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GENRE: Mystery/Ancient history /Biblical history/Earth science, Drama
SOURCE: The book “Joshua’s Long Day @ American Tectonic Plate Movements”
AUTHOR: Anipe Steeven K.V. Premajyothi, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Div.
NUTSHELL: Bronze age ancient city Atlantis was deluged by Tectonic Plate Movements and Tsunami’s on Joshua’s Long Day in 1405BC.
LOGLINE: An archangel comes to the earth as a mortal man and marries a mortal woman, who gives birth to giants, of whom Atlas is the eldest. Atlas declares himself the god of the universe and rules over the land leaving his virtue. While a non-giant opposes the acts of the giants on Atlantis and struggles to terminate them, suddenly the junctions of the four tectonic plates under Atlantis wide open, and the American Plates traveled westward with unusual speed as an answer to Joshua’s prayer for extra daylight in 1405 BC.

THEME: The arrogant giant race of the Bronze Age carried out inhuman activities and lead to much disaster and chaos in human history.
ATLAS (antagonist): A giant king
AZORE and BENDONI: a couple, parents of Azetek and Cleitho, descendants of Noah who traveled from the tower of Babel
AZETEK (protagonist): Cleitho’s brother who struggled to terminate giants
SALME : Azetek’s wife
JOSHUA: Chief of the Israelite army, who prayed for the sun to a standstill
POSEIDON: Atlas’ father who opted for a mortal body to marry a mortal woman, Cleitho of Atlantis
CLEITHO: A beautiful and charming woman of Atlantis, Azore and Bendoni’s daughter, Poseidon’s wife, mother of the giant brothers
AUTOCHUS: An old gentleman of Atlantis
LORIEL: A fallen archangel who takes on the human form of POSEIDON with magic
EUMELUS: Twin brother of Atlas etc..
After the Great Flood, a group of people travel westward from the Tower of Babel and reaches the shores of present-day Portugal. They find a beautiful island with lush green land. AZORE, BENDONI and other people in the group decide to settle down on that island with their cattle.
CLEITHO, the daughter of AZORE and BENDONI, is a very beautiful woman who loves swimming in the hot springs of the island. LORIEL, a fallen archangel, comes down to earth in the mortal body of POSEIDON, compelled by the beauty of CLEITHO. He has a magic wand, which tempts Cleitho, and they get married even though AZETEK (Cleitho’s brother) opposes their union. The newlyweds spend a very romantic life in the land, wandering amongst the hot and cold springs. This land is as beautiful as the Garden of Eden.
CLEITHO then gives birth to twin giants ATLAS and EUMELUS and five more sets of giant twin brothers. ATLAS becomes the king of the island, with his father’s magic wand. Plenty of bronze ore is found on the land and big bronze weapons are prepared. Atlas and his brothers convert the island into three concentric circles with canals through which ships can travel to the mainland. In the beginning, Atlas rules the island peacefully, but he gradually loses his virtue and begins to rule arrogantly, declaring himself to be the god of the universe. He forces people to worship him and sacrifice animals in his name. The non-giant tribes are utterly humiliated at every occasion. AZETEK and AUTOCHUS always oppose the acts of the giants but fail to stop them. ATLAS divides them to use their labor in his construction projects. The giants attacked non-giants many times and under the leadership of Azetek non-giants survived.
In 1405 BC, Atlas declares an annual festival at the mountain of Poseidon on a full moon day. At the same day, Joshua is fighting with the alliance of five Amorite kings in the Middle East and needs extra daylight in order to win over his enemies by not allowing them to hide or escape. He prays to God and requests that the sun should stand still at Gibeon and the moon at Aijalon. As the sun and the moon stand still, Joshua wins the battle over the Amorites, who are infant murderers and the five opposing kings are terminated by the victorious Joshua on this very day.
Earth was created with eight major tectonic plates that have their junction in deep oceans. Atlantis was situated at the junction of four tectonic plates. On the day in 1405 BC, when Joshua prayed to God for a miracle, the junctions of the North and the South American Tectonic Plates, the African and the Eurasian Tectonic Plate under the land of Atlantis open wide, and a great fire and lava emerges from the center of Atlantis. The megastructures, the temple, the mountain, and the rings of the Atlantis are torn down, and the landmass is submerged in the Atlantic Ocean. The North and the South American Tectonic Plates travel westward with unusual speed as a new ocean bed is formed along the ridge. The plates reach their present positions in the course of a single day and night. The African, the Eurasian and the Arabian Tectonic Plates miraculously standstill for about 24 hours, so sunlight is available i