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LOGLINE: The Accidental President

LOGLINE: A black female President is under attack by her own political party after assuming the Presidency following the death of her Predecessor, when she falls in love with a man who is unknowingly being used by her political enemies to destroy her.

Can a President fall in love when her opposition is trying to destroy her?

President Andrea Herder is at odds with her own political party and the press. Now her Presidency could all come crashing down when, for the first time in her life, she falls in love with Steven, a consultant who is unknowingly being used by the powerful Senate Majority Leader, Nadine Pullings, to destroy her.

When Andrea and Steven uncover Nadine’s dangerous deception, Andrea knows she’s in for the fight of her life – or worse.

Nadine has all the cards: she holds Andrea’s critical funding efforts hostage; she goes after Steven and his family; and threatens Andrea’s Presidency.
Andrea is forced to make an impossible choice: Give in to Nadine’s demands or stand up for what’s right sacrificing both the man she loves and her Presidency?

Or is there a third way: Does she use the Presidential Nuclear Option?