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Trip Of A Lifetime

Bella is visiting the glorious island of Bermuda to spend the summer with her friends, Jeannie and Theo. She discovers her fiancee has cheated on her back in the UK. Although upset she remains on the island determined to rise above the horrible situation she finds herself in. She meets the devilishly handsome Dante and there's an undeniable spark between them but she keeps him at arms length, afraid to get involved with anyone. A chain of unexpected events throw Bella and Dante together as they deliver the Black Orichid yacht back to her owner on the Eastern Seaboard. Bella finds the Bermudian impossible to resist and within a few days is completely under his spell. Their love nest is blown apart when they are boarded by South American pirates, hi-jacking the Black Orchid to transport drugs into the US. Dante is spirited away, leaving Bella on board with one of the gang. Pierre introduces himself to Bella and she is terrified and amazed that this long-haired tattooed pirate is a well-spoken Englishman. They have a stormy passage and Bella has no idea if they will kill her or release her once the drugs have been off-loaded. In the meantime Dante is being used for his good name within the yachting world to captain other luxury boats through the Panama Canal. Dante and Bella have no idea where the other is. Bella reaches the States and is eventually left in a motel, waiting for Dante. She discovers that he's not coming and through a bit of detective work it seems that she's been duped and he was probably part of the gang. Broken-hearted for the second time her survival instinct kicks in and she manages to escape and gets back to Bermuda where she's afraid to tell anyone what's happened for fear of reprisals. She makes her way home to her Aunt in Cornwall and keeps in touch with her friend Jeannie by email. After many weeks of captivity Dante escapes but hides out not wanting to be caught by the gang or implicate Bella by trying to contact her. Eventually he discovers where Bella is and writes her a letter. Bella is pregnant and when she gets an email from Jeannie telling her to look on Sky News she reads that the gang have been caught in the Gulf of Mexico after a tip off. They show several members being led out of court and she recognises them. Dante makes his way to Cornwall and finds Bella where they are reunited.