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Looking for Feature Spec


I am looking for a Feature spec. I have a budget of 1 million. Leave your loglines and/or Queries below and your Manager and/or Agent's email. If I'm interested I will contact your Manager or Agent.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec


A drama


A deeply troubled man tries to fulfill an obligation to his prison cell mate who is killed by a shank that was meant for him.

Pitch paragraph

VERNON is exonerated after spending two years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Prior to his release, he kills another inmate MOOSE who had assaulted him days earlier. His cell mate OSCAR is thought to be the one who actually killed MOOSE and so Moose's buddies retaliate and kill Oscar. Oscar calls out for his daughter JENNY as he lays dying. Vernon feels that Oscar is dead because of him and so he is obliged to take care of Jenny once he is released from prison.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

Title: The Girl By The Fence
Genre: YA drama
"A car crash leaves a teenage girl emotionally and physically scarred, yet the high school drama department and a talented young boy bring the promise of a better future...if only her troubled ex wasn't still obsessed with her"

Set in and around an inner-city high school in Spokane, Washington, Alice, an eighteen year old car accident survivor, just wants to get as far away from the "prison" of high school she feels she's in. She has two months and one class to finish and she'll receive her wish. While attempting to complete this class she runs into an obsessive ex-boyfriend and has a budding romance with a boy she has been partnered with.

To solve her problems Alice seemingly sacrifices her new romance to rid her of her ex but love triumphs in the end when an unexpected twist in her plan arises.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

I do not have representation. I do have a full length feature horror/supernatural script that I wrote if your interested.

A group of graduating teens get caught up In a fight for their lives. They research the internet to hopefully to find the reasons they are being hunted. The more they find out the more they learn about their family history and what they think they need to do to stop their own deaths. Their killers are relentless and will stop at nothing to bring the teens to their lives end like dozens before them for the past 100 years.

The story is appealing with a young cast with fun and exciting and horror elements which is very popular in today’s movies.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

Title: Out of a mountainrange
Genre: Sci-fi
Inspirations: 2001, Solaris
Synopsis: A father and his young son fight to survive in a desolate and brutal land, where slaves are catapulted at a giant wall for entertainment. A chance encounter with a strange, religious tribe prompts the father and son to lead a bloody uprising for freedom. Years later, and now an astronaut, the son is assigned a mission to explore a mysterious giant cube found floating in space. The secrets he finds within, will change his life forever.

Please contact me if interested in reading the full script.
Thank you

Re: Looking for Feature Spec


TYPE : feature
GENRE : black-comedy
TIME PERIOD : contemporary

An elderly couple runs a struggling furniture store in a quiet Oklahoman community. The peace is disturbed when they shoot a nervous would-be armed robber for demanding nonexistent money, illuminating a thin line between being the victim of a crime or its perpetrator.

«Well, heck! Where are we? Now shooting has become a crime?» -the lawyer

Re: Looking for Feature Spec


TYPE : feature
GENRE : drama, experimental, psychological thriller
TIME PERIOD : 1914-1915
COLOUR : sepia tones (+ partial colorization, painted animation, autochrome)
TONAL COMPS : Atonement, La Notte, In the Mood for Love, First Reformed, The Lighthouse

After England enters the First World War, a free-spirited dancer finds herself stranded in an isolated cottage, where Mabel, a forlorn photographer, becomes obsessed with filming her. Tormented by Mabel's decision of not having kids, Johnie can only take care of their orchard, making sure that the lively dancer won't be dragged in her depressed stillness.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

The Second Coming
Feature Film

God’s plans for the End Times are messed up when Trump & Pence take over the White House.


Jesus, son of Joseph the Carpenter, and technically the Son of God, yes, the Big Guy Himself, leads the charge against the modern politics of hate represented by the Pence and Trump campaign ticket of 2016. Considering how badly the last one ended (anyone remember The Passion, The Trial and The Crucifixion thing?), Jesus is not very stoked about this Second Coming, even if the Bible promised it.

God feels guilty about how that last one ended, too. The Big Guy is stuck between a rock and a hard place, though. He sees Trump winning and has to do something. This time, he won’t leave his kid hanging, so he puts together a Dream Team to watch Jesus’s back. Lucifer is brought on. (Who knows evil better than the Prince of Darkness?) Pilate is put on retainer to handle the legal stuff. (Any guy who can get a conviction on Jesus has to be good.) God signs up Apostle Paul to handle the press. (If a guy can write the New Testament, he can handle the Tampa Tribune.) The Big Guy even throws in a free vacation for Jesus’s wife, Mary Magdalene, and the kids.

Everything goes to **** pretty quickly though. Apparently, Pence and Trump aren’t just your run-of-the-mill 21st-century politicians. As one Apostle puts it: “Yes, it's true. Pence, not Trump so much, but Pence is, as far as we can tell, the Beast of the Book of Revelations.” The stress, and the constant attacks on Jesus, wears him down and He ends up partying his sorrows away in the Florida nightlife, which just adds more questions about Jesus, his character and his handling of The Apocalypse. Driving under the influence, arrested for rioting, pinched at Customs in Laguardia Airport, Jesus is sick of getting locked up, tired of being hungover, and sick of hearing Mary yelling at him. He’s totally sick of Trump, Pence and all their hatred. So Jesus splits.

Jesus, a “good kid” at heart, can’t stay away. Lucifer, yes the Devil, says it best: “Love may come, and it may go. But love always comes back.” And, so, Jesus calls Mary and she picks him up. Love is the only thing that can save the End Times. Jesus goes back to his family and impregnates Mary. They decide to name the child Jesus – yes, another Jesus for another era – or what could be called a Second Coming.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

Kate is visious, dreadful, provocative and smart.
She will do whatever it takes for things to get her ways and to see the ones she hate suffer.
After commiting several crimes she ends up in a psychiatric institution, where she gets certain privilege.

SUFEHC is a private organization in charge of exposing hard crimes. They are investigating Kate’s motives for her murders and diving deep into her personality so they can close their report on her before handing it to the higher authority.
But what they don’t know is that the main detective on the investigation, Hunter, went with Kate to high school together and shares a trembling past with her that reflects on his investigation.

Contact me via email to read the full script if you’re interested.

Re: Have 12 scripts with log lines ready to be reviewed. Includes comedy.

Journalist 30 years. Script writer 20 years. Just wrote up 12 screenplays. Sending 1st page profile and script names and 2nd page scripts and log lines. All these scripts have different ranges, including comedy.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

Title: How To Date A Stripper
Logline: On the eve of his 40th birthday a henpecked husband falls for a stripper named Jasmyn.

Dear Producer:

My name is David Rorie, and I wish to submit my comedy screenplay How To Date A Stripper for your consideration. It is currently a semi-finalist in the Screen Craft Comedy Contest.

How To Date A Stripper is a comedy/buddy picture that becomes a rom-com. It’s The Hangover meets My Best Friend’s Wedding. It’s the story of Chris, a man who is about to roll full speed ahead into a mid-life crisis. Chris is stuck in a dead-end job, deep in student loan debt with a wife who is cheating on him. On his 40th birthday his three co-workers take him to a strip club for lunch where meets Jasmyn and this changes the trajectory of his life. Over the next 5 days we get to see Chris stand up for himself, pursue his dream girl and get in and out of trouble. We also get a peek behind the velvet rope into Jasmyn’s world.

I have over 10 years professional writing experience as a full-time copywriter for ad agencies and production companies writing TV commercials. I have also written and directed two pilots, several short films, documentaries and 7 episodes of a comedy web series about time travel called Redo.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please let me know if you would like to read the full screenplay and I’ll get you a copy immediately.


David Rorie

Re: Thrillers With Female Leads Wanted


PEEK-A-BOO! - A micro-budget horror movie, 5 actors 1 location. There is potential for a video game to be produced from the movie.
Logline: Trapped in a disused warehouse four teenagers battle for survival against a supernatural killer in a brutal virtual reality computer game that turns real.

The Abaddon Dance: A low budget, strong female lead thriller / horror with a devil worship theme.
Logline: Ellen’s life as a rock musician is turned upside down after a stranger hassles her in the street. Just his touch on her hand starts a horrific chain of events that leads to multiple murders.

The Party: A low budget, mainly single location gory horror story.
Logline: Sinister things happen while converting an abandoned prison to a luxury hotel, but at the opening party it gets so much worse.

Dead Phone: A strong female role led low budget horror thriller packed with shocks and plot twists with a horrific finale.
Logline: A young mother finds an old dead phone that mysteriously sends her messages about a missing girl. Will she discover what happened or will she and her daughter suffer the same fate?

A Gift of Wood: A low / medium budget horror about voodoo and blackmail.
Logline: Moments before his death, James gives his brother Terry a Voodoo mask he’d stolen. Will its powers protect Terry when the owner comes seeking retribution?

Apollyon Hall: A low budget horror set mostly in a single location.
Logline: Refurbishing a deserted guest house becomes a fight for survival for a small building team when one workman is possessed by the spirit of a murderer.

The Resurrected: A Low / medium budget horror drama with strong female leads. N.B. This could also be made as a streaming series as it was originally written as 2 x 1 hour pilot episodes for a TV series.
Logline –Beautiful teenager Mary is murdered. Her body is resurrected in a sinister military experiment to create super-soldiers that can slip through time. She escapes and is hunted down. Will her new powers save her from being silenced?

MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) - A high budget comedy that parodies Trump using the ‘Dr. Strangelove’ doomsday theme. This is a co-written script with US actor David Tenenbaum.
Logline: Life and fiction blur hilariously as new POTUS Donald Dump’s trade war with China escalates. Will it end with both leaders in a cage fight… or ARMAGEDDON!

JAM (Just About Managing) - A low budget feature comedy drama in the style of the award winning ‘In The Loop.’ This is set in the corporate hotel world.
Logline: Ross works for an aggressive asset stripping hotel chain. He lives in a world of crap, stuck between both sides trying to hold things together. With the worst boss in the world on his back, he staggers from one hilarious disaster to the next, and always a fingertip away from getting the bullet.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

I am self-represented, and have a fully developed script entitled "Book of the Month."


Set in the 1987 post-cold war era, Bob Cain subconsciously covets New York book editor Merrill Hallstrom’s life and lifestyle. The two acquaintances begin working together on an idea Bob has for a book, a fictional biography of Benedict Arnold that carries enough facts to make one ponder, “it could have really happened, but no one will ever know.” By not following Merrill’s specific instructions, Bob triggers a chain of events that will lead to a nuclear holocaust. As such he must transform himself again and again while he travels halfway around the world to the Soviet Union in an attempt to prevent World War 3. In the end, Bob discovers that through focus and ingenuity, he can become the man he truly wants to be. It could have really happened, but no one will ever know…


Unaware he has triggered a chain of events that will lead to a nuclear holocaust in the 1987 post-cold war era, an amateur novelist must transform himself and travel halfway around the world to prevent World War 3.


Are you who you think you are, who others think you are, or who you think others think you are?

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

Two Kremlin workers open an ice coffin, bringing a disgraced secret-service major back to life seeking redemption from Stalin, who tells her she goes back in the ice unless she captures the rebel leader; but when she gets him he thaws her brain and she remembers they were lovers.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

LOGLINE: A couple in an interracial marriage, Caucasian and Black, shows indifference to racial injustices until the revelation that they share a great grandmother who was a black slave.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

Lonely teenaged medium, Kiana, is caught in a love triangle between her guardian angel and his fallen brother. She will learn that falling for an angel can be dangerous, if the angel doesn’t intend to catch her.

Re: Looking for Feature Spec

manager's email ireneashuassistant@gmail.com

Two sisters risk both their careers and lives going against the government. After them finding out that their father, whom they were told as kids that he was dead is actually live and being held in a government dark site.


OFF: Is a generational struggling relationship between a family and the government they serve. The Arrey's family struggles to sever ties with the government, puts two sisters at odds with each other in a battle of what is right or wrong vs. the law.
Growing up, the parent is grooming their daughters to be independent thinkers so that if something does happen to them, they can take care of themselves. Angelica is the oldest and the one working for the government by tradition while Grace is the feminist with an attitude (FWA). She doesn't play well with the law and doesn't like bullies and criminals and fights people she deems disrespectful to her.
Angelica was injected with an experimental serum to help treat her heart condition while she was still in the womb. As a result, she was born with super strength. Her parent makes sure she doesn't use her super strength publicly. The two sisters are always competing and Grace has never beaten Angelica in any fight depict the fact that Angelica is not allowed to use her super strength.
One day their father disappeared after a car accident on a bridge, and they were told he committed suicide by driving off a bridge. But the story did not add up to young Grace. And she was motivated when one day she gets a communication she believed came from her father. So she kept it to herself as she spent her whole teenage years trying to find her father.
Then one day she found that he is in a government black site. She trains and learns everything about the black site until she broke him out. As a result of the breakout, her sister and the government agents hunt for her and her father. To help her sister stand down, Grace challenges her sister to a fight. The winner gets to take their father. Unfortunately, after the fight, they both collapse and the government took their father and Grace to prison. When Angelica wakes up from her sick bed in the hospital and finds out that her sister and her father has been taken again. The situation forces Angelica to go against the government in an attempt to rescue her family.
After Angelica and friends rescue her father, the agents responsible for his disappearance were locked up. In a retaliation, the agent breaks out of prison after releasing a virus that affected the entire city infrastructures to distract the government while he goes to kill the family that helps to bring him behind bars. The government and the family team up to fight against the agents setting up an opportunity to repair their relationship between the government and family.