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Log line: Little Girls Turning into Women

Please find my excerpt displayed on the web under website link.


I have a series that I've been thinking and working on for quite some time. My thoughts right now for it are in one room that the main character, Celia, finds after she is rescued, yet seemingly held captive, at a loose reined pimp house. The young character was taken at 14 to live with a director by her father who saw her mother break down before all their eyes over a loss of a child, she sitting in a field deeply filled with depression. Unfortunately, the plan for Celia's rescue from this doesn't work out and she has to experience life on her own as she makes many mistakes venturing out into it.

The one room she comes across leaves much room for many stories, from both men and young women experiencing becoming adults, of complications in life that lead to sex, money, anguish, running from the law as victims and criminals, as well as how we use our bodies and how are bodies are used in the process of life. The drama of emotions is the strongest here in this series as we see women that have run from domestic abuse, sexual coerce, depression, sadness, societal expectations and pressure - the men oddly at times blending in as victims helping highlight what women are going through. There are many stories I am anxious to highlight in this one room hidden behind the rooms of sexual coercion, where little girls turning into women try to find their path in life.
I've interviewed over 60 women that have impacted my idea of what types of stories would be added to each episode revolving around this one room.

"She Finds the Chords Herself"