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The logline and a short synopsis of the thriller script titled 'The Next in Line'.

When a cartel operative belatedly realizes she's fallen for the foreign Prince she has just completed a kidnap contract on in London, she must battle both sides of the law in her quest to find and rescue him.

After fulfilling a London kidnap contract on a Prince from a wealthy foreign kingdom, ROSITA, a young Mexican cartel operative, realizes she’s fallen for him. As she digests the self-revelation, her contractors dispatch an assassin her way. Defeating him in an epic fight, she then battles both sides of the law in a race across town to the Prince’s London Embassy. Masquerading her way into it, she overcomes an inevitably hostile reception from the Ambassador by pointing out missed clues in the ransom video.

Impressed, he then gives her the logistics which she then uses to pinpoint where the Prince is being held at. On launching a one-woman assault on the location, she is then confronted by the plot’s mastermind, Princess ZUZU, the Prince’s only sibling. Zuzu, unaware that she has already been chosen to succeed her ailing father’s throne, reveals that she hired Rosita to help clear the way for her own coronation. When Rosita refuses to tow the line, a fiery fight ensues in which Zuzu is defeated.

On rescuing the Prince, Rosita is then rebuffed by his suddenly-arrived father and slated for deportation by the British government. As the Prince argues her case, the King passes away, courtesy of the stress wrought upon him by the kidnapping. The Prince then becomes the next monarch with Rosita as his Queen-to-be.


I'm a business consultant and a self-taught screenwriter. The exposure I acquired while living in North America, Europe and Africa bestowed upon me the ability to have colorful characters populate my writing. The script brings a breath of fresh air to the thriller genre by having an active female protagonist saving her Prince Charming.