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Hidden Facts

"Why would a mother toss her 4 month old baby in a well to drown? Lola Daugherty graduated college with a banking degree and a handsome husband. But greed tainted her idyllic life after an elderly, childless billionaire offered her his fortune if she’d be his baby mamma. Lola doesn’t think twice. She’s ready to divorce her husband and claim her fortune. That is until— She finds out she’s already pregnant. And her husband’s the father. What’s a girl to do? When she finds out her pregnancy cannot be terminated, she has the baby. But the billionaire’s offer is still on the table, and she’s still married with child. Until that child goes missing and is found drowned in the village well. Only the child wasn’t Lola’s only obstacle. She must also get rid of her husband and the billionaire’s right hand man as well as clear any suspicions about her baby’s murder in order to clear her matrimonial path to the billionaire". Hidden Facts is based on a true Nigerian story.