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Ring Of Fire. Set in a once booming mining town (mammoth springs). The mines have shut down and the town is turning into a ghost town. The residents property value is decreasing and the fire chief has a way out for the residents. They will burn the houses down allowing the residents to collect the insurance money and move on. The fire chief gets a percentage of money and becomes very powerful. Forcing the inspector to write false reports on the incidents. John is sent to this town to investigate the fires from the insurance company. He meets Elyse the fire inspectors daughter. They fall in love but the relationship becomes strained when he tells her that her dad has been writing false reports on the fire. John meets his only friend in the town an older christian man that helps him thru his tough times. John and the native spend alot of time talking about spiritual principles while tying flies and fishing the waters of Mammoth springs. When Elyse confides in her dad about the break up between her/John he reveals how he was forced to write the false reports by the fire chief. When Elyses dad refuses to let this go on anymore he comes clean with John/Elyse and goes to the Feds. They start operation Ring Of Fire. The fire chief is finally taken down and John is called back to the office he decides to stay and marry Elyse and rebuild the town.