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Iam looking fra volunteer secretary, also looking foractors and screenwriters.

Hi guys;
I am looking for a secretary on a nonpaid volunteer basis at this time to help me organzise readings of screenplays and casting the parts. I am in a screenwriter's group via Zoom, we meet every Friday at 2:30 PM. We cast each other in the parts, and read each other's screenplays, the host Julian Philipps is a produced screenwriter, and we are looking for more union as well as nonunion actors and actresses to read parts in our screenplays.
personally I need the volunteer secretary to help me orgnize my screenplays. Other duties would be to co-write an unfinished screnplay and I have a few of those, but there will be required numerous meetings to discuss story line, marketing and many other aspects. It will be nice if I can find a secretary who can handle the business aspects of writing.
My budget is very strict so we will be having these meetings at my place, I will cook us some food and go over it. I live in Newark CA, I have three roommates, very nice guys one works from home for Facebook, the other for Tesla, he lives here with his girlfriend, and the last for Cosco. you can also bring a friend if you feel weird about coming to my place. Or you can come to my place and we will go for a walk as we talk, at the Lake park a block away...my resume:
Nazem Kamel Elmasri (NED MASRI)
Newark CA. USA

AFTRA# 177176 ( Expired)
Actor’s Equity Audition Card # A3315 ( Expired)

Hair: Platinum
Eyes : Brown
Height 5’11”
Weight : 185 lbs

OBJECTIVE : To join a production company that I can build a long term professional relationship with , to perform with and to help me find , cast and crew , co-producers, financing etc…to produce a sit com pilot that I wrote , as well as future projects that the company may recommend, my screenplays, as well as help me launch OXI MEDIA (first link at the end of this resume).
THE HARD REALITY a prime sit com . Pilot is ready ,currently writing second episode.
An English/Japanese comedy show to be performed in major hotels in Guam.
Code Named Blue Cedar a feature length spy thriller.
A Sober outcome, a feature length spy thriller.
Agent At large a feature length sp[y thriller with a contract with TSA Screenplay agency,
The Green Crusader a TV series treatment.
9th WEST a rated R sit com pilot.
Y Salaam the rated PG version of 9th WEST.
RAAD a feature length work in progress based on a Shakespeare play.
09/2015-04/2016 Theatre In the Valley Improv class and show.
06/1988-10/1998 THE NED SHOW…an improv show that I performed at the Espresso Bar in Pasadena CA as well as other coffee houses in LA county.
08/1990-11/1990 The Ventura Studio , Studio City CA improv Group.
08-09/2015 Murder at Howard Johnson’s Theatre in the Valley Henderson NV Director
06/2000 – 08/ 2000 Hilo Community Players Hilo, HI.Titus Andronicus Roman citizen, Tribune,
10/ 2000 See How They Run Directed by : Kathy Mcphearson The Man.
09/12/ 1994 The Tiger turned pink (children’s theater) Hunter, written, produced and directed by Angela Randazo
06/-09 1994 Night in Casablanca Ugarte, Port Royal productions Long Beach CA Directed by Baron Mosely.
04-06 1993 Oasis in Manhattan Khalifa (Understudy) the Venture theater Burbank CA Directed by and starring the late Vic Tayback.
11/1986 – 08/ 1992 The Royal Hollywood Shakespeare Company, produced and directed By Gregory Lansing. Co-producer, PR man, also playing the following roles: Richard III Act 1 Scene 1, oration to his army, the nightmare Scene.
Hamlet : To be or not to be...and Ghost Henry V Chorus
Julius Caesar Soothsayer, Casca, Decius, Mettelus Cimber, Lucius, Cinna the poet. Macbeth Act 1 scene 1, 3 Witches, and the dagger scene.
Othello Act 1 Scene 1 Iago Caligula Tribune, Praetorian guard.
1999 Hilo Hi Community Players Titus Andronicus Pretorian Guard.
1999 See how They run : The Man Directed by Kathy McFearson
04/ 85 – 08/ 86 the Magnolia Playhouse North Hollywood CA . Steve Oakley Producer/ director.. Hostages in the terrorist zone, (a musical) Ahmed the terrorist.
2004 The Ghost Of Lebanon a self published books of poetry.here is the link :
The Attic a collection of short stories intended for a Disney Production.
An Indian Odessy A novel still in progress.
Currently writing and rehearsing an English/Japanese show that I will be performing in major hotels here in Guam.
1975-76 ElMreijat Café : ElMreijat Bekaa Lebabnon English tutor standup comic show host.
1978-1979 Vahe’s Armenian restaurant West Hollywood California’s Talent show producer/host /comedian.
1980 – 1981 San Jose California street performer/ comedian.
1981-1982 Casa De Gloria Zipolite Oaxaca Mexico . English , and acting tutor /show producer/host comedian.
1982-1984 King Creole Poerto Angel Me