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logline/synopsis for my script "Off"

Two sisters risk both their careers and lives going against the government. After they finded out that their father, whom they were told as kids that he was dead is actually live and being held in a government dark site.
OFF: Is a generational struggling relationship between a family and the government they serve. The Arrey's family struggles to sever ties with the government, puts two sisters at odds with each other in a battle of what is right or wrong vs. the law.
Growing up, the parent is grooming their daughters to be independent thinkers so that if something does happen to them, they can take care of themselves. Angelica is the oldest and the one working for the government by tradition while Grace is the feminist with an attitude (FWA). She doesn't play well with the law and doesn't like bullies and criminals and fights people she deems disrespectful to her.
Angelica was injected with an experimental serum to help treat her heart condition while she was still in the womb. As a result, she was born with super strength. Her parent makes sure she doesn't use her super strength publicly. The two sisters are always competing and Grace has never beaten Angelica in any fight depict the fact that Angelica is not allowed to use her super strength.
One day their father disappeared after a car accident on a bridge, and they were told he committed suicide by driving off a bridge. But the story did not add up to young Grace. And she was motivated when one day she gets a communication she believed came from her father. So she kept it to herself as she spent her whole teenage years trying to find her father.
Then one day she found that he is in a government black site. She trains and learns everything about the black site until she broke him out. As a result of the breakout, her sister and the government agents hunt for her and her father. To help her sister stand down, Grace challenges her sister to a fight. The winner gets to take their father. Unfortunately, after the fight, they both collapse and the government took their father and Grace to prison. When Angelica wakes up from her sick bed in the hospital and finds out that her sister and her father has been taken again. The situation forces Angelica to go against the government in an attempt to rescue her family.
After Angelica and friends rescue her father, the agents responsible for his disappearance were locked up. In a retaliation, the agent breaks out of prison after releasing a virus that affected the entire city infrastructures to distract the government while he goes to kill the family that helps to bring him behind bars. The government and the family team up to fight against the agents setting up an opportunity to repair their relationship between the government and family.