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Screenplay of 'THE BLESSED RING'

Author: Arabinda Bhanja
Email Id: arabindabhanja@yahoo.co.in
Phone No.: +91 7377378632
Set in ancient India, a brave naval soldier, Prabir, with dreams in his eyes and courage in his heart, set forth on a journey to a distant island, in order to safeguard the merchants of his state. He countered many obstacles and saved his men from the devil. He won the heart of the Princess of the kingdom of Sribijaya and that made him the target of a powerful section of the elite. There were attempts to kill him. But he stuck to his principles and he was compelled to leave the Kingdom in the darkness of night; but vowed to return back. He was alone in the sea and with divine blessings, resqued a man from an island from the cannibals. He found an island where, by God’s grace became the King and tried to fight against adversities to win his love interest.

Time Period:1st Century A.D.
Place: The court of the King of Kalinga, Dantapur.
The King was seating on the throne, facing him Minister and the Noblemen and the common citizens behind them. At that moment, the guard of the court came and stood at the centre wanting to ask the King something. Noticing the guard approach,
the King : “Why have you come to the middle of the court, Sentry?”
The guard bowed and said: “His Majesty, a number of merchants want to meet the King, if his majesty allows them to come in.”
The King: “Bring them in immediately.”
The guard went back; after a while, some five to six people entered the central court. They were dressed in dhotis, wearing turbans on their heads and had precious gold jewelry around their necks. They were also having muslin clothes on their shoulders. The oldest of them came forward, leaned and greeted with the ‘namaskar’ pose as a mark of respect to the King and the nobles.
He said: ” His Majesty, I Shankarsen, son of late Mahabira Sen, present my polite and humble greetings to you and all the others present here. His majesty, if he gives his permission, I will present whatever I have to,”
The King: ”O! Shankarsen, please state your problem to me, so that, we can try to solve it.”
Old Shankarsen (smiled): ” His Majesty, we are merchants of your state, who do business across the sea to distant places by ships. Our destinations are Subarna dwipa, Sri Bijaya state, Jawadwipa, and even Chin. It is our great privilege to represent our country, Bharat, to those distant places. His Majesty, we undertake voyages to these places carrying smooth, light clothes, ivory, rare spices, herbs, which are required for preparation of medicines and pearls. We also have met the Emperor of Sribijaya, who received us cordially. After selling our varied goods, we receive considerable wealth and treasure that we bring here. These trade relations are being carried out since time immemorial.”
The Minister: “Merchants, we all do know this and we also receive regular taxes from both land and sea-faring merchants. But, is there any real problem that bothers you, regarding anything, during the normal course of business, either here or there.”
Shankarsen: “Honorable Minister, during our course of journey across the sea, we have to travel long distances that is not only enjoyable, but also, on the other hand, risky too. I am not talking about natural phenomena like cyclones, but about some man-handling pirates, who reside among those islands. Those pirates loot our wealth and kill the people or destroy the ships.They are a grave menace.
His Majesty, we want thine intervention; we want a convoy of some of our kingdom’s bravest soldiers along with our fleet. So that we can safely complete our voyage, as they will protect us. This is our polite request to thee, His Majesty.”
There was silence in the court for a while, which was followed by some murmuring by the people present in the court. But the King looked quite convinced and was looking at the Minister and the General of his army.
The King : “My beloved citizens, it is my duty to protect my subjects. Therefore, I order the General to select a group of soldiers, who are capable of fighting a naval combat. They will be sent along with our merchants and protect them and to punish the pirates. Though, we have an adequate number of naval forces, we have never had the necessity of attacking another state. We have maintained a navy for our own security, but never for annexing any other country. But, now it is needed to send some forces along with these seafaring merchants. So, we have to do it now”
Then he raised his right arm with the palm open, and
told the merchants: ” Now you can travel without fear. So, go back and start preparations for your journey.”
Shankarsen: “Victories to our king.”
and a loud chorus has followed him, ”May the King live for a hundred years”.