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THE RUMSPRINGA INCIDENT screenplay romance/suspense

Based on the Book, The Rumspringa Incident by David Orange

110 pp.

A youthful Old Order Amish beauty from a closed sect and a brash Outsider neighbor have a prohibited affair while the clan’s new bishop pursues to marry her.

Mini-synopsis: An Amish Old Order youthful beauty with surprising intelligence, albeit with only grammar school education yearns to become a medical doctor to help heal her clan beset with genetic disorders. The upcoming bishop of her sect wants her as his wife. Still, he has competition from a neighboring, brash Outsider “Yank” who the beauty chance meets in a secluded orchard during her Rumspringa- the brief time of experimentation before baptism into the Old Order forever. The two men vying for this most special girl have nothing in common except tremendous baseball skills, which becomes the catalyst to an incredible chain of events these entangled in intrigue must journey in understanding that love takes more than one form. While the young woman endures ongoing struggles to become a doctor, she also must follow her heart to the man she loves. All the time, can anyone stop urban sprawl heading directly toward this secluded Amish cloister bent on obliterating its revered farmland?

W.G.A.(East) registered 2020