a thriller.

Title: Familiar

Log line: A single father struggles to get his troubled daughter to finish school until he hires a physiotherapist to pretend to be his daughters mother. Eventually they face the truth about who they really are.

Kind regards,


Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted



As a little girl Hattie Mays thought everyone floated above their beds at night...and everyone could see colored lights surrounding others body. She could feel people’s Souls and weather they were good or evil. This was one of the reasons she became a Psychiatrist to help people who were like her and didn’t know how to deal with it.

Her great-grandfather was a Chickasaw Shaman she believed this was where her abilities flowed from…they had never forsaken their Beliefs for the ways of White Men. It had been a hard road to fulfill her dream but she had accomplished it.

Hattie always had a feeling she was not of this world and Humans were not the only Inhabitants on this ball of dirt. Her awareness magnified once she hit Puberty and she encountered what she called The After Beings. One of their many evolved abilities was making love using their Brains and not their flesh-bound bodies….it was an all-consuming, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world, cataclysmic Orgasm.

She needed to be part of their world.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Log line - A troublesome upbringing for three sisters gets worse after one of them murders their father in self defense. Leading to numerous crime sprees to endure an unfair world.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Log line - Husband murdered, daughter kidnapped, and minimal time to collect ransom money. Leaving Maria to get her hands bloody.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

A sly and ruthless woman, a mother’s insatiable thirst for money consumed her to dispose of countless men and her own children.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Log line - Every ticket buyer to the late night film was drugged, transported, and set up to play the game Senses of Survival.

Strong female lead features & TV series


Re your call for the above. I have several:

PEEK-A-BOO! - A micro-budget horror movie, 5 actors 1 location. There is potential for a video game to be produced from the movie.
Logline: Trapped in a disused warehouse four teenagers battle for survival against a supernatural killer in a brutal virtual reality computer game that turns real.

The Abaddon Dance: A low budget, strong female lead thriller / horror with a devil worship theme.
Logline: Ellen’s life as a rock musician is turned upside down after a stranger hassles her in the street. Just his touch on her hand starts a horrific chain of events that leads to multiple murders.

Dead Phone: A strong female role led low budget horror thriller packed with shocks and plot twists with a horrific finale.
Logline: A young mother finds an old dead phone that mysteriously sends her messages about a missing girl. Will she discover what happened or will she and her daughter suffer the same fate?

The Resurrected: A Low / medium budget horror drama with strong female leads. N.B. This could also be made as a streaming series as it was originally written as 2 x 1 hour pilot episodes for a TV series.
Logline –Beautiful teenager Mary is murdered. Her body is resurrected in a sinister military experiment to create super-soldiers that can slip through time. She escapes and is hunted down. Will her new powers save her from being silenced?

All the above should come within $500k budget. FYI - Dead Phone was optioned but the option lapsed as the budget set was only $250k and, due to the number of scenes, it couldn't be met.

The Seeds: A crime / political thriller in 12 x 1 hour episodes with a strong female lead. The series is based in the rise and fall of a Nationalist Welsh Separatist terrorist organisation. It is very fast paced with a complex plot full of twists and shock reveals.

If you'd like more information about any of the above just let me know.



Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Title: Watching over Remie.

Logline: A seemingly contented housewife slowly becomes obsessed with the idea of protecting her four-year-old daughter from possible harm, eventually turning to violent measures to keep her safe.

Watching Over Remie is a unique psychological thriller about Claire, a seemingly contented housewife who slowly finds herself fearing for her four-year-old daughter Remie's safety. It's a natural fear every parent can relate to, that something - anything - might happen to their child. And Watching Over Remie takes this protective instinct to its terrifying and psychologically complex limits.

When Claire hears about an acquaintance losing a child to cancer, the news seems to affect her in unsuspecting ways. It isn’t long before she’s making drastic changes to her family’s diet. When her French husband Alain questions her, Claire shrugs it off as nothing more than promoting better habits. But soon, Claire begins noticing subtle dangers in Remie’s daily schedule; the babysitter, the lack of oversight in the schoolyard, a toy found on the street that looks just like her daughter’s.

Little by little Claire’s quest to shelter Remie begins to take its toll on Alain, who tries his best to help her. When he catches wind of Remie missing school, Alain takes over Claire’s role and begins dropping Remie off himself. However, it ends in a frightening display as Claire winds up roaming the school halls searching for her daughter and prompting a lock-down situation - an episode that lands her in a hospital psych ward. There she meets inmate Tara, the only one who seems to understand Claire and her desire to protect the ones she loves at all costs.

Released due to a failure to find her a threat, Claire can’t wait to get back home to Alain and Remie. But when she finds out Alain has taken Remie to stay with his mother, Claire steals her father’s gun and goes on a kidnapping mission to get her child back.

After taking Remie at gunpoint, Claire is determined to drive her child to a safe place despite the fact that Alain and the police are frantically tracking her down. While driving along the highway, Claire realizes she’s gone from protector to predator. It’s then she makes a last ditch attempt to protect Remie that shocks everyone.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

LOGLINE: The Accomplice

A lovable reform school grad, desperately seeking a fresh start in a small town, unwittingly becomes an accomplice in a murder committed by the most popular kid in town.


Ethan Engel, 16, leaves his addicted mother's dingy Indianapolis house one night and gets caught shoplifting a frozen dinner to feed his little brother. Upon release from reform school, Ethan and his brother live with a caring
aunt in the suburbs. He stars in football, excels in school and falls in love. Life is wonderful until his brutish father forces them to move with him to tiny Huxley,
Indiana. Barred from the football team, longing for his girl in Indianapolis, and chafing under his disparaging father, the senior class newcomer strives to make new friends.

One is Josh Walters, star athlete, "A" student, Sunday school teacher - and also a closet gay homophobe from an evangelical family. Josh talks Ethan into joining him to case the rural home of a reputed gun collector, drug
dealer and predatory homosexual. Upon arrival Ethan looks on in sickened astonishment as Josh shoots the man then chops his head
open with a hatchet.

Ethan is convicted as an accomplice. In prison he surmounts the loss of his girlfriend, abandonment by his parents, and a brutal corrections system while his aunt wages a courageous and successful fight to free and redeem him.


The Accomplice was inspired by the true crime book Fear No Evil. It deals with the dark side of a young boy’s dysfunctional upbringing that results in his triumph over adversity with the support of his loving aunt.
The screenplay was previously optioned by an Emmy and Peabody award winning producer and was a semi finalist in the 2018 Wayward Film Festival screenwriting competition.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

TITLE: Dangerously Close
LOGLINE: In an attempt to remember the past six weeks, Ashley Reynolds unintentionally puts her life in danger and must rely on a man who works for a crime boss.

Dangerously Close is a romantic thriller/suspense and is written along the lines of films such as The Bourne Identity (2002) and Boyfriend’s Deceit (2013). The story is about a woman who can’t remember the past six weeks and is desperate for answers. She enters a bar that is owned by her ex-boyfriend, Zander, in hopes of finding someone who will recognize her. There she meets the bartender, Hunter Ryan, and within minutes, men who work for her ex-boyfriend try to take her. Although working for the crime boss, Zander Caruthers, Hunter decides to get Ashley away from these corrupt men. Now both Hunter’s and Ashley’s lives are in jeopardy and they are on the run as she tries to piece together her sporadic memories that surround the mystery of what has happened to her.

The exhilarating suspense and high stakes in Dangerously Close will appeal to a very wide audience since romantic thrillers are on the rise. There is a little violence in this story, but it remains wholesome with no swearing or sex. The ending of this plot will bring a shocking, unforgettable twist.

As an award-winning, prolific, and best-selling wholesome romance author with over 80 novels, I’m now stepping into the lifestyle of a screenwriter. Please let me know if I can send you my script. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
Marie Higgins

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

I have a thriller with a Black female serial killer as the lead. It is a novel already published on Amazon.com, but I would be happy to convert into a screenplay per your request.

It's the year 2007 and Maxwell Moore is your average loner. No friends, no family, and a dead-end job that is taking her nowhere. Therefore, it is quite a surprise when Sam Reed develops a deep interest in her. So deep, in fact, he detains her in an iron cage one dark night.As Maxwell lays trapped in the welded cell, they analyze one another's lives, pinpointing the exact moments where it all went wrong for them both. However, what is most interesting to Sam isn't Maxwell's childhood or her affinity for concerts, it is her penchant for cold-blooded murder.

Link to the book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Maxwell-Kamaya-Tarpley/dp/1091114102/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=maxwell+kamaya+tarpley&qid=1580010924&sr=8-1

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Hello, and thank you for your time. My name is Natalie Murphy, author of 5 novels and winner of several prestigious indy book awards. I have a scripted series I would love for you to read.

Project: The Darkling Hunters
8 one-hour episode series

Logline: Would you risk losing your soul? The Darkling Hunters do it every day. Supernatural meets John Wick in this urban fantasy thriller series.

For Darking Hunters Sam Spencer and Dex Peterson, hunting down soulless humans and putting them in an early grave is just part of their daily routine. But when they stumble across an entire town full of Darklings, they realize their military experience and government backing might not be enough to survive the cross-fire.

Enter Sydney Carpenter, a badass, mysterious warrior woman with more than enough experience to take down the Darkling horde. If this were just a routing mission, the three of them could wipe the floor with these soulless monsters and call it a day.

But this is anything but a routine mission. Love, betrayal, and deadly secrets have the power to destroy even the best-laid plans. And when Sydney finally reveals a terrible truth---angels and demons are real, but they're not divine entities; just humans with extraordinary powers---they'll have to come to terms with the fact that nothing in their world is as it seems.

This hard-hitting urban fantasy thrill ride is set to turn every myth, legend, and religious doctrine on its ear. All while three badass ex-soldiers try to hunt down the ******* who's turning men into soulless monsters.

I have a script bible and first episode prepared should you choose to review.

Thank you for your time,
Natalie Murphy

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

My name is Leah Welch and I co-wrote an exciting horror/thriller script called, Cellar Door, that has minimal cast and location (can be shot anywhere) about a serial killer who keeps his victims in the basement with an overall goal to build the perfect family. My script, All the Things We Could Not Carry, placed as a quarterfinalist for the Nicholl Fellowship (2019). I was head writer for James Franco's project, Evil Days. My screenplay, The Sitter, won finalist for Screencraft’s Horror Competition (2018). I co-wrote a short fan film, Laundry Day, that made it into GeekFest (2020). My screenplay, Homewood, was semi-finalist for the Screenwriters Colony (2017). My horror script, Elyria, was finalist for the L.A. Live Read (2017). Previous to this I wrote a feature-length horror screenplay and sold it to Primary Wave Production, and wrote a horror/thriller film short, Augury, that premiered at the BFI in London and placed third in the “Out of the Can” film festival in the UK. I have a feature-length indie drama, Olissa, in production with Emmy-winning filmmaker Dustin Morrow.

If you think we'd make a good fit please contact me via email or phone.

Kind Regards,
Leah Welch

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

I have a feature film based on true events, a period film set in the 70s based in South London. You have seen the Kray brothers but the LG girls is a story that has caught the attention from Martina Cole and Noel Clarke wanting to option this screenplay. I have adapted this story for the modern day woman. It’s a thriller and drama with a storyline to die for. This story was the beginning of this writer’s journey to becoming a bestselling author as she realised her first script was just the beginning of the stories she would create.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

I have comedy thriller 123 pages

BlackFish // Female Lead Thriller

Hi, Mystery Producer
I hope this finds you well. I’m writing because I have an audacious, edge of your seat, cultural awareness thriller that I think will kill the box office and have the world talking.

"Cheyenne was merely a child when her father revealed an unforeseen interracial love affair that tears his family apart. Left to be raise by her bitter, alcoholic mother she feels unloved, lonely and misunderstood. Finding solace in African American culture turns into an obsession and the fine line between normal and psychotic begin to blur."

It’s a “Get Out” Meets a Less Comical “Malibu’s Most Wanted” Film

Would love to have you take a look.
Thank you for accepting unsolicited material, the community appreciates you.

- Mia Miller

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Hi there! My name is Cody Baron and I am a new screenwriter currently being represented by Core Literary Inc. I have written a feature length horror thriller screenplay, "Deadly Crossing", that I am currently in the middle of the struggle to try and get produced. I am trying to get it in front of that right person who can help bring it to life. I think that it would be something that a lot of people would be really interested in. I would really like to take the next step and ultimately get my screenplay produced. Here is the logline for it.

"On the road home from a romantic weekend gone wrong, Lauri Miller and Shelby Strode find themselves running out of gas and come across the seemingly quiet town of Aberth. Little do they know they have just walked into a blood drenched nightmare fuelled by a dark history that they will have to brutally fight to survive."

If you would be at all interested I would be more than happy to send you the script or a synopsis of it. I would to hear what you think of it. Or if you would be at all able to let me know who I need to send it to or who I should reach out to that would be beyond amazing. Thanks so much!