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"Goonies Never Die," a sequel to "The Goonies."

Not a Goonies 2. Five young Goonies fans on a perilous adventure of their own, aided by a large Clydesdale horse and a dial-a-singing-cowboy, by the author of his 1981 script, "Golden Ventures" that he believes inspired "The Goonies." Same story, kids, Astoria location, group of goofy crooks, etc. See feature article in The Daily Astorian, July 19, 2019, or search, The Goonies - George Clark. This is a well-written, very workable, low budget family film with potential for huge following and return, and retains all due respect for the original and its fans. A PDF on my blog, gooniesneverdie.org. It's time. Thanks. GC