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Superior Court Judge fights job issues, personal issues, dark secret, flaw, and an unwanted suitor, till she decides to take control of her life.


"We all have pressures in our lives. Sometimes, they become so overwhelming that we feel there will never be any relief."
Imagine you have almost reached your limit, with the pressures of life. You may recall a moment in the past where this was a reality.
Job stress, Single parent, family pressures, public status and image issues, Money concerns....etc.
Now focus on a family member that is Very-Very close to you. Someone that you have turned to in the past. The problem is, recently you were informed this precious person is close to death and in fact, is currently unable to communicate in any meaningful fashion. A loss on so many levels.
Wait... It’s not over yet.
Add on an Ex-husband that left you 5 years ago for another, younger women, abandoning the family life and leaving you with the burden of 2 teenage kids. It doesn’t stop there folks. He is very un-reliable with the kid’s weekend duties and more. He also hints you should get back together for a fling..not a re-bonding of family. This angers you, as well.
Are you feeling the Pressure??? OH! Wait. It’s not over yet.
Your job is a Superior State Judge and you are in-line to be Chief Justice which does come true, adding to the stress levels. All when you really need some relief.
The audience becomes aware of a secret urge and personal flaw that only she and her psychiatrist know about. An urge that is controlling her and has for several years, despite
desperate attempts, to rid herself of this demon.. Not even her best friend Sarah, knows this side of her life.
This is the Life,s story of the Main Character;
Madam Justice, Ms. Kathryn Holland, soon to be, Chief Justice.
One night think that this is enough, but, then the bomb drops.
The Governor, who appointed her to the top job, tries to interfere with the justice system, by suggesting she make a favorable decision on a High-Profiled criminal case. When she stood her ground and refused, calling it a breach of the justice system, and the law, the Antagonist turns nasty.
He decides to pressure her into rekindling there old relationship, that started and ended in 2nd year University. He attacks her newly found personal life and relationship, and intimidates her private life. All for personal gain. A favorable outcome of the trial for a man, closely connected to him.
At this point the table start to turns as Kathryn takes control of her situation and regains the very strong character features, she always had, plans a determined, clandestine plot, to resolve the antagonist’s threats, neutralize the Governor and, take back control of her life.
She rekindles her new-found personal relationship, removes the source of her problems, saves her position and integrity within the courts, and gains control of her flawed secret life.