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Adapted from the book
The Wizards of Dunley
By Charles Kerr

The story of the Wizards of Dunley is written with the idea that wizards do not live in impossible to get to faraway places but in that old house at the end of the street in a small town just like yours.
The story opens with a boy with regular household chores, he has a father that frequently goes on trips but has not returned in the usual time. He goes to see an old man that his father frequently visited, often taking him along, to see if he had any idea of where his father might be. The old man tells him of a journey that he is going on and that in fact it started when he came to see him. As he has never been out of the small town of Dunley, he is not sure that the old man knows what he is talking about. The journey starts the next day.
As the story develops the boy learns that the old man is a family member and his family has some unique powers that he had not been aware of. His family had been protecting the people of the town from harm but were now under attack from an evil wizard. He is being sent to help his father to defeat the evil wizard.
This is an original story with no references to any real person, the story is easily serialized and has wide appeal. The script is registered with the writers guild and is available on request. There is also a one page summary available if desired.