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List of Loglines from completed scripts

Here are the loglines to 9 of my scripts.

Dark Visions-The nightmares triggered by her 26th birthday help Carrie Reynold’s solve the 20-year absence of her father with deadly consequences.

Moon People-Young mermaid Constance and mortal boy Drake join forces to save the small town of Willowick from invading mermaids.

Loves Curse-Beautiful college student Amunet Atum uses deadly force by way of a cursed Egyptian scroll to keep her lovers faithful or else.

An Agreement- A speeding ticket lands young wealthy Brice Conrad inside a jail that uses prisoners as food for a demon who terrorizes the small town.

The Proposition-Handsome cowboy John Queenie is hired by a Quaker family to break a wild filly by the name of Tess Bowlby.

The Legend of Lake Manor-Psychic Casandra Lopez travels to Lake Manor to rid the Inn of ghosts and a demonic possession.

Welcome To Anna- A Native American, an Amazon warrior and a girl named Zoe, join forces to kill a Chupacabra who travels to Ohio from Panama to mate with Zoe.

The Truth Behind The Lies-Inspector Ian Christian is sent to Norfolk Island to solve the murder of American born Ruthie Geil, but her ghost wreaks havoc for all.

The Reight- Melittologist Duncan McPherson and Sheriff Jennifer Poole join forces to stop carnivorous bees controlled by a local Mayan family.