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HIDDEN REVENGE (Full Feature Film)

Hidden Revenge Saga of a NBA Superstar is a completed 181 page screen play that can’t be placed in just one genre. It is a multi-faceted book fitting into several categories such as Mystery, Crime/Suspense set in Philadelphia. This story is targeted for the adult fiction line. A rising NBA superstar, Jason “Big Game” Gilbert, from the ashes of North Philadelphia takes on his dream to bring a NBA title to the City of Philadelphia.

Before he sets his sights on making history he must deal with the tumultuous relationship he has with his fiancée Veronica Robinson. With her obsession for living the glamorous life and her manic need to control her NBA star, the relationship takes some twist and turns. The problem is that Veronica is not who Jason thinks she is.

This relationship was abnormal years before it started. There was Ronald Robinson the teen that was constantly terrorized by his school mates and neighborhood gangs because of his so-called feminine ways. Ironically the ring leader of these shenanigans was Jason Gilbert. Haunted by the past Ronald Robinson plans the ultimate revenge against Jason “Big Game” Gilbert by infiltrating his life in the most intimate way. Armed with primal obsession, Ronald becomes Ms. Veronica Robinson by having a sex reassignment surgery unbeknownst to Jason and literally destroys his world.

What makes my screenplay so unique from the rest is the twisted story line, the dramatic plots, intense characters, fast pace scenes, that makes this a very entertaining read. This screen play is more than just about sports but about revenge, obsession, greed, and mystery. My Screen Play is completed.