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"Haunted Reflections" Screenplay

fSubject Line: Epic Fantasy Action Adventure Drama about a Battle to Save a Kingdom and the Planet

Dear ********:

Haunted Reflections is a fantasy action adventure drama in the spirit of box-office hits like Game of Thrones. It tells the story of a boy who makes weapons called on help a king in a medieval-style palace preserve his kingdom from a growing army of evil creatures. Along the way the boy is turned into a scarecrow, is turned into an evil villain who helps the invaders, and eventually helps the king’s son win the ultimate battle between several hundred thousand knights, archers, samurai, and other warriors.

Some of the major incidents include:
- a visit from a stranger who takes the boy, Jeremy, into a future world to make weapons for the upcoming battle;
- Jeremy’s transformation into Scarecrow and his meeting with the major leaders of the kingdom, including the king of the humans, king of the creatures, village leader, tribal leader, and leader of the Mermen, who live in the water;
- The gift to Scarecrow of the Flame of Creation, a sword that can be used to create life; but things go awry, when he drives the sword into his belly to give part of his soul to other creatures, only to be turned into an evil Scarecrow;
- the creation of an army of Grave Diggers from mud by Scarecrow in order to conquer the kingdom and kill the king;
- the effort by the new king and his supporters to build a formidable army to resist the invading army;
- the ultimate battle to determine the future of the kingdom and the world, which the new king wins at last, after gaining help from Scarecrow, now turned back into his original self.

The plot is filled with twists and turns, character transformations from evil to good or good to evil, betrayals, jealous feuds, and more. Meanwhile, viewers are transported into a unique world, where warriors fight with medieval weapons like swords and bows and arrows, and are assisted by magical beasts, like the flying Gobwings, who are like horses with wings.

The script is based on the book Haunted Reflections, which will be published in 2020, and will help to promote the film when it is released.

About myself: I have been writing for the seven years. I have written nine books and the first book combines two books into one. The second book is called 33 Walking Stones, the third is Four Souls of Nature, the fourth is Labyrinth of Dreams, the fifth is Bottled Virgins of Life, the sixth is Rainy Days Until the Sun Rises, the seventh is Book of AVA and the last and final part of the series is The Entity of Worlds. The series is called Haunted Reflections and the first part in the film is called Scarecrow and the second part is called Iggy and Wormy, and so on with the rest of the series (33 Walking Stones, etc.).

If you are interested, I can send you a more detailed synopsis or a complete script. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing this project with you further.


Andrew Wilding
204 Shakespeare Drive
Unit 206
Stratford, Prince Edward Island

e-mail address:awilding@hotmail.ca
cell phone number: 1(902)394-6194