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Burden Stone

Burden Stone, Grand Prize Winner of the 2017 International Faith in Film Screenwriting Competition, tells the inspiring and humorous story of a fired and disillusioned Christian radio couple who set off to walk a 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain.

Chris and Emilee Danielson have lost their jobs as morning hosts for a contemporary Christian radio station, apparently for the crime of being on the wrong side of 40. With no other stations returning their calls, they decide to walk the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain in the hope of finding fresh purpose for their lives—and maybe some answers as well. So they hop a flight for France and Spain.

But as they set off on the pilgrimage, which begins with a grueling crossing of the Pyrenees, things go from bad to worse. They can’t find lodging at night. Their unprepared bodies are bruised and battered. There are conflicts with other pilgrims and each other. A call from the States informs them that their car has been stolen.

Just as things start to look up—after visiting the Cruz de Ferro, or Iron Cross, where pilgrims lay down their “burden stones”—Chris is hit over the head and mugged while washing his clothes in a stream. Though he never sees the assailant, Chris is sure the culprit is a certain fellow pilgrim he befriended.

More bitter than ever, Chris insists on pushing forward to the very end of the pilgrimage, now motivated more by a desire for revenge (catching up with his mugger) than any thought of finding direction for his life. But in the shadow of the Cathedral de Santiago—the pilgrimage’s conclusion, where the bones of the Apostle James are said to be buried—Chris finds his answers where he least expects them.

Re: Burden Stone

I've written for professional theatre, short movies, TV Show, skits,webseries and 30 second promotional videos for a start up company. I have a Masters degree in Scriptwriting from Bournemouth University.

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