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Money vs Love logline

I realize there are a few grammar mistakes in this story but the ideas and characters are completely original and owned by me, i came up with this story based on a dream i had and no ideas are influenced by other movies or other peoples ideas, i own all the copyrights to the idea for the story and characters and everything.

Shaun should be played by a John Cusack type guy

Shauns wife Tina should be played by beautiful Cameron Diaz type
Roger should be played by a Nicholas Cage type guy

Rogers goons and henchmen should be played by guys like batista and steve austin with the leader being played by a guy like Jeff Bridges or Ron Perlman, there should be just 2 or 3 regular henchmen with 1 leader

Movie is based in the USA

Shaun is money obsessed travel nurse who always travels around on jobs, he is also insanely crazy obsessed and in love with with his wife, shaun gets home after a travel assignment one day and makes loves with his wife and finishes fast, after they make love his wife breaks up with him and ask for a divorce, she says that he has no money, travels all the time and is bad at sex, she then gives him the divorce papers and says she had them awhile and was waiting for the right time to give them to him, he is devastated and storms out without signing them

, he goes to a bar to start drinking and thats where he meets the rich and powerful Roger, who is a Mafia leader or international arms dealer or similar job the main thing is he is very rich and powerful and has a lot of people working for him, but he is also a very happy and funny laid back guy who has became bored of things to do with his money, anyways shaun sees roger come in dressed well and full of smiles and demand to the bartender very loudly to give everybody another drink as hes buying, roger has a seat next to him and shaun howd you do it? Or something to strike up a conversation, anyways they start talking and and roger takes a liking to shaun, he finds out about shauns money problems and recent problems with his wife and how desperate and crazy shaun is about money, and feels bad for him and has an idea to help him,roger invites shaun to lunch the next day at a restaurant,

later that night shaun goes to his home but the lock is changed and no on answers the door, he calls his wife but she doesent pick up so he gets a hotel and he starts crying about his wife and thinking about how he would do anything for money and anything to get her back and become rich and show her a mansion and beautiful cars he bought, he has a dream about it and wakes up seeing hes just a poor loser whos wife just left him and goes to the bathroom upset and breaks his mirror out of frustration,

the next afternoon shaun has lunch with roger at a local restaurant, theres a funny scene where roger asks shaun what he does for a living and he says he travels around as a nurse from place to place, roger then says i travel sometimes myself, roger says you know something i never understood about america after traveling abroad for long periods of time is the tipping system, , i mean what am i tipping them ? doing their jobs? We need to tip the waitress,barber, taxi driver, delivery guy etc, basically everyone here, [ he then says quite loudly as the waitress and other customers overhear him] i mean take our waitress for example what am i tipping her for, taking my order and bringing me my food? Thats their job, its not like shes under the table blowing me as i am enjoying my meal, then she might actually deserve a tip, you know?[ He says it as he smiles and laughs] The waitress and customers overhear him and look at him disgusted and awkward, shauns smirks and say yeah well anyways i dont travel internationally i just travel around the states, roger then says well anyways shuan i think i wanna help you, i wanna see you doing good, he says how about you come to my place tomorrow, were gonna sort you out, so they agree to meet and roger gives him his address

But roger has became bored with his money so wanted to think of a way to entertain himself so thought of a game to test how far someone would go for money so he arranged for all the following to happen before hand but this isent revealed until the end of the movie, so the audience and shaun think it is all real until they find out otherwise during the end