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A List of micro / low budget short horror scripts:

A List of micro / low budget short horror scripts:

The scripts below were written for a streaming show based on an eclectic mix of ‘branded’ short ghost / horror / comedy horror sketches. They range from micro-budget monologues (1 actor / set – 3 minutes run time) up to mid-budget longer, multi set / actor stories. Most of those below are micro or low budget.

This is a selection. There are many more, including micro-budget monologues, radio plays, low budget horror TV series, through to feature scripts.

Please get in contact if you’d like to know more – davidsmith2468@gmail.com

Book Store: - A woman visits an old church converted to a bookstore looking for a bargain but gets more than she bargained for when she looks in the crypt.

The Graveyard: - A widow finds an untended grave. She gives it a little loving care and it gives her something in return.

The Restroom: - Two young women meet in a nightclub restroom. When one leaves there are still two that remain.

The Bar: - A woman drinks alone bemoaning her life. When she is hit on by a red neck the young bar tender comes to her aid. But things aren’t what they seem.

What Dad Taught Me: - In a post-apocalyptic world a young girl survives using the skills her Dad taught her, some of them not nice at all.

The Tattoo: - A young man wants to out-do his buddies by having a huge tattoo on his back. But it all goes horribly wrong when he doesn’t pay the tattooist.

The Muggers: - Two street punks wait to rob a jeweller when he locks up his store, but he has a surprise of his own for them.

The Midnight Feast: - A monologue from a social climbing vampire telling of his latest successful dinner party.

The Irony of Rounding Up: - A monologue from a high tech whiz kid about a tech project that goes horribly wrong.

The Anniversary Walk: - A monologue from a lonely army wife about a date with her soldier husband.

The Coin: - A street punk robs a father and daughter as they leave a restaurant. But nothing is as it seems in this double-twist story.

Sanctuary: - A young teenager, on the run from his abusive father, seeks sanctuary in his old teacher’s house which is haunted - but by who?

Popping Out for a Chinese: - A monologue from a minor UK royal with a nasty habit.

The Pitch: - A group of homeless folk take care of each other when an interloper threatens their world.

Not Long for This World: - A monologue from the sole intact survivor after a freak experiment shrinks everyone else in the world to the size of toys.

Naughty: - A couple grieving for their dead daughter go to a hotel for a much needed break. When the woman starts to see visions of a young girl their world starts to fall apart.

Little Secrets: - A monologue from a young teenage girl in a post-apocalyptic world run by religious fanatics. She has been chosen to be the concubine of the high priest but plans a different future.

Initiation: - A tale of sibling hatred. To join his gang a teenager plans an initiation test for his spoilt brother as a birthday gift.

Back in the Day: - A monologue from an aging pop star about things he got up to back in the good old days.