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"DAWE" (Father)


A female university students discovers and tries to navigate the fact that her Dad might be a genocide criminal from the Tutsi Genocide of Rwanda.


[In attachment:]

Economic and Commercial Rationale/Value:

DAWE is a screenplay that focuses on the Tutsi Genocide of Rwanda, a topic that most in the world especially in the African continent still feels very deeply about.

Though the movie being set in a North American town or city,

About The Author:

Kevin Bicharr is a Cameroonian native who resides in Ottawa Ontario, Canada, with a double major in Political Sciences and Social Sciences, and a Masters Certificate in Human Resources Management from the University of Ottawa and Carleton University respectively. A self-taught amateur screenwriter with one feature length script sold, one short film written, directed and produced, and now presenting a feature length screen play [DAWE] for your consideration. (Professional Resume herein attached for further authentication purposes)


I am looking for an opportunity to option the script “DAWE” to someone or a company that both sees the potential in making this into a movie and has the experience, right level of sensitivity to the subject matter and the means of making this into a movie.

The script was written for a low budget production, and touches on the subject of the Tutsi Genocide of Rwanda, which is one of the most gruesome events in our lifetime and one that still baffles and intrigues many. The redemptive tone taken during the script is certain to attract people from both spectrum on the issue, thus increasing the potential of success if this screenplay is produced as a movie.

This is to hoping that the hereby attached Synopsis would be enough to encourage you in reading the entire script.

Copyright in progress

Contact Information:

Name: Kevin Bicharr
Cell: 613.261.5144
Address: 30 Palton Avenue, K2W1G4, Ottawa ON.
Email Address: bicharr@hotmail.com