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"Stand Tall!": Romantic comedy reaches new heights

16 feet, 1 1/8 inches, to be precise. That's the new stature of pert Vegas waitress Colleen Cossitt when scientist (and casino customer) Keswick Fletcher's new Resizer device -- intended to boost her height from 5-foot-4 3/8 to 6-foot-2 so she could become a showgirl -- goes awry and instead triples her size. Now unable to work and confined to Keswick's lab, a converted trucking warehouse with plenty of headroom, a guilty Keswick -- fearful her growth might be fatal -- hurriedly seeks to restore her. They fall in love and promise to protect each other, and when the casino's eccentric billionaire owner tracks her down, he signs her as a showroom headliner for $1 million, with Keswick as her manager. After a shaky debut, Colleen becomes a beloved Sin City sensation...but when a secret from Keswick's past leads to their falling-out, he's kidnapped. Can this gentle giant save the day?

"Stand Tall!" puts a sweet-natured rom-com spin on the perennial subgenre of "giant woman" movies -- but as Colleen reassures the public at a press conference, "I'm here to entertain people, not attack them." Estimated budget, including FX: $1M-$5M.