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"Mole": completed low-budget thriller, LA location, by produced screenwriter and published novelis

Logline: An LA cop infiltrates the Russian mob, uncovering a trail of murder pointing to his father, long presumed dead.

Sgt. Jack Dawson, 30s, investigating a Russian mob murder, doesn't know that his father – mysteriously vanished when he was a boy – was a KGB mole. The father is back – wanted for the mobster’s murder -- and now it’s Jack’s turn to go “mole.”

About the Author: I have a contracted feature script and TV Pilot in development. My short stories have appeared in numerous literary magazines. “Fate,” a five-part autobio-fictional account of my time in NYC as a punk rock impresario is featured on vinylwriter.com (Available for option). I am the IMDB-credited screenwriter of "Castor,” a German TV movie (Pro-Sieben). My Wife’s Husband: A Family Thriller (Amazon 5/5 stars) is the first novel of my "Jens Corbin" series. "The Accidental Killer," the screenplay based on my book, is available for option/development.