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Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Hope all is well. My name is Gil Cuevas, and I've written an 86 page sci-fi/horror script called, "FULL SPECTRUM".

Logline: Doctors race to save a five-year-old before her synthetic genes transform her into a monster.

Brief Synopsis:

MARY rebuilds her life after the loss of her first child to an illness.

Mary hears about a process by which she can have a genetically perfect child and decides it will complete her life.

Four, years later, and Mary doesn't get along with her "super-kid", ABBY. During a fight, Abby falls down the stairs and is seriously injured.

Abby's doctors discover that the network necessary for the synthetic genes to communicate, and thus conduct repairs, is missing. They will attempt a risky system reboot in a race to reclaim control of Abby's genes.

... and then there's the squirming mass, rapidly growing inside of Abby.

And why is the vial of Abby's "network pills" - the one that just fell out of her Mary's purse - full and expired?

That's kind of it in a nutshell. Thanks again for your time. Please contact me if you're interested in reading it.


Gil Cuevas

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Thriller with female lead. Her father’s a preacher with dark intentions and desires. His dark life unfolds before his daughter’s eyes.
Jonathan Camp

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

This screenplay was once considered for a TV movie by Capital Cities/ABC (Channel 7 New York). This can be filmed in any city around the world. The location is currently New York City simply because I'm most familiar with this city.

Logline: A woman meets Mr. "right." Unbeknownst to her, he just got out of jail for murder, and now goes on a killing spree.

Locations: about 5
Prinicpal charaters: 4
Total charaters (mostly extras): two dozen
Stage of script: Completed

Synopsis of THE JURY MUST DIE:

Grace, an attractive woman in her low thirties, falls in love with Dennis, who returns her lost dog and refuses a reward. They date for a while. To Grace it seems like the perfect romance with the perfect man. She just couldn't be happier.

Not long into their relationship, strange things begin to happen. Wherever Grace and Dennis go out on a date, people turn up dead. That Dennis may have anything to do with this, is the farthest thing from Grace's mind. It's all just some strange coincidence, she believes.

As time goes on, these "coincidences" become more and more difficult to ignore. Grace decides to break into Dennis's apartment when he's not home to find out more about him. To her shock, she learns that Dennis has been lying all along about his background and there's really very little about him she knows.

Grace learns that Dennis' wife was murdered by a rapist who had been acquitted by a lenient jury. Subsequently, Dennis killed the rapist and spent half his life in prison, and he is now on a mission to track down and kill the jurors one by one.

The people who have been turning up dead were all part of that jury. The last remaining juror is now Grace's closest friend.

Grace realizes that her meeting Dennis was not an accident; it was all part of his diabolical plan.

In the end, Dennis turns his wrath on Grace for attempting to break up with him. The final scenes may be reminiscent of some of the fight scene between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close in FATAL ATTRACTION.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

My 122 page screenplay is about the number 1 television talk show hostess with the number 1 talk show having to join on with the now ex-wife of the escaped convict in order to stay alive when he breaks out of prison to kill them both after having been imprisoned because of his appearance on her talk show about abusive relationships.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

The Accomplice - A feature length screenplay

LOGLINE: The Accomplice

A lovable reform school grad, desperately seeking a fresh start in a small town, unwittingly becomes an accomplice in a murder committed by the most popular kid in town.


Ethan Engel, 16, leaves his addicted mother's dingy Indianapolis house one night and gets caught shoplifting a frozen dinner to feed his little brother. Upon release from reform school, Ethan and his brother live with a caring
aunt in the suburbs. He stars in football, excels in school and falls in love. Life is wonderful until his brutish father forces them to move with him to tiny Huxley,
Indiana. Barred from the football team, longing for his girl in Indianapolis, and chafing under his disparaging father, the senior class newcomer strives to make new friends.

One is Josh Walters, star athlete, "A" student, Sunday school teacher - and also a closet gay homophobe from an evangelical family. Josh talks Ethan into joining him to case the rural home of a reputed gun collector, drug
dealer and predatory homosexual. Upon arrival Ethan looks on in sickened astonishment as Josh shoots the man then chops his head open with a hatchet.

Ethan is convicted as an accomplice. In prison he surmounts the loss of his girlfriend, abandonment by his parents, and a brutal corrections system while his aunt wages a courageous and successful fight to free and redeem him.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted


I have a fantasy thriller derived from events based on my real life. Title: Jinn and Rum

A Middle Eastern woman and a Black woman go on a quest to help a White man they just met.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Thank You

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

I think I have just what you need.
A psychological thriller with strong complex characters.
Requiring small budget to be produced.

My script is called “Exposing”
The synopsis:

Kate is visious, dreadful, provocative and smart.
She will do whatever it takes for things to get her ways and to see the ones she hate suffer.
After commiting several crimes she ends up in a psychiatric institution, where she gets certain privilege.

SUFEHC is a private organization in charge of exposing hard crimes. They are investigating Kate’s motives for her murders and diving deep into her personality so they can close their report on her before handing it to the higher authority.
But what they don’t know is that the main detective on the investigation, Hunter, went with Kate to high school together and shares a trembling past with her that reflects on his investigation.

Contact me via email to read the full script if you’re interested.

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted

Working title: The Brain Drain (WGA registered)

Logline: Following an unexplained cosmic incident, three college grad students accidentally discover a way to recover memories from the brains of dead people. They believe it has great potential for humanity, but find it has a dangerous, life-threatening downside.

Two of the three students are females. The opening scene focuses on a beautiful young Russian exchange student who plays a pivotal role at the end. For interested parties, a treatment is available. This script is new and not yet optioned. It is based on the novella by Joe and Tatyana Putnam and was informally offered today to Voyage Media who has contracted two of my stories.