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MAID IN CHINA [Seeking Producer / Investor]

Logline: The Arts Scene, Big Egos and a Housemaid With Talent.

I'm seeking production investment for my feature film 'Maid In China' to be shot in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. 2020/21.
This upbeat life-affirming story follows a housemaid as she cleans apartments in the city by day and photographs it by night, the ups and downs of her dealings with mostly foreign clients, her potential boyfriend, several art galleries and ultimately her unlikely success. Shot in English with subtitling and dubbing options, the potential market is International. The main actors, talented Chinese local actors who speak fluent English, have been cast. Once post production is complete it will be submitted to numerous festivals for consideration, including Tribeca, Sundance, Hong Kong etc. The equipment used [camera, sound etc.] will also be subject to Netflix's proposed guidelines for film submissions. Any distribution deals, opportunities, potential awards etc. will form part of any negotiated contract.
Please get in touch if the above project is of interest to you.
Sincere thanks for your time, Declan Cody - Director.