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THREE BRIDGES: A set of conflicted characters drives this WWII drama

In search of producer for my feature film screenplay, a character-driven war drama, THREE BRIDGES.

LOGLINE: A mutilated German soldier and a Jewish G.I. race to save the woman they both love from the Nazi onslaught in the Battle of the Bulge.

The players:

BEN--a Jewish G.I., an artillery forward observer, born in Germany and sent to the U.S. as a child to escape the Nazis. Pines for the Germany of his childhood and reluctant to kill Germans. His loyalties are conflicted.

ERICH--a German veteran, at heart an artist, a filler of sketchbooks, who is mutilated on the Russian front and mistaken for dead. Slowly losing his mind over the horror of war and his monstrous appearance, he sets out to sketch every corpse he's seen in 4 years of war.

KATHERINE--an ethnic German farm girl living in the Belgian Ardennes, near the German border. Trapped by her manipulative bedridden mother, she yearns for freedom. Early in the war she and Erich marry when he is posted nearby. But in 1944, thinking he is dead, she falls in love with Ben when the US Army overruns the area.

JOE--An older NYC Jewish cabdriver, he's Ben's jeep driver and radio operator. He sees Ben's conflict and tries to convince him there's no going back to the old Germany, and that the only way to destroy the Nazis is to kill enough Germans until they quit the war.