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Screenplay Synopsis
Debbalin Fulton

Logline: UNDOCUMENTED LOVE demonstrates that no US/Mexico border wall can stop God’s will or true love! College-aged, illegal Mexican immigrant Maria and urban American hustler/mogul, Destin, fall in love and struggle to meet the needs of their respective communities before they both get caught while Maria also wrestles with returning to Mexico because she's “got it so good here!”

Genre: Urban Inspirational Romance

WGA WEST Registration #1915292

UNDOCUMENTED LOVE is an uplifting account of incredible strength, passion and determination revealed in the lives of three neighbors whose paths intertwine with extraordinary results. This inspirational romance, with a hint of comedy, tells the story of an illegal immigrant, Maria Montenegro, as she is faced with realizing her dream of becoming a legal American citizen. Set in a modern urban atmosphere, the three main characters all reside on the very same cul-de-sac, unbeknownst to one another. Many of the events are witnessed by a little brown bird, which, in many ways, is a metaphor for the eye of God and the intricacies of His ways.

Maria must complete her studies in one week before she returns to her hometown in the heart of Mexico. The stunningly beautiful Latina struggles with finishing her American studies at a junior college and worries about being “found out” regarding her illegal status before she takes and passes the Immigration and Naturalization test. Her whole goal is to gain enough education so that she can take her knowledge back to her hometown and educate her family and friends on how to become “legal” American citizens. Meanwhile, she wrestles with the day-to-day challenges of being a single mother, the unsolicited advances of would-be-suitors and the very real threat of deportation.

Handsome, young urban American hustler/mogul, Destin Tyme, is in the business of providing “goods” to his community. Contrary to the negative stereotypes of young urban men, Destin is actually one of the “good guys.” He makes things happen and is always in control but is sideswiped the moment he first lays eyes on Maria. Her feminine charms lay claim to his heart and position him on the path of discovering the “Flavors of Mexico!” He is spellbound by her natural beauty and innocence and sets out on a quest to capture her heart, again, not knowing that they live on the very same, three-house, cul-de-sac!

Pastor Don, who lives in the house between Maria and Destin, faces the challenges of removing himself from a life of crime involving street hustling with Mafioso connections. He is torn between the syndicate and the church but vows that the latter is his true calling. Inadvertently, Maria helps him discover “a way out” and this sets him on a path of recapturing his commitment to the church.

All three main characters live in extremely close physical proximity to one another, yet they seem to miss each other by mere moments throughout. Even when they are actively seeking one another at various points in the story, they can’t seem to connect. Only when the catalyst of the small bird leads them to one another at strategic moments throughout the story, can their destinies finally be realized. Thus, reinforcing the fact that love knows no boundaries and has NO WALLS!

“Undocumented Love” formerly known as “View From A Small Bird’s Eye,” placed 1st in the 2011 Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in the Best Feature category! I am also the author of the inspirational romance novel “My Land Is Your Land,” self-published in 2006. Additionally, I am the author of “Naturally Beautiful,” another inspirational romance novel released November 2008 of which my most current screenplay, “Autumn’s Harvest,” is based. The inspirational screenplay, “The Present Is The Gift,” was completed in 2009 and was recently updated in 2017. The inspirational drama in screenplay format titled “Well, I’ll Be ****ed!” was penned in 2017.

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