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Spec-Script for : THE TRINITY - a cable television series

The Logline:

The Reverend Mother and her assistant
see rampant social misconduct and vow
to steer things back to the path of
righteousness in anyway necessary.


Please allow me to pitch you a very unique
and perhaps controversial Cable Television
Pilot Title : The Fighters
Genre : Drama, at times a Dark Comedy.


The Pitch:

The unique element of this story-line is
that the protagonists playing the role
of the villains are The Reverend Mother
Elaine Saunders and her assistant
Sister Christine.


Would the Reverend Mother, the highest
ranking female religious leader in the
Catholic church initiate and administer
questionable covert programs? And how
do these co-ops work?

Tune in and find out….


The Plot:

In the 1980’s a young catholic nun
(who later becomes: Mother Superior)and
her assistant believe spousal and authority
abuse will increase in the future so they
train three orphan boys to become adult
covert operatives and after years of
preparation place them into positions of
community leadership in attempts to
decrease authoritative violence and abuse.

One of the covert programs hires six licensed
fighters (boxers and MMA fighters) as
operatives to travel and record a forced
apology from abusive authority figures.
The recording of the apology is later
released to the public via the internet causing
a huge media buzz and social controversy.

The program intentionally becomes
headlines news. The general public
applauds the results, but law enforcement
labels the acts as vigilantism and
national terrorism. Intense investigations

In another covert program the fighters are
sent to abduct and insert wife-abusers with
an estrogen time-release mechanism that
makes the abuser dramatically less violent.



The premise may seem far-fetched but an
actual NY court-case shows otherwise:
Oct. 09, 2013 - FBI arrests Brooklyn Rabbi
Mendel Epstein for beating husbands who
refuse Divorces.


I have an entire 1st season 
(10 full complete episodes) of 
this Cable Television Series 
and ideas for the 2nd and 
3rd season for your consideration. 


To send you a prepared disclosure page,
logline page, treatment, summary, and
pilot episode, please contact me by e-mail,
text, or phone at your convenience.

Jim Marshall PhD.